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  1. H


    FREE SUPPORT LINE 4 Hearing, Visions & Paranoia @ Hearing Voices Network UK Welcome 2 our FREE Services :welcome::welcome::welcome: About us... :dance::dance: Who are we? The Hearing Voices Support Network is a branch of support across the UK to listen & support anyone who hears voices. Or...
  2. M


    Has anybody ever felt even worse about calling a helpline? I just called one and could not do any of her suggestions due to my phobias and conditions and now I feel even more of a freak.
  3. S

    Samaritans ending calls

    I phone the UK Samaritans a lot at the moment, on average a few times a week. Yes, I do feel suicidal, I'm diagnosed autistic and have chronic depression and anxiety - just to clarify that I'm not someone who just phones "for a chat" although I usually speak in a very matter-of-fact way, only...
  4. T

    Employment and University

    I just feel really deflated today. I applied for a Care Assistant role and they said they would contact me eitherway- even if I didn't get the role today they would call. I haven't had any calls so I am stressing out. I'm applying for Nursing at Uni next year and I need hands on care...
  5. amathus

    Coping with Suicidal Thoughts: The first steps...

    Step #1: Promise not to do anything right now Even though you’re in a lot of pain right now, give yourself some distance between thoughts and action. Make a promise to yourself: "I will wait 24 hours and won't do anything drastic during that time." Or, wait a week. Thoughts and actions are two...
  6. Gajolene

    Domestic Violence and Abuse Signs of Abuse and Abusive Relationships

    Do you think you may be a victim of abuse or are trying to escape an abusive relationship Signs of abuse and helpline info in UK, Canada, US and Australia Wanted to share this valuable link before I shut down the computer today. Domestic Violence and Abuse: Signs of Abuse and Abusive Relationships
  7. E

    NHS Direct / NHS Direct Wales

    Does anyone have experience of calling NHS Direct (when it was operational in England) or NHS Direct Wales (still operational)? I was led to believe that you could remain anonymous if you were just phoning for advice rather than for actual medical help, however, I've always been asked for my...
  8. C


    Cambridge Lifecraft The Bath House Gwydir Street Cambridge CB1 2LW 01223 566 957 [email protected] Lifecraft exists for any adult in the Cambridge area who needs support for their mental health needs. Lifecraft believes people who have suffered mental health difficulties are well placed...
  9. megirl


    I have been drinking a lot Feel like self-harming dont have enough meds too do it Have rang the alcohol and drug helpline on my cellphone they have rang back concerned lucky my cell-phone cant be traced thank god Feel scared i have so drank so much crazy megirl i must just go to bed and sleep it...
  10. megirl

    a&d helpline

    Yesterday i was feeling overwhelmed anxious and agitated. Anyway i rang the alcohol and drug helpline. As i had a bottle of wine saturday night and still feel bad about this well worse as i fell and hit my head and ended up in the ED having to have the laceration dealt with. Anyway the alcohol...
  11. C

    Help with Dad

    My Dad has PD I feel so helpless. He stays in the bedroom all day and night. Haven't really seen him since saturday. When I go up to the bedroom he is on the bed in a fetal position. Hes losing weight, pale and cold. He's looking like a frail old man and hes not even 50 yet. He won't eat much...
  12. D

    Something is not right

    As i am writing this i can hear breathing from something standing behind me. I am reaching a point where i feel like my brain is capable of creating something solid, like a person. If i think hard enough, it will happen. I have been unaware of my behavior changing, but recently people have been...
  13. M

    On hold :-(

    I'm feeling suicidal at the minute and am currently on hold to a helpline. It's been 12 minutes..... I feel so alone
  14. A

    Feeling depressed....scare it will lead to something serious

    Hi everyone, It started when i got laid off 6 months ago. I had trouble finding a job. Now I finally found a job. It's almost half of what i used to make(almost minimum wage), is a brand new industry that i'm in, steep learning curve, i'm very stressed out about it. I have a family to...
  15. Kerome

    Self-harm support: Landelijke Stichting Zelfbeschadiging

    It seems there is a Dutch national group for supporting people who do self harm, for self harmers by ex self harmers. They also do a telephone helpline. (Moderated. Not permitted to have explicit self harm descriptions or images on the forum)
  16. RainbowHeartz

    texting helplines?!???!

    Not sure this is in the right place But basically I sometimes use the samaritans to text when troubled and have no access to CC I wondered if there was other texting helpline out there??
  17. R

    Benefit changes helpline and email address

    I just thought I would post this. Rethink have a helpline for anyone experiencing worry over the new benefit changes. And I hope they can offer good advice with regards to this. For anyone who would prefer there is also an email address. The phone line is manned Mon-Fri 10am to 2pm. 0300...
  18. W

    Horrible ending up where your at

    I remember not that long ago thinking everything was fine,then boom your worlds upsides down and you spend your days either on a forum helpline ,talking to gps life is not good at all,always 2/3/4 weeks wait for everything hate This
  19. razza

    Can't sleep (help) I want to sleep Forever (die)...

    It's 6am. Well technically 5am because daylight savings ends in this part of Australia today. I can't sleep. The youth helpline responded to an email I sent tonight saying to please contact them when I can as they are concerned. The dv helpline told me earlier when I was on webchat to ring...
  20. razza

    Everything ending falling apart

    Today I finished my group therapy program after two years. Effectively ending FOREVER my contact with my two therapists I have been seeing, mostly weekly, for nearly Two YEARS! :cry: :cry: :cry: Rang to talk to my youth helpline counsellor Leila. She's been away for a few weeks. Find out she...