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  1. P

    Hello, new guy here

    I never know what to write on these things, guess I should introduce myself. I am a 25 year old PhD researcher at the university of Huddersfield. I work out 3-5 times a week and I like to play video games when I have the time. I was diagnosed recently with bipolar affective disorder, so that...
  2. S

    Hey there

    Hey everybody. I came across this forum through a Google search. I don't have a support system at home or the money to go to therapy, so I'm hoping to find a little help here at an overwhelming time in my life. Thank you.
  3. C


    I am in a really bad place, my BPD has taken control over me (at least that’s how it feels lately). I feel very alone in this and joined because I need to talk to people who relate to my struggles and can possibly offer advice. Thank you
  4. C


    Hey there everyone. I'm Cand91 and I'm new here. Hoping I can get some help :) Thanks everyone
  5. H

    Hey y'all

    Hey. As my username says, I'm a hot mess. Ive suffered OCD anxiety and depression for at least a decade now and I'm only 25. I've having trouble lately finding reasons to keep living. Reasons to keep fightin. My main ones are God and my babies. Ocd has destroyed me. Changed me into someone I...
  6. soulsearcher

    feeling down

    hey peeps im feeling really down and suicidal, remember me in your prayers
  7. Groot


    I'm back, like Mr. Kotter. After being banned from this site, and several others, and, after I got my butt kicked real bad by a country western bar bouncer for shooting spitballs at the bartender through a cocktail straw. Anyway I just dropped in to say; Hey I love you all, crazy peeps. But...
  8. B

    Hey I’m Branky

  9. S

    North Lanarkshire

    Hey im new, we have many scots in here?
  10. soulsearcher

    do you have to let esa or pip know if youre in hospital?

    hey peeps i was wondering do you have to let esa or pip know if youre in hospital?
  11. C

    Hey, I'm new

    Hey yall. I'm new here, since this seems to be an active forum. I'm here cause I was, and I guess still am, diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder since I was 14 (21 now), but though the years have felt fine and honestly didn't know I was still being diagnosed with it for the past 4.5yrs. I've...
  12. Azelka


    Is there a psychologist here? My psychiatrist isn't really helpful and there aren't enough of them because I live in a small city.
  13. Bernardos

    Hey Now.

    Hi I'm Bernardos and i'm suffering from various things,anxiety,chronic depression,eating disorders,ocd...personality disorders,but other than that i'm in perfect shape :innocent: Haven't been on messageboards in awhile,thought maybe was nice to meet some good people and share thoughts and...
  14. soulsearcher

    started self harming again

    hey peeps well ive started self harming again and i feel so low and suicidal :(
  15. soulsearcher

    anyone tried reiki or any other energy healing for mental health?

    hey peeps so i was wondering has anyone tried reiki or any other energy healing for mental health illnesses?
  16. soulsearcher

    you ever known anyone personally who has committed suicide?

    hey peeps so i was wondering if you ever known anyone personally who has committed suicide? if so what was the repercussions?
  17. G

    Hey I'm new here

    Hi I'm new to this, I'm guess im here mostly because I'm currently experiencing ptsd for a year now and would like to find others who live with this disorder due to a similar experience as my own. I am kind of lost and don't really know how to find help as I have refused to go through therapy. I...
  18. soulsearcher

    are you on the depot injection?

    hey peeps was wondering if youre on the depot injection?
  19. S

    Hey everyone :)

    Hey everyone! I'll be honest, I'm not sure how long I'll be here but I'm really feeling down and out of control at the moment. I'm on another forum at the moment too, until now it's been my only one. I've started to make some friends online but I've also had difficulties too. The first person...
  20. boudreauj4

    The lottery

    The Mega Millions Lottery in the U.S. is up to 1.6 billion dollars. It's only two dollars for a ticket. I think I might buy one, and as they say here in all the TV advertisements....."Hey, you never know....." Please wish me well that I might become a billionaire on Tuesday at precisely...