1. M

    What should I do? Healthcare not taking me seriously

    I'm fed up with Swedish healthcare. A few years ago I was given a psychiatrist who essentially did nothing but tell me that I'm making up my concerns and I should just get over them. Three weeks ago I was driven to an acute psychiatric hospital in Stockholm after contacting a local healthcare...
  2. M

    My husband is recovering after a stroke

    Can someone recommend me home health care agencies, which can support my husband and help him to recover quicker?
  3. J

    [HELP] Need urgent help to convince loved person to seek for help.

    Hello everyone, just joined the forum because i do not know what to do. Context: I am a 20 year old dude from a south american country who needs to convince his girlfriend (same age) to attend to a professional. My 9 months girlfriend has always had certain mood issues, but i got suddenly...
  4. amathus


    How Can I Reduce My Worrying? We’re going to show you how to reduce excessive worrying and how to worry more effectively. Identify Worry Thoughts Worry Thoughts can be recognized by at least one of these features: •You think too much about a problem, to the point that it interferes with...
  5. J

    Whats wrong with me?

    Hi all, First time poster so sorry if this isn't in the right place.. I don't really know where to start but I guess from here..I'm 27 and have always kinda suffered from mild depression my whole life, in particular from around 16 onwards when I had to have 2 operations on my genitals - 1 was...
  6. Freedomfromvoice

    I am not MAD

    Voices and healthcare system please stop telling me that i'm MAD:low: stop telling me there is a glitch in my brain!!!!!!!!
  7. C


    Northumberland Northumberland Talking Therapies Tel: 0300 1234 502 (local rate) Email: [email protected] Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday from 8am to 8pm, Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm. The NHS in Northumberland recognises that, each year, nearly a...
  8. W

    New Kid on the Block

    Hello! My name is Amber and I am a 26 year old female who lives in the heart of Denver. I'm new to dealing with my mental illness and am still searching for a diagnosis; bipolar, depressive, anxiety blah blah. I need friends to relate to and talk to. It would be nice to not feel alone in my...
  9. L

    Work this week and my dad

    At work this week they have told me I will have to pay them if I don't speak for a few minutes (and I probably do speak every few minutes). If there was anywhere to whistleblow this I most certainly would. And my father can't keep away from me. He isn't winning as he doesn't want me to be...
  10. T

    DeMontfort or Curtin.

    So I'm looking next year to further my studies and get another degree. So I could go back to Curtin University and do a degree in Econ. However I applied to some universities in the UK. Central Lancashire has yet to make an offer, although DeMontfort University has made an offer already. The...
  11. F

    Stigma in bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder: time for a cultural shift.

    Stigma in bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder: time for a cultural shift. Results Four principle themes were identified from the interviews: Cultural imperialism Pathologisation: Participants in both diagnostic groups described experiences they viewed as...
  12. amathus

    Driving on prescription drugs... article.

    Anxiety UK tells us: "Drug driving law is changing to make it easier for the police to detect and prosecute drug drivers. A new offence is expected to come into force in March 2015 of driving with certain controlled drugs, like diazepam, above specified limits. The government will be taking...
  13. C

    Good service if you have complaints... They don't ignore you through that service. I'm trying to force changes and been in contact with government officials and everything. Many areas lack funding. Would love to see private services everywhere across the country... I've read up on private...
  14. LaborIntensive

    Fighting Depression

    I have been fighting depression for almost 10 years now. I had issues stemming from bad relationships and and rough childhood. I was always "the good kid" and the world can destroy the good kids fast. Most children are raised to fight and judge others due to horrible parenting. So I suffered the...
  15. B

    From a fellow sufferer

    Hi to all you guys I have had a couple of major (couldn't stand up!) breakdowns 8-10 years ago, and was diagnosed with GAD - no surprise there then...Anyway, it made a lot of sense when the psychiatrist said it was something I had probably always had, albeit to a lesser degree. As a kid, I was...
  16. R

    Medication survey participant

    I have received a letter from my healthcare trust as I have been chosen to take part in a three year survey mainly following my progress on Quetiapine extended release for it's ability to reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia. I think I will be assessed regularly throughout. If talking therapies...
  17. Girl Interrupted

    PM in NHS plea to voluntary groups

    Breaking News Lansley Promises 'Changes' After No Confidence Vote PM in NHS plea to voluntary groups David Cameron has urged voluntary health organisations to help the Government reassure people that controversial NHS reforms are "not about privatisation". The Prime Minister held a...
  18. D

    atos medical

    please see link good information on atos medicals :confused: ESA Medical Examination - Tort of Negligence The tort of negligence is a wrongful act against an individual. Liability can be based on a breach of...
  19. Unhinged

    Healthcare: Waiting for treatment

    (i wasn't really sure where to put this thread, so sorry if this isn't the best place.) i'm just curious if others are having the same problems i am with recieving healthcare or assistance for a mental health problem. after battling this since 5th grade in silence, and nearly ending things...
  20. D

    howe about this ?

    had a problem with a GP practice. They didnt like the fact I wrote them a lot of letters, some asking for 2nd opinions, others complaining or just communicating some things. The manager invited me to meet with the practice principal and they suggested my letter writing was a...