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  1. M

    Hearing voices and active imagination

    Have any of you experienced where aside from hearing voices. You get mental images coming at you even if you don't want to think about them? I'm curious because I have been trying to distract myself from actively imagining weird things with music. I used to be comfortable imagining the things I...
  2. T

    Hearing voices network

    The hearing voices network offers groups all over the country. Non judgemental and supportive. Going to a xmas dinner with a group and its paid for because they have funding to do things to just thought Id let you guys know.
  3. M

    My wild experience hearing voices. Please respect my post.

    Hi I'm mufasaa, Around the middle of March 2017 I heard a very loud voice call out my name while I was traveling in another country. The voice was male and it seemed to call out to me from outside and inside my head as well and it was very loud like surround sound on high volume that I was...
  4. M

    Hi I'm mufasaa

    Hi Everyone I'm new to this site but I have been lurking on the forums on topics about schizoprenia, psychosis, and hearing voices. If anyone can be kind enough to share enough information and their experiences with hearing voices to me it would be great. I am new to hearing voices because I...
  5. E

    Waiting for a tribunal hearing

    My appeal against the DWP's decision that I am fit for work & not entitled to ESA was lodged on 18th July, it is now 11th November & I still have not got a date for a hearing, I was initially told the wait was 11 weeks, then that changed to 18 weeks, then 27 weeks (yet they're supposed to be...
  6. C

    First time hearing voices

    For some weeks now I've been hearing this... voice? inside my head making random comments on some of my thoughts/actions and telling me to do or not do things (even though most of the time I still can fight it and do whatever I want to do). First I started hearing this voice during my anxiety...
  7. SunnyDaze

    MH Services Where You Live

    *wasn't sure where to post this* I'm just curious what MH services are like where you live.I read many posts and I don't really understand some of the terms used or why getting help is hard for some. Where I live,in the US,if I want to seek mental health services I just pick up the phone and...
  8. B

    Hearing evil voices in my head/feeling someone is there

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum but lately i have been struggling with hearing voices in my head and sensing presences and feeling sensations that they're there.It's not a external voice.I can see dark shapes and sense that they are are around me.Sometimes i feel they are following me.The...

    Integrated Voices: Can you help us create a resource for voice-hearers and those who support them?

    Integrated Voices: Can you help us create a resource for voice-hearers and those who support them? Integrated Voices: Can you help us create a web resource for voice-hearers and those who support them? They are looking for input to create a new Hearing Voices website.
  10. P

    Am I hearing Voices? (psychosis , schizophrenia)

    Hi there, I have psychosis not had an episode in about a year. Just not to sure if what i am hearing is thoughts in my head or voices. I hear in my mind to kill myself, that i am better of alone not to let anyone in my life cos everyone just lets me down/hurts me in the end and that i am no...
  11. A

    Hearing Voices 24/7 for two years now!!

    Hi, for 2 years now ive been hearing voices all day, everyday and night and its driving me crazy. I cant do the things i want to do, i cant concentrate, nor even think straight because there always there. Its seriously effecting my life and my sons life because i cant be the best mum i want to...
  12. E


    Hello to anyone who is reading this :) my names Laura. I've recently joined the forum and would love to make some friends. I've suffered with depression and anxiety for the past five years - life has most definitely been challenging but I'm still here :innocent: anyway I shall look forward to...
  13. P

    Thinking things are staged (delusion)

    So you go about your day in your town and then you think the people in your community know you and are trying to humiliate you. You overhear people talk and you are certain that they are talking about you and want you to pay attention. Everywhere you go you think people know you and are saying...
  14. F

    Hearing voices: the science of auditory verbal hallucinations

    Presented by Nicola Davis Hearing voices: the science of auditory verbal hallucinations - Science Weekly podcast | Science | The Guardian
  15. L

    Hearing voices group query

    Hi Does anyone know of any hearing voices groups In Birmmingham closeset to B20 2BX
  16. S

    Hi all/ i want my life back :)

    Hi everyone I decided to join today as I am a staff member on a mental health ward and I am coming to terms in admitting that I myself have a problem. I can remember feeling extremely low in mood since the age of 12, even have fleeting morbid thoughts about dying. I am now 25 and this is...
  17. BorderlineDownunder


    so a friends brother came up to me and kissed me madly right in front of everyone. Don't quite know how to feel about this. I've never before experienced it, heard about it, or seen it. yes he was lovely it was also the first time id met him but weve been hearing about each other for years...
  18. LMWendy

    Curious... I don't have an official diagnosis but have been hearing voices

    Curious... I don't have an official diagnosis but have been hearing voices Hello. I have been hearing voices for going on 3 years. I do not have an official diagnosis of any kind, and I don't plan on pursuing one, I have no reason to believe I need to, or would benefit from it. I am interested...
  19. B

    12 year hearing a voice

    My 12 year old daughter recently told me that she has been hearing just one single voice since she was about 6. The voice doesn't tell her to do anything bad. But it concerns me. She still won't tell me much about it. She has also been depressed lately. She's never had a behavior problem and...
  20. G

    Need reassurance!

    Hi all, First time posting to anything like this. Very concerned for my wife. She has taken all the right steps but I would really like some reassurance so I can stay strong for her. Started when she was pregnant and she had "prenatal anxiety/depression". She was prescribed anti depressants...