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  1. L

    Good Day

    Today has been a wonderful, nice day! I had a hard time yesterday, but I feel so refreshed. Life isn't always perfect, but we all have our ups and downs. It just depends on how you handle everything. Cheers to future good days like this one!
  2. S

    Hello all, introducing myself

    Hello everyone, Thanks for reading. I joined because I feel very down a lot of the time and it's been this way for me for many years. I'm hoping to find some support and maybe support others. I've been to many councillors/therapists over the years but it's put me off ever wanting to go again...
  3. M

    Exercise every single day

    It's really helping my symptoms. I started about 2 weeks ago I'm devoting myself to exercise everyday. It's really working. Drink your 8 cups of water. And take care of any other health issues. I even tried to eat healthy meals. I'm also taking better care of my skin, showering daily and...
  4. P

    What You Eat Can Affect Mental Health, Physical health?

    You have heard about eating healthy to reduce the risk of diabetics, blood pressure and certain cancer, but what about mental health? There are dietary that can boost the cognitive function and reduce the symptoms of depression and other mental health disorders. Here are some essential tips for...
  5. Kerome

    Insights to intimacy

    I just bought this book which I thought looked really interesting... Insights To Intimacy - Why Relationships Fail & How To Make Them Work It’s from a talented chap called Pankhurst who has a lot to say about emotional intelligence and how to heal yourself from traumas of childhood and how to...
  6. T

    Rocky road with ed - need advice on Orthorexia

    So I’m well into my recovery from anorexia and am fully weight restored (plus some which is okay). My anorexic behaviours began with the ironic and toxic “health kick” and really just spiralled from then on. I had a few health complications and my lymph system began to shut down, creating...
  7. Alex_Nash

    lack of sex or healthy food

    does lack of sex or healthy food can cause schizophrenia?
  8. I

    When you don't want to fully recover

    "I Don't Want to Get Better" - Healthy Minds Canada
  9. S

    Focus on the chest area is the key to treating schizophrenia.

    As shown in the picture we see that the red zone is a place of disturbance in the mental patient, especially those suffering from schizophrenia. In my opinion doing anything healthy makes this area calm down and help solve the problem from its roots.
  10. F

    When a healthy diet becomes an unhealthy obsession

    Presented by Lynne Malcolm When a healthy diet becomes an unhealthy obsession - All In The Mind - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) I know some question the validity of this diagnosis and regard it as over medicalising.
  11. Z

    Diet for me

    Hi everyone, I've started a new diet plan. I was eating too much. Now I have a chance to be healthy again. Yay!
  12. F

    Eating well: how food impacts on our mental health

    Posted by Mental health foundation Mar 2017 We are inviting you to watch a free live stream of our event which will explore nutrition and mental health. What we eat and drink affects how we feel, think and behave. Just like the heart, stomach and liver, the brain is an organ that requires...
  13. Jayhova85

    16 years of self harming

    I'm new here and in a manic state of bi polar disorder so I thought I'd share a little experience with self harm... when I was 13 I significantly harmed myself.... having suicidal plans and thoughts since I was 10-11 this was a terrific release from that pain... since then I've been through a...
  14. N

    One week healthy eating. I've got so much energy.

    I'm on week in my healthy eating / exercise regime. I've only consumed bottled water and green tea with honey. No fizzy caffeinated pop. I've eaten healthy. Nuts, loads of fruit and vegetables, greek yogurt. And I've been walking 5 miles a day at a fast pace and today for the first time I feel...
  15. W

    Hi ...I'm new here!

    I'm glad I found this site where people understand and are experiencing similar situations of major depression and anxiety. I've been through this before and each time have come through and now that I'm in it again I'm feeling quite vulnerable and quite discouraged. It helps to know others have...
  16. U

    This can't be healthy.

    Firstly, I have struggled with major clinical depression and chronic anxiety which has seemed like ongoing centuries. I feel like I am mounted on a log every day and being burnt alive. Some days I can't even force myself out of bed because my depression is so severe and my chronic pain is so...
  17. cpuusage

    The increasing death toll due to the loss of benefits

    The increasing death toll due to the loss of benefits | Telling it as it is "I am temporarily holding and updating Black Triangle’s list of people who have been affected by this governments policy of cuts and sanctions: Please read more about their ethos here: About Black Triangle – Black...
  18. naominash

    Body Image

    Often I'll compare myself to skinny women I see and actresses. I think I wish I could look like them. I admire how clothes look on them. I have water weight and fat is stubborn thanks to medication. My husband tells me I'm lovely every day, so sometimes I wonder if I worry too much about it...
  19. C

    I messed up

    I need some support. I lived my entire life (40 years) in repression, denial, burying feelings and being co dependant. I was a people pleaser and ignored my needs until I had nothing left. I lost my main loved one who raised me as a co dependant 5 years ago...the shock of that woke me up. I...
  20. M

    Sharing my experiences with an reactive depression

    Hi, first of all I´m not a native english speaker so please be patient with my language :hug: I came across with this forum because I haven´t found something similar to his in my country. I try to keep my story as short as possible: My depression started about November/Dezember 2015. Now I´m...