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  1. Lostinthestatic

    How to talk to someone about their addiction?

    I want to help my mother, who is addicted to heroin. She uses it due to pain from having both arms broken and never healing properly. She is also mentally ill, and has been through a lot of trauma, and initially started because both her parents died quite close in time period. So that is another...
  2. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Does anybody have experience with heroin?

    Heroin? Who else has done heroin? I haven't had any in prob ten years or more but today I was fiending for it really bad. How long has it been for you and do you still crave it? If I had any contacts I would have gotten some today. Even though I'm broke, I would have found the money somehow.
  3. Not_Crazy_Yet

    What is the strongest Drug/ Drink you've ever had? And why would you or wouldn't you do it again?

    What is the strongest Drug/ Drink you've ever had? And why would you or wouldn't you do it again? That's a hard one for me to say as I've been on several combinations of things before. But I would say the thing that caused me the most distress was some MJ that I got ahold of that was laced. I...
  4. G

    Alcohol and drugs

    I'm interested to find out at what age you started taking drink and drugs at? I personally started drinking at 11 once in a while but the time I was 12 it was every weekend. Also had my first line of cocaine at 12 also tried ecatacy , also tried horse tranquillisers , weed and hash and have...
  5. D

    Heroin - Passive Smoking

    I have never touched street drugs, but have a friend who smokes heroin. If I am in the room while he does this, it leaves me with a scratchy throat. What I was really wondering was wether I could become addicted to the evil stuff throug passive smoking.