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  1. L

    Testing for Picks/FTD?

    I've been reading up about said topic and have read conflicting things. Is picks disease/FTD hereditary? Are there genetic tests that can be done for family members?
  2. C


    I have 3 grown up children, one suffers with depression as do I, 1 has OCD and 1 has quite a severe tic. Now my 5 year old grandaughter is showing signs of compulsive behaviour. My mother was manic depressive and I worry all this is somehow related. Is this possible?
  3. ali


    Does anyone believe or know if mental health problems are hereditary.. much love ali xx
  4. C

    How can I help him?

    My fiance moved abroad a few months ago on a temporary contract. He has a job there which he hates and has long hours and he has to travel about a lot. Since he has moved, there have been changes in his behaviour. He says he feels really low all the time, and like he cant do anything. I know...
  5. K


    Hi ya. I am the KnitNut and new to this type of forum. I have the misfortune to be a member of a family with a lot of depression issues, spanning four generations (that we know of). I just learned today that one of my adult children is in crisis which is distressing me terribly. How much of...