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    Cultivating a warm hearted attitude towards everyone

    It is tiring and miserable to view people in a hostile manner all the time. I am thinking it is better to cultivate compassion for everyone. I do believe everyone has goodness in them. Don't you find that when you meet someone who is warm hearted - you really love their company. It is a...

    What Happens When We Die? A Comic Book Guide to the Afterlife

    I found this on another forum. It is a light hearted look at the possibilities of life after death in comic form. What Happens When We Die? A Comic Book Guide to the Afterlife
  3. V

    Depression anxiety and computer games.

    Just wondering if there's any info out there? When feeling down or off work for some reason I love losing hours and hours to video games, or stupid mobile phone games. Love the escape! Sometimes I feel like I can't focus properly though, which annoys me as I'm competitive! Also wondered if...
  4. C

    Living with eubpd

    Welcome to the forum, Dedus. I hope someone will come along with some insight to your problems, What does eubpd stand for? I tried googling it but could find nothing.
  5. nonotme

    who ? what? where?

    bit of a lighter hearted thread ; who are you? I'm Me, 50 something .... what are you? I'm a unemployed farther but that isn't the only thing. I'm a giver to others, I care and try to share. where are you? central england about 15 minutes from birmingham. your turm?
  6. M

    When things are tough-describe how you feel with a sentence...

    Hi all, I have closed the original thread in the chill out cafe and created two "describe how you feel with a sentence" threads. A new one in the chillout cafe and another in experiences. The aim of the chill out cafe has always been for some time out from mental health struggles and a bit...
  7. M

    Worried about my son

    He's 21 and has been diagnosed with depression since age 12. At times meds and therapy have worked but then he seems to spiral downward. He has confided feeling suicidal at times. It breaks my heart I've passed this horrible disease onto him. And I feel an underlying resentment from my husband...
  8. C

    Hello. I thought it best to introduce myself.

    Hello everyone, it's good to be here on this informative site but I'm not expecting any miracles. I'd like to be supportive when I can - and I can see this site is full of warm hearted people, which is good. I wish everyone the very best. Thank you :)
  9. M

    new to this forum. (not so new to my form of ocd

    Well. Lets see. I have suffered from this for over five years now. To the point i feel maybe its not ocd. Maybe it is me. I will mot go in detail on here because its not a place to do so so openly. I used to be a member of SIAD. but a few years ago. A terrible thing happen to me. My trust in...
  10. A

    ~ very heavy hearted ~

    Hi all .... This has been a rough patch for me, and it's left me feeling very sad and dissociated. Nothing seems real. I live alone, except for my dog and 2 cats, divorced after a 40 year marriage, 3 kids, 2 girls who live 4-5 hours away, and a son who is an hour away. I got sick Sat...
  11. shayaleigh

    just found out

    That one of my friends from high school that was in the marines committed suicide... makes me sad because I've had a couple of attempts myself and it hurts to know that a lot of good hearted people you never would have thought suffered do. Ugh this pain is unbearable