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  1. N

    Helicopters, Police Sirens & Mental Health generally within me - Update

    Helicopters, Police Sirens & Mental Health generally within me - Update Hi Folks, Across the current week, in my area, there have been a lot of sirens, and helicopters, flying about, plus not to mention normal passenger aircraft which miracously, aircraft wise, I haven't heard any. Now...
  2. N

    Helicopters versuses Paranoia - Don't Mix

    Hi Folks, This afternoon, and parents and I were setting out, both parties in different directions, and we were still just on the home drive. Now all off the sudden, after a few weeks; of peace and quiet, a very low helicopter, circuling above, and was t hen nerving me, whilst setting and...
  3. N

    A Memory of a Dream I once had/anxeity

    Hi all, Some years back, when I was a few years younger, I happened to have had a strange dream, and it involved helicopters surrendering or surrounding my rear side of my house. The helicopters I remember from in the dream were very loud, now, I don't know whether if I could be allowed to...
  4. C


    hi all. well. dunno if any of you've heard but most of cumbria flooded again! i'm safe as i'm quite high up. not so good for others. below is pic from mates window 5mins walk away. the river breached flood defences around 1am with more rain forecast. it's a surreal repeat of '05. helicopters...
  5. BillFish

    Bloody helicopters!

    Bloody helicopters! There are police helicopters constantly buzzing around my local area especially at night. One just flew around low with a great big and bright search light, and the other day one hovered around for about two hours. It’s like living in a bloody war zone, never heard a peep...