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  1. B

    Trialing new antidepressants for Panic disorder

    I have panic disorder. I have not seen a psychiatrist for several months now. I have an appointment for February. I was just wondering, if anyone had any luck feeling better from trying different antidepressants, or perhaps other classes of drugs. I have tried zoloft, lexapro, effexor, seroquel...
  2. B

    Trialing new antidepressants for PD

    I have panic disorder. I have not seen a psychiatrist for several months now. I have an appointment for February. I was just wondering, if anyone had any luck feeling better from trying different antidepressants, or perhaps other classes of drugs. I have tried zoloft, lexapro, effexor, seroquel...
  3. G

    CBD suggestions

    I wanna ask you , i read it about that alot in internet and seems its helpfull , maybe somebody tried and it helped for you , to lose depresion and anxiety
  4. S

    Inspiring documentary

    If you're like me, you love uplifting stories. I think this doc might go a long way in inspiring and helping people see that they're not alone!! Please, feel free to share it as well. I hope it helps others as it has helped me!! [Moderation]
  5. Fairy Lucretia

    my aunt is soon 90 x

    im going to try and stay calm from now on ,not freak and cry and sh and talk about suicide everyday it will be hard as next year they are leaving us to it but she is a wonderful woman who has helped me so much since mummy died she deserves peace in her last years and im going to try and give...
  6. D

    Just diagnosed

    So just got out the psych ward. Had a brief visit for mania. Whilst I was there the doctor diagnosed me with BDP to add to my list. I must admit it makes sense to me now. Its the final piece of the jigsaw. So any advice from you guys here? Anything that helped you with this? Any online...
  7. G

    Hi everybody

    I'm a middle-aged male with a history of minor anxiety, depression and a strong psychosis. The anxiety and depression went away by themselves and I used no medication for them, but I was hospitalized for a few months for psychosis, it was that bad. The medication, risperdal 4mg back then, helped...
  8. D


    Hello, I’m Danny from the UK, I don’t really know exactly what I suffer with but I think it’s some sort of anxiety and that I’ve just learnt to mask it and deal with it over the years, I’ve recently been to seek medical advice as I got into a serious relationship and my partner noticed...
  9. G

    Hello There

    Hi! I'm joining because it's nice to have support from other people like me! Reading threads in this forum has helped me not feel alone.
  10. R


    Hi all, My diagnosis is schizoaffective and ive never had a period of stability. I wondered if any one else had experience of the depression and psychosis. If so, what have you found has helped you?? I've tried lots of different meds and my final option I've been told is clozapine. Please...
  11. Greyhound


    Newbie here Here to help and be helped by sharing experiences with one another :)
  12. cloudberry

    Keeping hens has helped me, anyone else tried it?

    I've always wanted to keep hens, but lived for decades in a flat in a city so couldnt. Then in 2015 I moved to a rented house in the countryside and the owners agreed I could keep up to 12 hens and we decided to get some ex-battery hens via the British Hen Welfare Trust. Right from the start...
  13. J

    How is GAD for you?

    Hey there, I just signed here to talk to people who have similar problems. I am suffering from GAD for several years already and I tried quite a few things already in order to get better. But nothing helped significantly. I would like to know how GAD is for you? Which symptoms / thoughts /...
  14. C

    Coming off mitrazapine

    I’ve been taking Prozac for approx. 6 months, it has really helped with my depression but caused horrible anxiety-my doctor prescribed mitrazapine additionally, which has helped, but caused me to gain 17kg in 3 months :( My doctor has suggested I stop the mitrazapine, and instead double my...
  15. C

    Hi everyone

    I'm a 23 year old man living in the U.S. Although I have it better than many on these forums, my main issue is both being depressed and being too introverted to make proper social relationships. When I was a young child I didn't interact with many people besides my brother, spending a lot of...
  16. A


    Really dont know how to start here but i will try anyway. I think ive had depression for a few years now. But i cant ever bring myself to talk to a GP about it. Think i would just be wasting their time. Maybe venting it on here might help, never done this before. Normally i can handle it, i...
  17. W

    5 years down

    So first off I'd like to say I've been diagnosed for 5 years now, had the usual carting around from therapist to therapist, each one saying the same thing that they feel like they can't help me with my issues. I eventually found one, who introduced me to psychotherapy and it really helped! I had...
  18. D

    Psychiatry has ruined my life

    Am I the only one who feels like his life has been ruined by psychiatry? Nothing is working for me. I feel like I'm disabled and paralyzed. I'm not doing anything, life is just passing by.. I'm giving up my powers and just don't know what to do anymore. Are there other people like me who didn't...
  19. J

    OCD. Is there any hope?

    Hello, I have had OCD, fear of contamination, since I was young (decades ago). I am having a rough time and am not sure I can be helped. Last year my insurance paid for 8 weeks of counseling but this year doesn't. My counselor last year had me meditate, which slightly helped the anxiety but...
  20. M


    I am a baseball fan and country music fan I love Brett Young. His music has helped me he sings like an angel.