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  1. frisas45

    I'm suffering from hopelessness. Again!

    There were a LOT of things I wanted. Friends, dating, and financial independence. But I have no one. Back in the States, all friends were busy, and I didn't spend enough time with them. Those I spent were toxic ones, and it didn't last long. I live in South Korea, and I have almost no friends...
  2. R

    Too much 2 lose.

    Only ones who care are my family. And thats more of a fear/concern kind of care, i mean look at thier point of view.I FAILED. Giving up on myself means giving up on my family. Why would i want to hurt them? Its an illness that has been ignored up until recent times and i really am having trouble...
  3. S

    New here, relationship troubles.

    Hi, I hope it's okay if I post here. I suffer with anxiety, and from that stems depression. Partner is awaiting a psychiatrist referral for potential bipolar disorder. We have 3 children between us, none together. Together 3 years. I'm really struggling today. We had a big row because of money...
  4. S

    No rights at all, just a cash cow for the authorities, nothing is mine

    Just saved to fund this hell, as the authorities planned my life for me. Now they own me for ten pounds
  5. fazza

    OK OK who has hid my headphones

    its 12.30 am everyone is asleep. i want to listen to music in my drunken state but someone has hidden my headphones. People have died for less. If i dont find my headphones in the next 5 mins there will be hell to pay.. FUME
  6. P

    Being lonely is a killer

    I posted on a different thread as to the hell I feel and didn't get a reply. I'm not complaining about not getting a reply but it reminds me how lonely this hell is. With the issues I'm having even my daughter said 'Dad it's ok if you let go'. I was stunned. I have permission to let go, at...
  7. N

    Help and advice needed.

    I am a 29yo male who has always had quite bad anxiety but ti has become drippling pot my 2013 brain cancer diagnosis. I developed severe panic disorder and became unable to work or even focus on small tasks for long times as i would go down the rabbit hole. I told my doctors time after time but...
  8. A

    misophonia for MY OWN chewing

    it's fairly common for people to get misophonia for other people's chewing noises. but does anyone ever get misophonia for YOUR OWN chewing, as I do? as you can imagine, this can be both extremely stressful and inescapable. if you get this, how do you deal with it? I'm having a hell of a time...
  9. W


    I have bpd and its hell, the amount of mood swings i go through is hell. One minute I could be feeling fine and the next minute im feeling depressed and suicidle. I cant deal with change at all, I have to have routine in my life. I cant trust anyone and I always expect the worst to happen...
  10. S

    How to get a girlfriend

    Im 25, Im single, How do I get a girlfriend. I am running out of time. My stepsiblings have people they love. I don't what the fucking hell can i do
  11. Kerome

    Examining the history of hell

    Since I have been discussing this on another forum, I thought it might be useful to bring this here as well. Many people brought up in Christian traditions may have been told about hell and the devil at an early age, since it is the ‘big stick’ that some priests like to swing, “if you don’t do...
  12. soulsearcher

    i cant wait to die...

    hey peeps i seriously cant wait to die, i look forward to it to see the hereafter to see if ve made it to heaven or hell im looking forward to the whole journey only thhing that scares me is if i end up in hell anyone else looking forward to it?
  13. S


    Been given 60 mg by my doctor and I’m on my 5th day there making me nervous as hell useless yorning is the a side affect or do I stop?
  14. B

    Do I have any options to stop them from sending me bills?

    I used to go to a County run mental health clinic (sliding scale, designed to help those with little or no income) and long story short one day they lost my information from the system and couldn't send refills to my pharmacy to help me out. But I'm in their system to send bills to? I've been...
  15. G

    Left behind.

    I feel left behind entirely. The Bipolar and physical health issues have robbed me of feeling connected with the world I live in. I feel like so much of my life has been dominated by mental sickness. Leading to an unproductive and mostly pointless life. I sometimes wonder if I am just lazy? I...
  16. Kerome

    Buddhism and not having a soul

    One of the Buddhist doctrines, anatta, states that we have no soul. That we are merely a stream of interconnected events and mind states moving from the past to the future. This doesn’t mean that there is no afterlife, merely that there is no permanent ‘i’ to experience it. So we don’t need to...
  17. S

    INTENSE sufferation

    ive never really been able to explain this to any 'normal' person. when my psychosis started or w.e they called it was so intense and other wordly it was pure HELL on earth. i belived the demon controlled the world, he descended on me he descended on my world the whole world warped and...
  18. modem

    I am going to commit suicide

    Hey, In a few months from now I will commit my suicide. I decided it quite a few months back. My voices have been up to persecuting and doing threat of tortures to me. The tortures, including physical pain, is real, and they do it. I think in 2017 I have been tortured something like 1time...
  19. Zardos

    Panic Stations

    I'm waiting to meet my new CPN.. They're coming to give me my injection soon.. And i have no idea who or what is coming.. And its freaking me out i also don't know when they are coming... Which totally sucks.. I'm having a hell of a time just lately... Too much stress... i hate being alive... it...
  20. NoWhereman72

    little slices of hell?

    so i have been trying to be more social and for the past year i have been doing pretty good. but now my birthday is coming up. i will be 45 and its been 27 years since i was with girl. and no it isn't any kind of frustration. but tonight i just realized the little freedom i have is just a taste...