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  1. H


    Hi all. Just looking for some advice. A few hours ago my partner started seeing things. He was very much not here and said it was a face with no eyes. The thing wanted his eyes and told him there are things he should nit see. He wrote this down on paper! He tried scratching near his eyes and put...
  2. J

    Schizophrenia Is A Marker For Bad Genes ...

    Which is complete nonsense. (Just something I read a while ago.) What's the most stupid thing you have heard about having your condition/illness?
  3. B

    Hi all, new here.

    I am a women in my forties that has a depressive disorder and anxiety. Looking to relate to others, be of help if I can, listen and be heard. Discuss whatever is on our minds.
  4. X

    Everything is getting worse.

    I'm having alot of suicidal thoughts, and don't want to be here anymore. I don't feel emotions or love towards people like my mom. I was in hospital a month ago from an attempt of taking my life (overdose). I've tried therapy more than once and found it didn't help. I have visions of my own...
  5. Jbb79

    I Got punched in The Face xx

    When I was 19, in Aalborg, I got punched in, the Face .. I Heard a Voice, it Had Too much authority -- It sounded, Like God xx He said, 'I am EVIL !', Not about Him-self -- But, He was talking, To me -- saying, that I -- Not him -- Was evil .. I Fell down and, when I Fell, I Heard sound, of...
  6. N

    Heard Voice - A gliche?

    Hi Evening Folks, Just at the computer, in at home, which is non lap top style, normal desktop computer, and I am at the computer without listening to music/muscials. All of the sudden, and I have been for a long long time, very well, hearing voices, wise, i suddenly felt I had a heard voice...
  7. B


    Hello. I recently made a post about what could seem to be "gaslighting". I'm really psychologically weak person and I'm unconfident and I have low self-esteem, hard to confront anyone. So I work at this job for about a year, my boss is my aunt. She is very dominant person but at the same time...
  8. R

    Hearing Voices/Sounds?

    Hi, Well I did PeyoteQH. And throughout the dose I swear I heard my sister talking. I couldn't understand what she was saying, and it started to piss me off since I like doing my doses in complete quite, and then the dose ended about 2 minutes after and I looked around the whole house, and she...
  9. H

    Why am I always so nasty?

    I realized that I often get so irritated by other people. Unfortunately, it's especially my family. I hate myself so, so much for it. Even when they're not doing anything, even when they're being nice, I'm so nasty. I'm mean and my mom tells me if I continue like this I'll have nobody. She's...
  10. J

    Anyone else here heard of Irlen Syndrome?

    About a year ago I was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome after I stopped taking lithium. I developed symptoms of dyslexia, dizziness, and headaches. I feel like it has impaired me a lot. I can't think clearly, especially under flourescent lights. I use colored overlays to read things, which help but...
  11. B


    Hi ! I was wondering. Is there any natural way to higher serotonin secretions by the brain ? Heard that dattes and bananas are full of tryptophan which is an amino acid the body extracts serotonin (hydroxy-tryptamine) from. I heard about some serotonin sub-receptors but i want to avoid meds as...
  12. J

    Brain sapping

    I've heard about this but, it freaks me out. Has anyone had this done, or does anybody know anything about it? Electro shock to the brain scares the crap out of me!
  13. T

    Hi all! I did not register as most of us in this forum.

    I am Tom. One of my friends has recommeded this forum to me. When I started reading posts, I found it very interesting. I started to hearing to the voices more than two years ago. I thought I heard two voice, not voice like other people's voice came into my mind, through my ears, I would...
  14. R


    I read somewhere that Cognitive Behavioral Theory works. Has anyone else heard of it or tried it?
  15. S

    What happened to me?

    I'm not sure about how this works, i just searched through the internet about an online forum where i could get help or being heard and help me understand what is really going on with myself. Please write back to me..
  16. A

    Do you think my neighbors hate me?

    I'm really scared and anxious about my new upstairs neighbors. They tend to be extremely loud, like banging and dropping things, which doesn't really bother me tbh. What bothers me is that I think they are trying to harass me. I've had three previous sets of upstairs neighbors living in the city...
  17. Kerome

    Healing Voices documentary

    I’m going to be watching this tonight, just thought you would like a heads up because I hadn’t heard of this documentary before...
  18. O

    Wow my head is messing with me

    Yesterday I was looking up Native American spiritually. Use to be into it trying how to find out how to get back into it. I just go outside to smoke at work and I hear a flute and a guy chanting way off in the distant woods I went and got someone else to make sure they heard it to. They do...
  19. SunnyDaze

    Do You Share With Others The Cause Of Your PTSD?

    I usually don't.I do tell some of my story when sharing here at MHF and in real life but I have never shared all of it with anyone except for my therapist.Even my husband doesn't know all of it and I will never tell him. It's not because of shame.It's because it's such a horrible story that I...
  20. flybl0wn

    New to the forum~

    Hi everyone. I am here because I have been suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD for most of my life. It has reached a new low in the last couple of months, and last night as I was going to bed, I heard voices for the first time in my life. I have heard sounds before (such as doors...