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  1. R

    Resperdail high sensation

    I experienced permanent high sensation after after quiting resprdral such Heaviness in hand and pain from touch my body’s Any body faced same and wt is the treatment?
  2. M

    Being in love with your voice

    My standard for a relationship is pretty high now when there's a male voice that knows me inside out
  3. S

    Hello New Comer👋🏽

    Hello, I’m from Memphis Tn a wife and mother of 3! I’ve been dealing Health Anxiety and have had it for about 2 years!! I focus so much on my body any ache, pain, scratch,bump, fever, heartbeat, cough, head pressure, body sensation I get!! I’m 34 and HA just hit me out the blue!! Ive been to Er...
  4. N

    Sugary Based Med - Abilify - Boils Condiitons/Problems (over years)

    Hi Evening Folks, Over the y ears, from dating back 2007, when first introduced to Abilify, and currently I am still on the same med, the only setback I have is, is that it contains sugar, based items such as fructose, and sucrolose, and I am sure that over the years, and not hopefully more...
  5. N

    Unwell Father

    Hi Folks, For some weeks, my fat her has been suffering with high blood pressure, then was fine, a bit, and whilst away, he couldn't enjoy the holiday, due to that, and not feeling right also. I have now been reassurred, that father who is always in med denial, has been agreeable been seen by...
  6. S

    Is this medication correct?

    Hello. Suffering from OCD(pure o) for 12 years. Taking 1 mg of Xanax during the day, 100mg of Zoloft in the morning and 0,5 risperidone at night. Is this considered a high dosage? Thanks
  7. S

    Has anyone tried CBD (Cannabidiol) ?

    I heard from many people that CBD (Cannabidiol) has helped them with schizophrenia-type symptoms, so I tried it. Its been one week now and I'm quite enthusiastic about this substance. Its basically medicinal cannabis, without any THC (which makes people high). I used the 20% CBD hash in a...
  8. A

    Really Hurting

    I'm a recent college graduate who has been in a constant battle with depression for over a decade. I've been applying to jobs since March and still can't land anything beyond a waitressing gig. I attended a top 50 university and graduated with a 3.8 GPA. The negative responses and lack of...
  9. J

    Current emotional state

    I feel like a massive failure. My friends are all out there working and I'm just sitting on my ass doing nothing I've been looking for jobs and all that but no luck. I'm 23 years old i know it sounds silly and I'm still young i just feel like the world is passing me by faster and faster each day...
  10. A

    Spiralling downwards......

    How can a guy who everybody else think is so confident, feel like I do. More thoughts in my head, plans made of where I will do it, I just want to wrap myself up in a blanket & sleep for ever. Nothing makes sense, 3 kids, great wife, good home, well paid job ( which I hate) Don’t seem to be able...
  11. C

    Bipolar 1 new member

    Hello, I am a new member here. I was diagnosed in 2010 and have had 3 or 4 hospitalisations since. I tend to get very high but short mild lows. My highs tend to happen August to September. There has been a new addition, I’m self harming . This is as a tension release with no suicide intentions...
  12. C

    Hello, high five from crazychaos!

    Been a lurker for a while, so decided it was time to sign up and say hello! Hellloooooo :hug1:
  13. maggiecraft

    permanent trauma from bullying?

    I was bullied in high school to the point where I would skip school so I could avoid them. I still get these nightmares frequently that I’m stuck in high school... I am so insecure that I am extremely soft spoken and shy and insecure because of it. I am so ready to get over this and become a...
  14. S

    trying to reach ascension and enlightenment (telepathy others looking for answers)

    trying to reach ascension and enlightenment (telepathy others looking for answers) So I have been on a path of what could be considered enlightenment or ascension. I have read a lot about it. I have met a couple others that have similar experiences. but it is difficult to talk about and...
  15. A

    How do I manage my anxiety when I get my blood pressure taken?

    I get really nervous around girls so whenever I go to the doctors office usually a very attractive nurse girl takes my blood pressure, my blood pressure is always higher the more attractive the nurse. I don't have high blood pressure, when a male nurse or older female nurse takes my blood...
  16. Zardos

    In The Doldrums

    I had a manic-ish high over a week ago.. I managed to get it under control but it has left me in a slump... I've had an okay day I suppose... Been watching game shows all day.. To tell you the truth I don't remember most of it.. Now its seven pm and I'm thinking of going to bed soon.. I'm in all...
  17. P

    Could use some help if anybody's experienced this before

    Lately I've had a sort of nagging thought in the back of my head about trying some strong kind of drug. The only drug I've ever used recreationally is marijuana, and I liked it but imo it wasn't everything people make it out to be. For some reason, since the last time I tried it, I can't stop...
  18. 8

    Hi, how many people have been let down by the CMHT?

    I have been suffering with problems since a young age and been under the CMHT for years, on and off ever since an overdose many years ago but was never diagnosed with anything. I suffered from Server mood swings (between very highs, Lows, very low and violent outbursts) along with Epilepsy and...
  19. Poopy Doll

    Foundation Programming

    Most of you guys have seen me write to people about their Foundation Programming and I always advocate challenging it. But honest to God, I don't think I will ever get past the horrible feeling of being invalidated/dismissed by someone in their Critical Parental Mode. I just go head long into an...
  20. K

    I did it again.

    I started thinking myself into a panic and getting REALLY upset over literally nothing. Thankfully, I acknowledged what was happening this time and now I am covered in lavender oil, drinking lavender tea, and high out of my mind. 🙂 Too bad I can’t be high during the day; I might actually enjoy...