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  1. Kerome


    The last time I tried (with approval of my psychiatrist) to reduce my medication, the first symptom I experienced was what I called almost-voices. This was basically a sensation in my hearing like tinnitus, a kind of white noise, except that it went up and down and would have pauses and things...
  2. P

    Hearing negative voices

    Hi, I have been experiencing horrible voices for the last four years. Like 'We are laughing at you and there's nothing you can do about it', where spying on you' and s***, and a recent voice saying 'that's what you get for posting online sluuuut. Pretty much voices making out i'm a slut when...
  3. A

    An attempt to explain why I started hearing voices.

    This is going to rant a bit, I'm always interested in peoples responses but for the most part I'm just writing this to make it all a bit clearer. First the background; I have fibromyalgia, which hurts a lot and severely limits my ability to get out, take part on physical activity or have much...
  4. A

    Non psychotic voice hearing.

    So I've recently had a visit from the early intervention psychosis team. The result of their assessment is that I'm not suffering from psychosis, but rather my voice hearing is a result of my chronic illness (fibromyalgia) and existing anxiety problems. As a result they're passing me back to...
  5. C

    Newly diagnosed and seeking information

    Hi all I've just joined this forum, hopefully it's ok to post this? I've had mental health problems for over 20 years (I'm now 36) and about 15 years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, which seemed to fit my major symptoms of severe mood swings and occasional psychosis - predominately...
  6. T

    Thinking and hearing "rape"

    How do i stop myself from thinking and hearing rape all the time? It gives me social anxiety and sensitive individuals seem to pick up on it (reading my thoughts.) Im so tired of it and I think my neibors are too. Music doesn't help all the time and I get distracted hearing voices while reading...

    Have your voices improved with time?

    My voices have improved with time, so much that I am hoping one day it will be silent. They used to be very loud and shout at me. Sometimes it would wake me up at night with a loud voice. I used to hear voices outdoors when I was walking, but these days it does not happen. This episode of...
  8. S

    Some clarifications about schizophrenia

    links are not allowed to be posted by new members,so... A lot of things with "schizophrenia" are in common with "hearing voices", so that i don't duplicate things, there is some clarification about this in "Hearing voices" forum and some useful info for someone may be at "Hearing voices" ->...
  9. S

    Question About Hearing Voices

    Can you look into your own eye's in a mirror and not move your eyes when hearing a voice?
  10. A

    Help and advice sort.

    Hi all, So I’m after some advice for my situation, essentially I think I’m hearing voices but it’s a hard thing to accept. It started around a year ago, I kept hearing my neighbours having sex and it was keeping me up at night. I wasn’t the only one in the house hearing it so I know that much...
  11. M


    is hearing voices part of anexity disorder?
  12. S

    bf hearing voices telling him to cheat on me.. should i believe him.. very complicated story

    bf hearing voices telling him to cheat on me.. should i believe him.. very complicated story guys please i'd really appreciate opinions from people who has similar experiences of hearing voices.. i'm going crazy:sorry:.. i can't bear the thought of him lying and using hearing voices as an...
  13. P

    Can you pinpoint when your condition started?

    Mine started after the twin towers incident in NY,God talked to me then also He was so loud that He damaged my hearing and knocked me down so I hit my head,also that's when I started hearing other peoples thoughts.
  14. Under_The_Moon

    Hi all

    Hey from Canada. I found this forum to be very helpful, reading others posts. So I joined today. It will be nice to share thoughts and feelings without hearing "suck it up".
  15. N

    Hearing Voices or Paranoia - Can't Decipher

    Hi Folks, About a couple of houirs back, I wasn't mental h ealth very well. I couldn't decipher whether if it were large groiup gatherings of hearing voices, or paranoia in the same acute problems. Anyway I increase my dose today to 25ml, and I am much better, and listening to music and...
  16. N

    Hearing Voices - Update

    Hi Folks, I have been very well apart from mum's fall given all of us a shock, that in terms of normal hearing voices, I have been very well for a long time, and presently, I'm fine. I always do listen to music, when I'm not out about shopping, and as a preventative for the voices to flare up...
  17. T

    Hearing voices network

    Fantastic group once a month meet up discuss how we have all been can talk about voice hearing and give each other tips or encouragement non judgmental environment. Try it guys nice people.
  18. W

    does all kind of scizophrenia have voice hearing symproms ?

    does every scizophrenic have voice hearing or hallucination symptoms ?
  19. W

    Don't know what to do

    So I was diagnosed with psychosis as a young teen. I'd had visual hallucinations for a very long time but they could have been tied in with anxiety. From a young age I was very concerned from the likes my family being murdered or house fires to telling my football coach I didn't want to come...
  20. M

    Is it normal

    *Rather start new thread, new issue* The voices I'm hearing have been in 2 forms, so to say. 1 of the voices is speaking directly to me, always negative, derogatory remarks etc. Luckily this I only get 10% of the times The other, it's a different voice to above, but it's like there's 2-3 people...