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  1. S

    PIP Tribunal Hearing

    My appeal was turned down. Although i was awarded 6 points more than the nothing i had before.ive opted to attend the hearing.
  2. F

    Hearing voices or just behavior issues?

    I apologize for the long post but I felt it was necessary to give as much info as possible. I've been dealing with the Mental health system for 10 years with no real help for my daughter. She is now 24 yrs old and won't talk to her doctors, workers or even myself. So I can only assume she is...
  3. O

    Clairaudience hearing voices.

    Hearing voices is real, and almost everybody hear them on a daily basic, but most doesn't realize it. There was a doctor once that did an experiment to see if people can hear a faint ringing sound in a sound proof room the result was amazing, but I can't find it to prove it to y'all it's on...
  4. SomersetScorpio

    Things Not To Say To MH Issues

    On the BBC Three website, they have a mini-series going on. Each short video focuses on a different group of people and the things they are tired of hearing, or things not to say to them. Here's an example below - I thought it might be interesting to start our own thread of things not to...
  5. P

    Hearing Sounds I think of?

    I've been hearing voices for the past little while and they got me pretty much convinced I have microphones in my ears. ANYWAYS, I was wondering about hearing my thoughts as noise in my ears. I think a sound and I hear it. Is this normal? (Example I'll think "Goal" alarm and ill hear an alarm...
  6. F

    Schizophrenia Embracing the Voices They Hear

    by Laetitia Laubscher Mental health Mar 21 2017 The People with Schizophrenia Embracing the Voices They Hear | Broadly On a personal level hearing voices is a grey area for me . Occasions of what might have been internal voices or loud thoughts have been rather infrequent and tended to...
  7. L

    Hearing voices

    I have told my doctors that I hear voices. And that I am scared. But all they say. is because of my problem that am going through. I have been hearing voices all ready for about two years .sometimes it tells me to hurt myself or someone else. But those voices come and go. I get bad thought...
  8. R

    I hearing some voices saying kill yourself

    Two weeks ago I started hearing a voices saying to kill myself, I start to plan a lot of ways to kill myself. I go to the psychiatrist and she prescribed 1 ozcabazepina on the morning and 1 on the night. I can't sleep. I don't know what a do. I only thinking in suicide.
  9. S

    Hearing voices

    I told my doctor that I had been hearing voices for about 4 months and he said not to worry about it, He did nothing, that's it. I'm happy in one way as I was concerned that he may send me to hospital but I thought he would be as concerned as I was. I'm going to do everything I can to research...
  10. E

    Wife hearing voices -- please help

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and found it by searching "wife hearing voices" so I'm hoping I can find some advice or relief on this. My wife and I had a very successful relationship up until about a year ago. We have been married for almost 2 years and our daughter is a little over 1 1/2...
  11. N

    Very Anxious Yesterday/Internal Hearing Voices today

    HI all, I was beginning to wonder why I was having the problems of heard voices internally in the head, and we're very quiet as normal in home now. i completely forgot, having been sitract with events/occurrences of yesterday - last night and this morning, all about taking my med. I am...
  12. blurrypeach

    Scared by the possibility of voices going away

    Lately I've been feeling relatively better. I consequently am not as stressed as I used to be and this means my voices aren't as... clear. What makes me feel worst is the possibility of them going away. I've been managing my emotions so much better with them and after I told my parents about...
  13. R

    Mental hospital destroyed my life

    In April 2016, I had a lot of severe bad things happen in my life all simultaneously. I decided to take an antidepressant pill prescribed by the doctor.... And that started a terrible fall. I had been taking St Johns wort. I read the label and it said don't take together so I waited a few...
  14. R

    Daughter hearing voices

    My 9yr old has just started talking to me about hearing voices. From reading what people say on here it sounds very genuine. I'm not sure what to do?
  15. R

    Suicide the only option

    Please help. I don't know how to possibly go on. In April 2016 I had a break up, lost my partner of 4 years. Due to circumstances growing up, I had cut my mother out of my life since she has narcissistic personality disorder and is an alcoholic, she had interfered in my relationships ally life...
  16. I

    Voice of God verses voice of schizophrenia

    Hi I have the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. I have a huge battle going on because when I've talked to people in the past about the voice that speaks to me most conclude that I'm hearing the voice of schizophrenia simply because I'm hearing a voice. I have been hearing this mans voice for...
  17. S

    Hearing voices.

    I've been hearing voices for about 3 month now, the voices are none threatening and I have been able to keep it to myself because I don't want to tell my wife and family yet so I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow but I have a phobia of hospitals. If I thought for one minute he was...
  18. Mayfair

    News and events

    This section of the forum is for news items and events about hearing voices. Events: This is the place to share information about conferences, training events and other meetings on the topic of hearing voices. We would also like to hear from people who have attended meetings. Please tell us...
  19. Zlic795

    When did you begin hearing voices?

    Was it because of a Situation incident or how did it come about if not? I have Schizophrenia, I hear voices,I began hearing them due to a Trip I went to because of that Trip I have to deal with this Schizophrenia for years on out. It has been over 4 years now I've been hearing voices :( Share...
  20. Butterfly15

    Not sure where to put this (hearing loss linked with mental health)

    Hi, For a while now my mental health has been deteriorating and myself and people around me have noticed how bad my hearing has become. My therapist mentioned to me that severe mental health problems could cause hearing loss something to do with how the brain is working? Has anyone heard...