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  1. midnightphoenix


    My heart just broke even more if that's even possible for a broke heart to break even more :sorry: I got in from work and Willow had got hold of a bit of rubbish from the bin and she decided to "guard" it like poor sweetpea Ebony used to :sorry: Ebony would grab rubbish then imitate Gollum from...
  2. A

    :( sad

    Hello everyone, I am pretty much in dire straits and an online forum is the ONLY thing that I haven’t tried. Before I begin I will tell you that I have my first NHS psychotherapist appointment next week and speak to my GP regularly. About me; I am 32 years old, male, fit, great job, fabulous...
  3. A

    Life is hard enough

    Hello everyone, I am pretty much in dire straits and an online forum is the ONLY thing that I haven’t tried. Before I begin I will tell you that I have my first NHS psychotherapist appointment next week and speak to my GP regularly. About me; I am 32 years old, male, fit, great job, fabulous...
  4. B

    Struggling to care for BPD

    I'm new here so not sure how to start off. My wife suffers from BPD and over the past couple of years we've had some lows...but also some highs. I want to help her more when she has an episode but it seems like I may be making it worse. When my wife lashes out verbally I can't help but take it...
  5. L

    Need help

    Had a panic attack today, ended up in the hospital. Did labs and ekg everything came back normal besides my heart rate being up from the panic attack. Not sure where it came from, need help or suggestions with dealing with it.
  6. D

    I feel so down

    Tonight after dinner my wife Mandy said our doctor diagnosed her with heart failure. A 20% heart failure condition after an ECG revealed it this afternoon. Up to today Mandy never told me. I've always said tell me, keep me in the news and not hesitate. :cry: I'm not cross with her; just feel...
  7. T

    Advice before Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Hi there, I have been suffering with anxiety for around 12 years (on and off; now in my late 20s) and I’m currently in a dark place again (e.g constant feeling that my anxiety/stress has taken its toll on my body and I’m going to have a heart attack/stroke/cancer; made worse when I work or...
  8. S


    Hi, this is my first post and I have this terrible feeling over me right now. Im in a music studio with about a dozen people and I feel my who body shaking. I haven’t said a word or moved since they started a few hours ago. I’m trying to stay calm and breath, but my heart is racing. I’m actually...
  9. S

    Struggling to control my worries!

    Hi I’m Ste, I’m on here to hopefully get some advice and speak to people dealing with Health Anxiety or similar in the hope of learning to control my worries. This has totally hit me for six and to be honest I’m a bit up and down with it all. I never in a million years thought I would be...
  10. A

    Menstrual Anxiety

    Hi Guys, I am new too this :) I suffer from Menstrual Anxiety, so a few days before my period starts right till it finishes I suffer quite badly (Normally a week or so). My main thing that has happened recently, is that I was on Citalopram for 10 years nearly. The tablets caused Prolonged QT...
  11. S

    Whats wrong with me?

    I really don't know what my problem is. I was diagnosed with scitzo-affective disorder depressive type but I am not sure what my problem is anymore. I stopped taking all my tablets for my heart conditions and mental health a few months ago and it was not until I got really ill both with my heart...
  12. M


    I’ve been struggling with chronic anxiety/panic attacks for 5 years. To make matters worse 6 years ago I had a heart attack. An anxiety post heart attack combo, well it’s a nightmare and it’s been going on for 5 years.
  13. F

    Panic Attacks After Childhood Trauma

    Hi, New on here. I joined because i have severe panic attacks associated with heart attack. These have been triggered recently by a diagnosis of high blood pressure. This came as a real shock as i am very fit and health conscious & don't smoke, or drink. The root cause of it all is witnessing...
  14. P


    Hi, I'm a 41-year-old man living in colchester/north Essex. I have an avoidant personality disorder plus low level depression and generalized anxiety. The avoidance began when I was around seven or eight, but it has taken me a long time to realize that shame lay at the heart of it all. By my...
  15. M

    Citalopram and heart rate

    Hi all I’m new to this forum. I started citalopram 20mg two weeks ago and am still having side effects but am assured they will pass. However I wear a Fitbit all the time and have noticed a drop in my resting heart rate from around 51-53 to 46-47 my heart rate now goes as low as 40-42 at night...
  16. D

    My partner Mandy is sick

    Mandy suffers fibromyalgia, but also has severe nerve pain in her left foot by its tendon. The UK doctors stupidly mis-diagnose her diabetes type 2 to be a different condition. When we came out here, our Aunt got her to hospital for was then cellulitis. After nine days last June during what was...
  17. G

    Health Anxiety Spiraling out of Control

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on this site but unfortunately not my first on an anxiety forum. I'm a 24 year old healthy male (in the military, no tobacco and rarely drink alcohol). This has been a painstaking struggle for a long time and it's always reassuring to be in a community. So...
  18. B

    Unable to sleep

    I’m 37 weeks pregnant and have had anxiety / ocd my whole life which mostly I have been able to control apart from when I have severe flare ups. I think due to a massive life change this has caused my anxiety to come back - as I’m worrying that it could harm my baby, I won’t be a fit mother or...
  19. I


    Hi, I have a list of ailments most of which I am taking medication. I have suffered from depression on and off for most of my life. My most recent bout of depression was brought about by illnesses one after another and a general feeling that something wasn't right. I sought help for depression...
  20. G

    Hello I'm new here I'm so glad I found this forum

    I am desperately trying to get an understanding of did/osdd and similar dissociation experiences. My husband has osdd however after 10 years im ust now learning this after a recent trigger sent him spiraling enough to where I could not just chalk it up to personality. I have spent 20+ hours...