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  1. S


    Hey! Ive posted on a couple of different threads on here as my fiance hasnt ever said exactly what he has been diagnised with until last night when i felt the need to ring UK111as he is really starting to struggle with how he is feeling. Bit of back story, he was on Risperdrone for a failry long...
  2. Urban Hermit

    First post

    Hi, I've been trying not to self harm again and thought I'd come here to read some of the other threads for support and advice. My world recently fell apart and I just feel so empty.
  3. Y

    Need advice on meds

    Hi. I take zyprexa for schizophrenic symtoms, cipralex for depression, mirtazapin, imovane and melatonin and sometimes valeriana for sleep. Now i wonder if i could do any changes because ive got more anxiety and more restless. I know all these have side effects. I may be trapping down on zyprexa...
  4. F

    Looking for advice to get rid of tiredness

    Hi, I joined this forum last week ago and want to seek for advice. For the last couple of weeks I was always in this tired, sleepy situation. I had it before but it was manageable. I can sleep a lot, but usually 8 to 9 hours everyday. I have hard time waking up and staying focus in school...
  5. Azelka


    Hello, I wanted to know if it was normal to feel like there are two parts in my brain which are in permanent contradiction. I mean that when I say something that I believe, I say the opposite that I also believe a moment later.
  6. M

    Can I do a course at the Open University if I'm on ESA and PIP?

    I really need some help, all advice is very appreciated. I missed my gcse's due to mental illness and as a result I have 0 qualifications to my name. I am in my early 20's now and still struggling every day with my illness but I have been thinking of the future lately and how I would like to...
  7. C


    About Myself=Studied Web Development, Computer Technician. Schizophrenia/Disorganized Thought ASD/Aspergers(Savant Skills X2) Why I joined=Less than 1 hour social contact/week If you want advice here you will get advice from here. If you want advice from a doctor, you will get left overs of...
  8. M

    Touch, haphephobia

    Hello, is there anyone who knows how to deal with haphephobia? I tried to get used to touch but it did not work. I tried forcing my way through the phobia without results. I was in a very long therapy also without any results. Mostlikely the cause of it was the fact that I stopped breaving a...
  9. D

    New to Forum Bpd, anxiety, depression and panic sufferer

    Hi. Just introducing myself.I'm 42 and after years of suffering from the age of 4 with the above have been diagnosed with Bpd from childhood trauma. Have joined to chat, get and offer help and advice with mental health. Have been meaning to for a while and after a pretty miserable Xmas...
  10. J

    Here to help

    Hi, my name is Joe, I've had mental illness for about 20 years now. Worked full time with mental illness for about 15 of those 20 years. Been retired on full time disability for about 3 years now. Still working on stabilizing my life and taking on responsibilities but for the most part am stable...
  11. S

    Bi polar

    Do you need to advise DVD’s whether or not on meds
  12. S

    New here

    Looking for advice in how to help a friend who has OCD. I'm in a difficult situation.
  13. X

    Advice on DBT therapy

    I’m currently receiving help in an inpatient BPD specialist unit. But all I want to do is leave. I’m struggling making the commitment to therapy and part of me just wants to give up. Has anyone else had DBT therapy and do they feel that it’s helped them to find a life worth living?
  14. D

    Hello all

    I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia disorder and have been taking a mix of antipsychotics and antidepressants for the past 3 years. I am here to get whatever advice I can,thank you.
  15. J

    Hi all!

    Hi all Long time anxiety and OCD suffer here. I am hoping to get some good advice from this forum. :)
  16. S

    New and needing advice

    Morning all! I'm hoping to get some advice from everyone regarding my fiance and his mental health problems. He was involved in recreational drugs when he was a teenager which resulted in him being sectioned on a couple of occassions up until 2008. He has been on different medication, swapping...
  17. C

    Medication advice

    hi ive got schizophrenia and im currently on medication olanzapine 20mg and mirtazapine 45mg I needed some advice on whether to continue taking the meds or not I really want to stop the medication because of how unhappy it makes me feel but when I don't take it I cant sleep for a long time its...
  18. S

    Struggling to control my worries!

    Hi I’m Ste, I’m on here to hopefully get some advice and speak to people dealing with Health Anxiety or similar in the hope of learning to control my worries. This has totally hit me for six and to be honest I’m a bit up and down with it all. I never in a million years thought I would be...
  19. S


    Hi all👋, I’m Ste. I’ve joined to try and get some help and support on my newly diagnosed GAD. Hopefully I can get some good advice from you guys and where possible help anybody that needs it.
  20. J

    How to help a friend with depression

    Hi, I started university about 3 months ago and became really close friends with a boy living opposite me. About a month into knowing each other he told me that he had depression and that he was taking medication for it. After this, I would try and keep asking him how he was and making sure he...