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  1. R

    paranoia and the work capability assessment questionairre

    the women i've got filling in the form leaves the door ajar slightly guess she feels safer knowing people can hear alone with a schitzo all it'll take is some women in the office overhearing things and pointing me out to their alky sister after all they'll understand and when i go into the pub...
  2. A

    Anyone ever think they can hear peoples thoughts?

    Hey, I have schizophrenia. At a time before I was diagnosed, I used to lay down, and I'd be really h*rny, so I would try to talk to people around my development, through my mind. .. And its one of those things like the more imaginative you are and want it to work the more it works. I thought...

    Hearing voices.

    One of my old friends was asking what happened to me the last 7 years. I told him I was diagnosed with schiz. I said I hear voices. I just felt stupid and ridiculous. Later on the voices told me it was my imagination which is ironic. I mainly hear voices when I am at home, which is an...
  4. EarthDreams

    Ex Friends

    So i had two friends who were my very best friends in the whole world. Like we did everything together and we told each other everything, it was really great for about 5 of the 7 years that we knew each other. As we got older and in high school things started to get really bad between us. They...
  5. B

    Don’t know if voices are real or not

    So I’m 29, and when I was a kid I would hear a voice or see something but our house was also really haunted so I wrote it off (other family members had similar experiences) But in the past three years, I hear strange (mulitple) voices when there is white noise. It sounds like people talking and...
  6. C

    Thought broadcasting, telepathy, voices and visions

    So I’ve been hearing voices for 5 yrs and I take rexulti the strongest dose for my schizophrenia. Hallucinations are not the only symptom I have but the most persistent and troubling symptom. Please advice me on what to do. So when I’m around ppl or get stressed I “think” that people hear what I...
  7. N

    overprescribed quetiapine

    Hi guys So my regular psych has now left my clinic so I saw a locum who asked me to confirm my meds. So I told her 225mg venlafaxine 2000mg Depakote and 900mg of quetiapine. Anyway it turned out I should have been on 300mg quetiapine- 100mg x3 a day. My GP had somehow misread my prescription...
  8. P

    Hello, just joined...Can't sleep

    Female Diagnosed manic depressive bipolar with severe anxiety disorder & several manic phobias. Meds don't help. Recovering alcoholic of 7 years so at least I was able to beat that! Love to hear some advice on how to beat the rest.
  9. K


    Just joined the forum to hear opinions and thoughts on my issue. Cheers!
  10. SunnyDaze

    The Crazy Lady That Randomly Screams

    That's probably what my neighbors think of me,that I am just this crazy lady that they hear letting out a loud scream at random times throughout the week. I have moved into a new town,in an apartment surrounded by other apartments.The walls are not paper thin to where you can hear everything...
  11. H


    Just to say hello. I have rapid cycling bi polar1. I have also the early stages of early onset mixed dementia. i won't be posting much about dementia i just want to focus on my bipolar. I will also visit hearing voices forum because when i am very ill i hear them. I spent all summer in...
  12. C

    I hear a fire alarm that isn't there

    I was in a house fire when younger, older now don't think much of it. But recently, more often at the moment; I hear a fire alarm. I don't even think there was one going off in my home. Just confused and wondering if it could be some type of ptsd. Also, note I hate being near heat. (Won't put...
  13. H

    Hello Everyone, Great to see you all here.

    I am new here and looking forward to connecting with community people. I am an experienced fellow and hope to help you all with my education. Also, it will be great to hear from you all and learn new things.
  14. D

    How do you hear voices?

    Hello I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder about a year ago I would just call it schizophrenia though since it seems my depression has gotten better but I’m still experiencing voices and delusions among other things. Anyway I was wondering how you hear voices, I hear voices where I...
  15. InfiniteRectangles

    Are My Voices Caused by Illness or Upbringing?

    Just some thoughts I was having. Maybe someone can provide some insight or maybe someone has been wondering the same things. I don't know... Are my voices a part of my illness or a product of my upbringing? I wonder about this a lot. I was treated very badly as a kid, and I was often left...
  16. R

    Here's why: Humans forgot to replace "demon" with not humans in the bible.

    Here's why: Humans forgot to replace "demon" with not humans in the bible. The short answer is they are the animals, bugs, and other life forms can or want to hear you. Or the ones you can hear around you. Even house pets. They are animals/bugs. And are screwing with your head because it is...
  17. B

    Voice hearing

    Hello, I'm a 31 year old women who's been hearing voices for the past 5 months solid. I've even started dreaming about it. I've been hearing the devil aka Baal for the majority of the last 2 months of it. I lost sleep for over 1000 nights becoming a new mother. The first voices I heard were 3...
  18. K

    Schizotypal or not?

    Hi everyone! It's 3am here, and my mind is full of thoughts, and it usually is. So now im gonna try and share here, and see if any of your answers can settle my thoughts for tonight. 2 months ago a Chief Physician at the psychiatry i go to, said that she strongly believe i suffer from...
  19. T

    Becoming a Mom

    I'm 40 childless and still single. Feel like my life has passed me by. It's not that I never wanted to be a wife and a mother, I just never got to fully put it out in front. Never got to dream about it. Wish about it. None of that like most women do because they truly want it. I feel like time...
  20. J

    I hear voices of pretty much anyone I come into contact with.

    Hi All, I’m a telepathic empathic being. I am here to read about others experiences and share my own experiences in hope that we can help each other. I hear voices of pretty much anyone I come into contact with. I all hear extreme wall tapping all of the time. Especially when I’m concentrating...