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  1. E

    Fight this AM.. This is a long read

    I have been with my partner for about 2 and a half years. We broke up for a few months and got back together. The first time a round was unhealthy. All we did was fight. He accused me of being a snitch, informant, liar and a cheater. Every move I made and words I said was analyzed. He was a...
  2. E


    Hello every one. This is my first time here. I am just seeking some support and some advice/intervention on how to deal with a paranoid partner. It is taking a toll on me mentally, emotionally and financially.
  3. A

    depression , heartbroken after a year

    Hi, I write you here, because I think I need help, I met a traveller boy more than two years ago, I am also a traveler. the fact is that for two years we went through nice things and sometimes many times where my heart was broken,we struggle so much , because of the indecision that he had. he...
  4. L

    My 17 year old daughter doesn’t love me.

    Hi there, I’m desperately in need for someone to tell me if they’re experiencing something similar. I’ve been diagnosed bipolar for 20 years. I have a 17 year old girl. Her father was extremely abusive to me for so many years but I was so scared of him taking my daughter away from me because of...
  5. C


    Hi there Guys... ahhh well let's geht straight to the point. I am new and i joined this forum because i have questions about myself and i want to get some information and hear different opinions. just to clarify i am not depressive or anything like this. right now i dont have any problems but...
  6. J

    Heartbroken and depressed.. Help.

    Hi, i am new to this site. I'm trying to find help as I am so depressed, heartbroken and lonely. I had a 2 year relationship with someone and it recently ended. Throughout the whole relationship he cheated on me with many different people. The first time I found out I took him back because I...
  7. I

    Wanting to end my life to get rid of heartache

    Hi I'm feeling so heartbroken that I've lost my bf of five month he ain't said it as such but I can tell because he always makesvexecuses why he's busy and on the phone he was really agitated like he couldn't say it property as didn't have the guts but he was saying something like he wants to...
  8. C

    Looks like he's moved on...and I can't

    Found a pic of my ex on Facebook with this girl, someone has commented that they're really happy for them. We were together for 12 years, and haven't even made the 6-month mark of being split up. He said he finished it because he was unhappy, couldn't deal with my mental health problems...
  9. Jlynn773

    Where did all the optimistic people go?

    Been seeing a lot of negativity lately, really getting me down. Being a slightly negative person myself, I'm finding it hard to be positive for myself and everyone around me. Feels like everyone wants to fight me because I'm trying to be optimistic. The world is so negative and everyone wants...
  10. B

    Loosing control over my life

    So hi world, don't know if anybody will read this,I don't know if I'm f,,,ing crazy but I feel like I need to ventilate some thoughts and feelings. I'm gonna try to summarize everything. I'm a 25year old woman struggling with a broken family, we used to be an ordinary loving family until the...
  11. L

    I am heartbroken

    I am heartbroken. My partner just ridiculed me for being upset. Just when I thought things couldn't get worse. He broke my trust. Again. (He hung up on me in a crisis the other night when I was crying down the phone to him). The results were the worsening of my depression. I was hurt and...
  12. G

    So confused .. Why is it everything is my fault

    I've tried so hard to please everyone but it never works. Whatever I do it's never good enough for others.. I say too much, I'm distant ...I'm so many things and more that are terrible thoughtless selfish etc... why is it okay for people to say these things and yet not listen to my replies...
  13. S


    I found out a few hrs ago that my brother in law had committed suicide. He's been having issues with depression for a long time but it came and went in waves. Sometimes taking him to the darkest places. In the past he has come to me, initially to ask if I would go with him to commit suicide t...
  14. M


    Over the past few days I have realised that I get really attached to people, especially if they are older then me and show me kindness. I think I push people away. I don't mean to, I don't know that I'm doing it at the time. I'm scared of maybe going into a therapy and getting too attached to...
  15. L


    I'm seriously struggling with my EUPD right now! I can't control my emotions, I can only bottle them up. I'm particularly bad today because I have been forced to turn down a job offer because of the state of my mental health at the moment. I feel absolutely useless, I don't want to be on...
  16. W


    I dont know who I am or what I feel anymore ,everything I thought i wanted I can't seem to have but there nothing in its place.i know people will say it will come with time but up to now things have just gotten worse and worse I hate this pathetic life of mine.
  17. Maladjusted


    I'm Martin, 37 going on 13. I have BPD, co-morbid with unipolar depression, and I self harm. I live in North Norfolk, UK, which is a lovely place, but I feel socially isolated by small minded villagers. Recently, I have had my emotions trampled on by someone who really should know better. :(...