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  1. R

    Struggling. Where to start with help?

    Hi all I feel the need to say what's wrong with me now because it's really effecting my life. When I go out into certain places my anxiety gets really bad and has got worse over the last few years. Places like costa and generally shopping are the worst for some reason. It's gotten to the point...
  2. T

    you should get a job and

    - get married, and have kids, and get a car, and go to the gym. You are just in a bad cycle. You should stop your medication as it isn't helping much so you maybe don't need it. When you start work, you'll be fine and will surprise yourself that you will feel so much better. Work helps you. :eek:
  3. P


    I’m self harming again. I was doing well but I feel like I have relapsed. Nothing I do that used to help me by distracting me is helping. Feeling super low, I don’t know what to do.
  4. M

    Helping my best friend

    Hi everyone Me and my best friend have been friends since junior school, we're now both in our 30's. My friend had an awful upbringing, sexual abuse and neglect and as expected these traumas damaged her. She turned to alcohol and self harm in her teenage years. She's a mum now of two wonderful...
  5. C

    Just hope someone reads this.

    To be honest i don't think i'm looking for any help i've been through a lot of it but in the end nothing changed. I'm not going to do anything bad would have did that years ago if i could have but have just plodded along with my crap life just wish i could go to sleep and not wake up. Always...
  6. C


    Hi everyone, I'm " Call me Cj". I joined this forum to have advice and help me cope with my depression. I also love helping people so I hope that I'll be able to do so with this forum.
  7. SomersetScorpio

    MH Group now feels awkward - advice?

    I've been going to a mental health drop-in since the beginning of Feb, and i've found it really helpful. I was just starting to come out of my shell there, by joining in with group discussions and volunteering to play games etc. Here comes the curve-ball. A guy that I had a lot of involvement...
  8. A

    Extremely suicidal

    Can't get through to mental health matters. Samaritans only helped to certain extent. Support staff where I live not helping. They said an ambulance wouldn't come because they'd be helping people involved in accidents. What do I do?
  9. A

    Really struggling to stay safe this evening

    I'm sorry for posting again. It's just that I'm really struggling to stay safe. I know all the distraction techniques, but they're not helping. Not sure if it's because I don't want them to help.
  10. T

    Crawling in my skin

    Not doing great hit a depressive slump It's a shock because I've been happy for ages. I quit smoking for 8 months and started again yesterday But hey I felt like drinking and I didnt. It's physical I can feel pain like my spirit has been broken. Voices are so critical The main one they said is...
  11. Zardos

    Badly Suicidal

    i think of people who are dying allot.. People who want to live.. i wish i could gift them the life i had left.. They want to live.. And i want to die... Doesn't seem fair somehow.. There ought to be a way of swapping. I'm watching suicide videos on YouTube.. Which probably isn't helping... i...
  12. Topcat

    Lamictal caused depression

    I took lamictal for about a year after being put on it for depression, but I never felt better, just worse so I stopped in summer. Since then I've been depressed still. So now two years depressed, and I'm now on antidepressants, they aren't helping. I think the lamictal has damaged my brain or...
  13. F

    My psychologist "didn't think she could help me any further"

    This was her response when my mother spoke with her over the phone telling her that I'd like to stop. I have a lot of anxiety so I needed her to make the call (I'm 19, and I would wish I could do ordinary things like that myself). My mother had already spoken to me a couple of times back about...
  14. Zardos

    Took Too Many Pills Again

    Trouble is i didn't take enough.. not enough to knock me out.. Now i don't feel so good.. I'm kinda woosey... on the plus side i don't feel anxious... I'm too wasted Oh... And I've screwed up my sleep routine again... Which isn't helping
  15. F

    New therapy helps schizophrenia patients re-engage socially

    Published by university of Sussex December 12 2017 New therapy helps schizophrenia patients re-engage socially : Broadcast: News items : University of Sussex I'm doing well if I spend a couple of hours a week outside my flat. Judging by that I'm super extremely socially withdrawn.
  16. F

    First time posting...

    Hello everyone...I posted this in another forum but I'm not sure it was the appropriate place so I posted here to. Please forgive me I'm still figuring out how this works... I ended up here today because I'm in the deepest depression I've experienced to date. I hate talking to people about it...
  17. J

    Bipolar rodeo

    So anyone reading this will know how it feels when your bipolar decides that it is time for rodeo lessons and all you can do is go along. My apologies in advance but I am trying this new thing where I treat the bipolar as an unwelcome house guest. I am not even really sure why I am posting this...
  18. Q

    No energy No life

    I am so LOW! I have no energy does anyone have a suggestion to increase energy levels? Im doing exercise but it just makes me more exhausted drinking coffee and the occasional "energy " drink even drinking lots of water nothing helping is there a medicine that would help? Im already on 3...
  19. S

    voices scaring me of being here in forum ?

    they say there are many bad people may be real voices of other people come to you and torture you more than you already tortured thank you you are welcomed for helping me
  20. B


    I found this site by looking for support for my mental health issues. I have bipolar 2, generalized anxiety disorder, and disordered eating. I'm a housewife and my kids are all grown so I have a lot of time to myself and I'm beginning to think this might not be good for me. I have a new...