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  1. Kerome

    Helpful video

    I was watching this the other day and I remember thinking that if we base our identities on such loose groupings of context, then maybe the voices are not so much part of me as I thought. It throws into doubt the whole question of who or what I am, mentally. But that’s not a bad thing, in a way...
  2. C

    Is going to therapy/becoming a psychologist even worth it or helpful?

    Hi :) So a bit of background info I have generalised anxiety disorder and specific phobia diagnoses and my GP thinks I may have some OCD and disrupted eating issues as well. Firstly I have seen 3 psychologists that are paid and I have seen a therapist at a free service run by the...
  3. Azelka


    Is there a psychologist here? My psychiatrist isn't really helpful and there aren't enough of them because I live in a small city.
  4. R

    What depression is...

    depression is.... Heavy... I know it's been said, but really it's like dragging around a bag of angry cats Photophobic...everything is too bright. I walk around wearing sunglasses on cloudy days Phonophobic... I speak so softly that others can't hear because I can't stand the sound of my own...
  5. S

    Spousal Arguments

    So I'm more looking for advice and I hope I'm in the right forum- I couldn't tell if it belonged here or in people (forgive me, I'm new!) My spouse and I both have short term memory issues, especially during stressful situations. So when we argue, it was suggested to me to write down things I...
  6. M

    coming out from the shadows

    Hey all! =^_^= Just wanted to say "hi" :) I'm a newbie coming out from the shadows! This site is full of wonderful information that I'm finding helpful. I look forward to posting as it seems like a safe place. Thanks! ~MysticalGypsyPrincess
  7. M

    New member

    Hello, I am a social worker in NYC. I work as a teacher and in private practice. I hope to both give and receive helpful information.

    Has anybody tried counselling for schiz?

    I am thinking about getting a counsellor, but just wondering if it will be helpful? Does it make any difference for schizophrenia? It could be helpful to talk about day-to-day issues?
  9. G

    Helpful Distractions

    I'm wondering what other people do to distract themselves from doing any self harm. I've recently started slipping back into old habits and know I need to curb them before it gets worse. My fiance suggested to me yesterday that I play with a fidget-spinner when I start having certain urges but...
  10. Kerome

    Is religion helpful in psychosis? Or in recovery?

    I was thinking about this the other day, when looking at my own experiences was religion helpful in a psychosis? I mean you use the context of religion, of angels and demons perhaps, to give meaning to the things that you encounter. By doing so you place them in a context, you have certain...
  11. R

    Paranoia- Bpd

    Hi, I've not done this before so bit nervous. im just curious if anyone has any helpful tips at controlling or atleast distracting their paranoia? My jealously and paranoid thoughts over my partner are so irrational and completely ruining our relationship, i have an appointment to see a...
  12. Asherah of the Sea

    Positive Affirmations

    So I did this thing where I went to a bunch of sites and saved over a hundred Positive Affirmations and cut and pasted them to a wall, accented by cute pictures of lolcats that used to make me laugh. It works some days, but not all the time... At first I found them nauseating. I put them on a...
  13. W

    What to do

    Hi there, This is my first time on one of these forums so excuse me if i ramble on for a bit. i'm 27, was diagnosed with cyclothymic disorder a few months ago, but have been coping with it most of my life. When I was a kid i was told i had add and sent to anger managment to control my outbursts...
  14. cpuusage

    Social Security Disability Resource Center (American)

    May be helpful for some people - Seems like a very comprehensive, well laid out & helpful resource - SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTER - HOW TO APPLY AND QUALIFY FOR SSD AND SSI BENEFITS Although American some of it may be applicable to UK claims, & considering that the UK system...
  15. L

    The Dangers of Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs

    Dangers of psychiatric drugs • A Disorder For Everyone! Everyone should read this before deciding to or being forced to take psychiatric drugs. It would also be helpful for wider society, and certainly for mh professionals and GPs, ignorant or otherwise.
  16. cpuusage

    The Matrix Control System & The Path Towards Awakening

    Explanation of Video / Link - Some (Not all) of what comes under psychosis / schizophrenia, is imo crossing over within the realms of non-ordinary states that cover the Shamanic, Mystic, & spiritual crisis / emergency - spiritual Awakening. i have been following this Authors work (web site &...
  17. honestly

    Hi all! New to the forum.

    So the last almost 7 years have been the worst of my life. For the last 4 or 5 months, I have finally been able to start healing. Each day is better than the last. But I don't have friends anymore and my family isn't a ton of support when it comes to self improvement. So here I am. I plan to...
  18. cpuusage

    Twenty-Nine Medical Causes of Schizophrenia

    This article has a very much nutritional angle on schizophrenia, but may be helpful to some people - Twenty-Nine Medical Causes of “Schizophrenia” | Alternative Mental Health
  19. J

    Private mental health care - sorry if wrong thread

    So having yet another bad episode of depression/anxiety compounded with bereavement. I'm done with Nhs services and wonder if anyone has any help privately they found helpful? Tia
  20. W

    DBT. Works?

    I'm diving head first into DBT after BPD diagnosis. In my iop I can't stand it. It's like daycare. I tell my clinician that I would rather do the exercises on my own. I feel like he agrees that that's a good idea. New to it. Seems like it would be helpful. Especially one on one with my...