hearing voices

  1. J

    Hearing voices

    I’m wondering if anyone has heard voices like this. I was deep into spirituality and a little bit of Christianity before I started hearing voices. I used to read all about lucid dreaming and out of body experiences before I started having my own. I stay away from all of it now except for the...
  2. V

    Just checking

    Hello everyone, im new to the forum and am looking for some answers. I am a 21 year old maintenance worker and i have been having some issues recently leading me to believe this might not be something i can easily push to the side or get over. For the past 6-8 months i have been seeing random...
  3. F


    My voices will provoke me to think of a subject. Then once this is done. They will transmit at a very low level. So as to confuse me into thinking that it is my thoughts that I am experiencing. That its my own subconsious having these very negative thoughts which they try to fool me into...
  4. S

    Confused about hearing voices

    Hello I am new to this site . I have been hearing voices for a few years now , mainly inside my head but the past few months they have been outside my head as if someone is in the room with me .? I am really struggling at the moment as the voices seem to follow me wherever I go, if I’m talking...
  5. Mr.NiceGuy

    Notes from the ship

    voices saying they are officers of the law and that they are taking me into captivity to rape me!!! They control people with authority given to them by rape and captivity. Making them the lowest type of human there is in my mind. Hallucinations time and time again don't check out, as the real...
  6. burt tomato

    Hearing voices.

    One of my old friends was asking what happened to me the last 7 years. I told him I was diagnosed with schiz. I said I hear voices. I just felt stupid and ridiculous. Later on the voices told me it was my imagination which is ironic. I mainly hear voices when I am at home, which is an...
  7. A

    What's wrong with me?

    Im 23 and When I'm in a conversation Like I'm talking all okay and then my mood changes and i forget how to communicate and everything gets awkward. I get a panic feeling all over and lose track and feel awkward in every aspect. I hear voices too which has been going on for the last few months...
  8. albie

    Do You Agree With Your Voices Opinion Of You?

    If they say a bad thing is it not something you have thought about yourself before or maybe are likely to? Do you hate yourself? Do the voices therefore hate you? Are the voices wrong about you?
  9. albie

    Do Your Voices Seem Like a Real Person?

    Been to my doctor to tell her my voices are getting more vindictive. She said I need to get back into the mental health system. I tried to tell her what the voices were doing. My voices seem to be a real person. I feel like there is someone living in my body. They are playing a nasty game with...
  10. B

    Helping a family member

    Hi everyone. I'm new here. I do not have schizophrenia, but my ex may have it. I know.... weird that I am reaching out on his behalf when we are no longer together. The fact that we have a 10 year old son, is why I am reaching out. So, it all started in March when he quit drinking cold turkey...
  11. H

    Voices question

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum, I'm looking to gain some knowledge about my condition and share my experiences with others. The main thing that has literally been on my mind for a long time now is the hearing voices thing. I had a psychotic episode around 15 years ago, never heard voices...
  12. L

    Looking for someone to talk to...

    Hi, I am 20 years old and am someone who hears voices. I find it hard to talk about them in real life, but would really like to discuss the experience sometimes. So I'm looking for someone who goes through the same thing, so we can talk about our experiences with voices. If anyone is interested...
  13. Mark_01

    Inside or Outside

    Do your voices come from inside your head, or outside of your head? Mine come from the outside.
  14. M

    My story.

    So my case is interesting. Short story. Raised as a Jehovah's Witness, left at 13 knowing I was in a cult. Moved state in with sister, didn't work out. Roommates picked me up, met highly intelligent people. Ate psychedelics, started getting into Wicca. "Sold my soul" in words and intention as a...
  15. T

    Hearing voices. Medication Query

    Hi all. I have a current situation where I am hearing two distinct voices. I believe this started happening due to two very unexpected life situations. The voices relate to the situation which happened. I am currently going through face to face psychiatric help which is hopefully going to...
  16. M

    Voices in head trying to control me?

    I've had auditory hallucinations for years, I've seen a doctor and everything. Today I had (and might still be having) an episode of voices, dissociation, and depressed mood. It's happened because I'm struggling with eating disorder issues, which has put stress on me physically and mentally...
  17. A

    Stay Strong

    The hardest thing for me to do, is stay strong when the voices feel like they've gained most of the control. But, I know I am the one who is in charge. Sometimes it's difficult to take the lead. It's very important to know yourself and to trust your judgement. I try my very best to not let the...
  18. M

    Has anyone taken medication and regretted it?

    My question is very specific, has anyone taken meds gotten rid of voices and missed them to stop taking their meds and get them back? I'm really worried about the risk of losing my voices forever yet in my most haunted moments I'm telling them I can't wait to be able to delete them. Don't tell...
  19. R

    Are your voices ghosts

    Dose anyone else here think that their voices are paranormal, mine are.
  20. C

    Thought broadcasting, telepathy, voices and visions

    So I’ve been hearing voices for 5 yrs and I take rexulti the strongest dose for my schizophrenia. Hallucinations are not the only symptom I have but the most persistent and troubling symptom. Please advice me on what to do. So when I’m around ppl or get stressed I “think” that people hear what I...