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  1. blacksmoke


    Emotions Anonymous – 12-Step Emotional Support Group Emotions Anonymous - Phobia and Feelings Advice | Patient. i just found this but it seems like its only available in the usa. i am needing some tangible ongoing help and support. seeing as the doc and medication are not helpful. really got...
  2. O

    Advice please

    I suffer from depression and anxiety. Usually I can keep a lid on things and apart from a few little setbacks along the way I am able to cope quite normally. At the moment this is not the case, I have managed to break up with my girlfriend who refuses to acknowledge me and I'm probably going to...
  3. E

    What Would You Most Like to Learn...?

    What would you like to learn most about your voices? What would you find most helpful, a step by step program or a story about someone who now lives happily with or without voices?
  4. L

    Medication for bpd

    Has anyone tried online medication? Need to know as I feel to embarrassed to tell my phsyciatrist so would rather buy offline? Any information would be helpful before I try thanks ☺
  5. D

    6 month waiting list for CBT!!??

    Today I visited my GP and asked for some advice on helping me with anxiety issues that i've had for quite a while and ignored hoping things would get better on there own. My wakeup call was my bf leaving me this weekend and moving back in with his parents because he can't take it anymore (It was...
  6. D

    New on the forum

    Hi I am new on this forum, suggested by my CBT therapist. I have suffered from depression after a couple of serious things happened and ended up in Mental Hospital for a week. I then received therapy from a psychiatrist which worked out completely the opposite. I wanted to end my life, was on...
  7. L

    Time to change small things - sorry if this is a repeat just thought it might be helpful

    Time to change small things - sorry if this is a repeat just thought it might be helpful Talking about mental health | Time To Change
  8. amathus


    How Can I Reduce My Worrying? We’re going to show you how to reduce excessive worrying and how to worry more effectively. Identify Worry Thoughts Worry Thoughts can be recognized by at least one of these features: •You think too much about a problem, to the point that it interferes with...
  9. J

    Work Programme Stress

    Hi I suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and moderate Agoraphobia (by moderate agoraphobia I mean – I can go out if it’s necessary. I do get very anxious leaving the house but I’m not completely housebound, some days are better than others). I claim ESA and am in the work...
  10. J

    Any books on GAD that's worth a read?

    Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any good anxiety books that a worth a read? I've read the 'DARE response' which I found helpful but I guess the more knowledge the better! :)
  11. The Big Dawg

    Its better that I never excised

    First of all my mother was a slut and my father was just a one of to her and then came me, I was born. My mother didn't want me, my mother tried to kill me, so I was born by mistake, I'm still alive by mistake and I don't care what none of y'all say I'm thankful for you being helpful but I'm...
  12. B

    5ht and valerian

    anyone tried these for depression? do you find it helpful. If so what dose do you take?
  13. B

    Newbie in need of a little support

    A very anxious, lost soul looking for support. I feel the need to belong to something like this, everybody is so empathetic and helpful.
  14. V


    Has anyone had it? What were your experiences? Was it helpful?
  15. goku23

    Hi, new here

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and just thought I'd say hello. seems like a really great place here and seen some very helpful info, hoping to make some friends and also help if I can! take care.
  16. D

    *? I am ?*

    Hello. I would love to introduce myself But I don't know myself I lost myself a while ago and I can not bring me back I am the dark part of myself The negative thoughts and suicidal emotions I try to be good and helpful Let's see how it goes. :hi:
  17. suicideangel

    Dbt sheets for anyone who may find helpful to follow

    hey, I will be using this thread for all my stuff from dbt skills group and to practise these skills here. If anyone else would like to use this stuff and or join in then feel free to. As I hope that someone finds this useful.
  18. W

    Books about ptsd?

    Anyone know any good/ helpful books about ptsd?
  19. S

    Art & Self-Discovery

    im in art therapy. It's been incredibly helpful. You have this option where you are? I painted a flower last week but said I didn't want to talk about it until this week. Yesterday was the day and I prepared myself. She had often asked what image I associate with things that I got frustrated...
  20. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Quetiapine / Seroquel

    How many of you take seroquel? What is your dosage? How long have you taken it? Do you find it helpful? What side effects if any do you have? Do you feel that you are building up a tolerance to it? I take SQ for Schizoaffective Bipolar subtype 400mg (200mg twice daily) I was also taking...