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  1. sarahjameson2807


    When I was a little girl, I used to hear screaming or yelling in my head at randoms times whenever it was quiet. Recently this has started to happen again. Whenever I'm in a quiet room or doing something without some, I hear yelling in my head. Sometimes it because so bad I need to turn on some...
  2. A

    Hearing voices

    Hello. My name is Alison and am from E Sussex. I have recently started to hear voices......any advice!
  3. P

    What Kind Of Voices DO YOU Hear??????????

    Hey everyone, So im wondering what kind of voices do you hear? I hear People and animals and church music.
  4. B

    Voices relating to sleep.

    Hello all.. Does anyone only hear voices when they are falling off to sleep only? I hear my name being called either just going off to sleep or when waking. Some times it can be a few words. Thanks :thanks:
  5. P

    Still trying to work all this out

    So I'm still a bit unsure how to describe my situation, basically I have a voice in my head, who calls himself Simon, but i don't hear him like I'd hear a voice of another person, he's an extra person in my head who I can talk with, argue with, the whole lot, with a personality and everything...
  6. F

    Trying deal with

    New to this , I have a problem with over doing , example eating , smoking, just felt the need to put out there, I've been doing this for a while, I'm bipolar just tired now , glad I found this forum , hope to hear from people ,
  7. P

    My in laws hate me and now i'm paranoid about what they think of me

    Hi, I have Social Anxiety and sometimes hear negative voices or jeering type laughter out in public like someone picking on me. I feel like I have offended my in laws, mainly my sister in law and my husband's stepdad, because they know i'm shy they know that I won't say something nasty back...
  8. H

    I heard a voice trying to connect with me.

    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I have suffered with depression, anxiety and stress on and off for a long time. I see a therapist now, which I find helps. Anyway! I’m posting on this forum board, as early this morning I woke up suddenly to a voice. At first it sounded like I had called...

    Are you cooler than your voices?

    Once you feel more stable and cooler than your voices, you kinda feel sorry for them. You pity them and start to wonder why they are so miserable. Don't be mad if you are not here yet, but it is just some thoughts. I hear sobbing and shit, and I can be in an okay mood, and wonder what the...

    Schizophrenic Humour.

    I hardly ever see any good schizo comedy. I guess it is niche market, but yeah would be cool. This is an old video but I think some of you here find it offensive? Meh if you have schizo jokes would love to hear some. :)
  11. S

    Get rid hearing voices.

    I know you will not be convinced that the sounds you hear are not true، But I can make you ignore it. In my opinion.... 1 - You are not cowardly, but taking these voices seriously is not courage. 2- Thinking about confronting these voices is not healthy. 3 - All patients in the world hear the...
  12. Mr.NiceGuy

    Do any of you guys hear each other as a voice?

    Do any of you guys hear me as a thought voice? A couple times when I've talked to some of you I thought you were a voice after that. Just to let you know I've spent 0% of my time being a voice onto anyone else's thoughts if that's what you think.
  13. A

    An attempt to explain why I started hearing voices.

    This is going to rant a bit, I'm always interested in peoples responses but for the most part I'm just writing this to make it all a bit clearer. First the background; I have fibromyalgia, which hurts a lot and severely limits my ability to get out, take part on physical activity or have much...
  14. A

    I don't hear voices exactly--I hear muttering.

    Hello! I've joined this forum because I'm worried about something that I experience that is similar to hearing voices. Sometimes when I feel tired and maybe anxious, and I'm alone, a sort of muttering or murmuring starts up in my head. It doesn't use any words, and I can't really describe it as...
  15. B

    How to tell friends/family?

    Hey everyone. I have been living with hearing voices and paranoia for a little over a year. At first I thought it was stress and was hoping it would go away. After researching and talking with a doctor, I thought maybe I had Schizophrenia. I was put on antipsychotics and anti-anxiety medication...
  16. A

    Need advice and coping skills for hearing voices

    Dear MHF, I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I have been struggling with delusions and hearing voices for about four years now. I just started working with an old therapist whom I trust and is very nice and intelligent, but I still had a crisis that made me very scared...
  17. H

    Does this sound like something serious?

    In the corner of my eye I keep seeing my dog, or people I know and forget sometimes where I am? Like if I’m laying in bed I think my friend is in the room, or my dog for a while then really focus and see they’re not actually here. I sometimes look at the sky and it’s all cloudy but people tell...

    Human Spirituality & Mental Illness: Barriers Lost

    I thought this was interesting. It is a spiritual perspective on schizophrenia and mental illness. The author feels we are can sense spirit activity which is why we hallucinate and report strange things. Human Spirituality & Mental Illness: Barriers Lost | Macy Afterlife: The Beacon
  19. A

    Help and advice sort.

    Hi all, So I’m after some advice for my situation, essentially I think I’m hearing voices but it’s a hard thing to accept. It started around a year ago, I kept hearing my neighbours having sex and it was keeping me up at night. I wasn’t the only one in the house hearing it so I know that much...
  20. P

    Lets talk about telepathy

    Hey guys, so in October in 2015 I went psychotic. But i believe what i have experienced was truly telepathy. It was November 2015, the moon was full and my neighbors got my attention. The guy, already knew about my delusion with the electricity and told me that it was in my head. The girl said...