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heartbreak depression

  1. I

    How to forgive myself?

    Hi, I posted a lot about subject of my ex, sorry for dragging this subject, but I'm in so much pain. He broke up with me cause of his depression and mine and also my "addiction" to him. I just can seem to shake it, okey it's been only 3 weeks since that, but I just see all of my mistakes, all...
  2. I

    My love left me

    Hi, I suffer from depression with anxiety, also OCD. I need to share my story with someone and maybe hear some advice. I was in a relationship for almost a year. It ended week ago, should have ended sooner, maybe it would be easier now. My ex boyfriend and I both have depression, however his is...
  3. D

    Heartbreak, big change in life, how to go through that period?

    I am guy, and was friend with one girl for over a decade.We had some intime moments back from 2009-2014, now she is about to get married and sees me as her "brother", she loves me so much as a friend. But I recently discovered that I love her as a girl also.I don't call her last two months...
  4. A

    depression , heartbroken after a year

    Hi, I write you here, because I think I need help, I met a traveller boy more than two years ago, I am also a traveler. the fact is that for two years we went through nice things and sometimes many times where my heart was broken,we struggle so much , because of the indecision that he had. he...
  5. G

    The father of my child after 4 years is leaving me for his ex girlfriend

    The father of my child after 4 years is leaving me for his ex girlfriend I don't know if I'm writing in the wrong place, I don't know how I got here. As the title is clear as it is.. I haven't been eating and barley sleeping since about 4 days ago. I have managed to cut all ties with my family...