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  1. S

    Inspiring documentary

    If you're like me, you love uplifting stories. I think this doc might go a long way in inspiring and helping people see that they're not alone!! Please, feel free to share it as well. I hope it helps others as it has helped me!! [Moderation]
  2. P

    Struggle to take my meds

    I have an appointment with my psychiatrist this week, which I really need as I'm struggling a lot, but I'm also scared because I haven't been taking my fluoxetine. I was on the highest dose but just stopped taking it, which I know is really stupid. I don't think I have taken it for over a week...
  3. I

    Should I Become A Therapist

    I do care about people who are in pain and I want them to get better. I'm a good listener and am compassionate, empathetic, and caring. The only thing is that therapy always made me worse even though I had a really great therapist once. Maybe I stopped to soon. But anyway I know therapy helps...
  4. T

    Mentally in Pain and Suffering

    Hi, I was wondering how people describe there pain and suffering mentally and how they deal with it. My psychologist pain I feel makes me feel so depressed, that i read tylenol helps, but what really helps it is taking opiods. Thanks for your response.
  5. Fairy Lucretia

    if you aren't under cmht

    or your consultant is useless like mine who helps you fill in benefit forms/gives supporting letter? x
  6. K

    Hi I'm new here

    I am 57 and was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 after having continual depression, anxiety and mania. I have a great family who give me loads of support particularly my husband. We both are keen walkers and I find this really helps distract me from negative thoughts. I look forward to following...
  7. B

    What helps you?

    What helps you during your episodes? Mine is chill out days with favourite movies or tv shows
  8. dubblemonkey

    I am sufdering

    but she... helps me get better Robyn dancing on my own
  9. dubblemonkey

    mental ilness

    I cannot trust myself ... about things that happen to me and... I do not know...(exactly) how I am meant to react to things.... I like it best when I am left alone. I often upset others but I don't think it helps... I am sorry about what I cannot help
  10. H

    What helps me cope with cyclothymia and depression

    Hello world. Well, I just felt a strange compulsion to share with anybody who's interested what tends to take the sting out of suffering from cyclothymia. As well as the usual tips of eating a reasonably healthy diet, getting regular exercise, taking care of your sleep patterns, reducing sugar...
  11. Under_The_Moon

    Anyone else find nature therapeutic?

    For myself, when I'm feeling blah or anxiety is getting to me I find getting out into nature helps a lot. Somewhere quiet with just the natural sounds of nature, no one around but me and whatever birds and animals I run into. My mind is too busy taking in all the sights, sounds and smells to...
  12. Fairy Lucretia

    so many things i hate about myself

    i try to be a good person im caring and sensitive and loving and i feel emotions deeply yet i hate myself and feel like im a bad person ,i feel like i deserve to die i hurt myself all of the time very very badly to feel better about myself sometimes it helps but then when i see the scars i get...
  13. Kickingthefog

    Recurrent MDD.

    I have Recurrent Major Deppressive Disorder. I was told that if it is recurrent that means it is chronic which I am starting to believe. I was ok for 10 plus years without meds and then it just hit me like a ton of bricks. So I guess that means medication for life. I am ok with that if it...
  14. 6

    and sometimes quetiapine doesn't knock ya out

    Sometimes I take that blasted stuff and within 20 mins I can hardly walk up the stairs to my bedroom. Tonight I took it almost 5 hours ago and here I sit. Like seriously. On the plus side being tired helps me feel emotional which helps to cry and get some of the ick out. But wow I am...
  15. katya

    Blog on MBT session about how early attachments affect current relationships

    Blog on MBT session about how early attachments affect current relationships Hope this helps!
  16. katya

    Blog about MBT, session 4 - how to recognise and manage emotions

    This week looks at: how we notice emotions in ourselves and others; how we can be comforted and how we can comfort others; how we can get stuck in emotions. Hope this helps!
  17. E

    Recent behaviour

    I have recently began having episodes where I get very restless and need to keep moving otherwise I sink into fatigue and headaches. I find writing aimlessly with pen and paper, pacing back and forth or walking up and down the stairs repeatedly helps but I cannot understand my behaviour. Can...
  18. P

    Hello people!

    My name is Troy, I have depression and low self esteem. I Hope this site helps.
  19. E

    Hello Newbie here

    I am new on this forum and am so glad i found this place to share my feelings and will not be judged. I have been suffering from depression, anxiety and panic for decades and medicines don't seem to be helping me. For the first time i was given diazepam which honestly i found to be a miracle...
  20. F

    Eating well: how food impacts on our mental health

    Posted by Mental health foundation Mar 2017 We are inviting you to watch a free live stream of our event which will explore nutrition and mental health. What we eat and drink affects how we feel, think and behave. Just like the heart, stomach and liver, the brain is an organ that requires...