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  1. vanish

    Feeling increasingly agitated/not right in the head

    Summer. I hate Summer! The heat feels like my brain is broiling in its own liquids. I cannot think clearly and I hear voices more. Even the sounds of cicadas in the garden somehow gets inside my head and echoes to the point I just want out of life. I take my medication but am sure its not...
  2. LuckyLights

    New "Powers," New Problem! :) Any Advice?

    Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my thread. I'll try and make this painless. I've been suffering from severe anxiety for years. But about three weeks ago things went from regular cool to crazy cool. And I really have nobody else to talk to save my doc and was hoping to gather more info before...
  3. valleygirl

    How Does Extreme Summer Heat Affect You?

    People often talk about the winter blues, or seasonal affective disorder in fall and winter, but what about summer? I heard some parts of Europe are experiencing temperatures exceeding 48 degrees Celsius, which I cannot even imagine. Where I live we got up to 36 degrees, and that's bad enough...
  4. shaky

    Clothes in this weather - dangerous and a form of torture

    After a hot, hard day at work cleaning hotel rooms, where my energy levels were flagging. But this was my first day cycling to work and it was a beautiful day so I had to take the opportunity to take the scenic route home. Now at work we have to wear long trousers and a polo shirt made of heavy...
  5. N

    Heatwave - Presently

    Afternoon Folks, I'm ok, I'm very well. I'm just feeling tired, genuinely tired, from the heat. And humidy. I'll be relieved, when we do get into much cooler atmospheric weather condiitons, which I believe - could be, next week. I'm certainly not working ouit in this weather. So I can...
  6. F

    Heat stroke and psych meds

    Extreme heat, medication can combine to create extreme health risks |
  7. Mister.B

    It's too hot.

    I feel like I'm blurring and shifting. There's something inside me that's trying to break free. I felt so angry and trapped earlier, so I went for a walk to cool off, and I started dissociating but I made it back to the house, and I'm now too warm and feeling angry again. It's making me feel...
  8. H

    Brain Sizzle

    I'm burni9ng up !.. but oddly not that sweaty.. i'm sitting here with the window open again, and my skin, and now the rest of the room is ice cold. But on the inside i'm burning up. The same sense of stifling heat you get with a bad flu, but none of the other symptoms.. just the unbearable heat...
  9. paul67

    the heat

    uk weather is hot we got our summer,well for 4 or 5 days....... does anyone suffer in the heat with these meds im just sitting zonked out,my body feels like lead,and i kept waking up in the night my mouth is so dry from the pills.... bring on the winter.....
  10. A


    I've been so anxious just latley and it makes me tremour and shake. My body aches so much. I've took nice hot long baths and used deep heat but nothing works. Has anyone got any ideas?
  11. T

    Swollen feet

    Hmmm... never had this before. My feet have started swelling and seem to be getting worse. I know that heat can cause a problem, but it's been hot before and I've not had swollen feet before. Do you think I should see my doctor?