1. B

    Is having a Love doll healthy for you?

    Hello people. I plan to buy a Love Doll. It's a adult only doll with life like appearance of a human mainly use for sex. Expensive ones have every detail of outside appearance of human, pores, veins, muscle, hair, mole, skin texture, softness, even genitalia Pigmentation and weight looks exactly...
  2. E

    I feel like I'm dying all day, every day.

    Hi, I'm new here. Actually I'm new to reaching out to strangers in general. But at this point in my life I am getting desperate to find any help or advice or understanding that I can. I hope I'm not violating any rules or anything. This may be long so if you read it all, thank you so much. In...
  3. B

    Feel like Im stuck in a hard place (health related)

    So, Ive been to the dentist, and it turns out my stress from the last few years has damaged a lot of my teeth through developing bruxism. It's filed most of my front teeth flat and moved some out of place. I feel like my smile is hideous now and it really upsets me. If I carry on the way I am, I...
  4. I

    Afraid I am going to die

    Hello everybody. Sorry to bother you with a story that I am sure you have heard before but this is all I can think about. A few days ago in the morning, when I was barely awake, a thought poped into my head that said I was going to die in four months. Now, I know this sounds like anxiety but I...
  5. H

    Severe anxiety over family member's health problems

    Hi all. For the past week I've been worse than almost ever before. I used to have problems with anxiety, but I was doing so much better for like 5 years. Now my family situation is making my daily life hell. My stepdad (whom I come well enough along with) got a stroke two years ago. It...
  6. H

    Well, My Anxiety Problems Have Just Exploded

    Background: I've already been living in stress every day for the past six months because (1) I'm a bridesmaid for the first time with bridesmaid duties, (2) I was the only one going nuts because my mom might've had stomach cancer (she doesn't), and (3) I've been getting various things medically...
  7. G

    Are these byproducts of my anxiety?

    Hi! I'm new to this forum so it's nice to meet you all. I wanted to mention a couple of experiences I have that may relate to my own anxiety problems but wanted to see if anyone else experiences the same or if it could be related to something else? Something I've always done is when I'm having...
  8. S

    I need some advice regarding my Mental Health?

    Okay, I've never told anyone about this but I suppose the best way to do so is just to straight up say how I've been feeling. Up until mid-last year, I never gave my mental health much notice. I always thought my state was 'normal.' But recently I've begun to pay more attention. I started to...
  9. P

    What You Eat Can Affect Mental Health, Physical health?

    You have heard about eating healthy to reduce the risk of diabetics, blood pressure and certain cancer, but what about mental health? There are dietary that can boost the cognitive function and reduce the symptoms of depression and other mental health disorders. Here are some essential tips for...
  10. M

    my story of anxiety

    Hi everyone. Im new here and just found this website browsing for information about anxiety. Its nice that i can have somewhere to go to speak to people who understand what I’ve experienced, short of seeing mental health professionals. I would like to share my story. I hope people might read and...
  11. T

    Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

    Before Christmas, I was on a healthy path. I felt energized in body and mind. Then I fell off the wagon spectacularly. However, receiving this e-mail has given me a timely reminder of how good I felt when I was eating well and exercising. I wanted to share this article with you because it might...
  12. B

    Came Across An Interesting Interview On Health And Longevity

    Been thinking about this ever since I read Kurzweil’s book ‘Transcend’. Many people might already be familiar with his ideas and his theory of exponential growth and how that will affect our health and longevity. Here’s the latest interview with him where he succintly summarizes his predictions...
  13. R

    Hi im new here! This is part of story

    Hello guys, let me just apologize for the bad english, its not my first language and im typing this on my tablet. So im in my late 20s, and im diagnosed with Schizofrenia and severe depression, i joined this forum to get in contact with people that i can relate, and share good words on our...
  14. W

    Ever been told its all in your head? Here is the post for you.

    Hi everyone so if you have ever felt ill for a long period of time and been told a hundred times that its all in your head then this is the post for you. 2 years ago I took an anti psychotic tablet and all of a sudden my heart rate went through the roof. I ended up going to hospital for the...
  15. Cry-Baby

    Just Got Back From Mental Health Hospital

    I just got back from the mental health hospital yesterday afternoon. I was on a 5150 hold for 72 hours. This was my second time checking myself into that facility. Once again, I made new friends. One was a schizophrenic who believed she was a celestial goddess inhabiting a human's body. She...
  16. Nikita

    Health enhancing recipes,natural healing foods with medicinal properties thread!

    Health enhancing recipes,natural healing foods with medicinal properties thread! I will start this thread off with a recipe for Turmeric smoothie. Turmeric Smoothie Recipe: a Tasty and Powerful Antioxidant | Wake Up World
  17. G

    Someone please help with my depression issues...

    First of all, I don't want to hear "oh you need counseling" bc that's never helped me out? This is something serious, and people keep telling me I have "boring emo blog rant" issues for posting this on different sites. I'm just not sure if my life is worth is living, and what else I could do...
  18. A

    My girlfriend has schizophrenia...Someone Please Help Me????

    So just recently I asked out my friend on Valentine's to be my girlfriend, after so many years. I've known her since 3rd grade and now we are both 19. And she was telling me that she has schizophrenia,anxiety,depression and when she told me I wanted to cry because I never knew that. She told me...
  19. Nikita

    Do you have to tell your boss you are ill?

    Thought this article might be helpful and of interest. Do you have to tell your boss you're ill? - Mirror Online
  20. Gajolene

    11 Reasons to Drink More Lemon Water

    Have a resolution I started a couple months back to start an new healthy habit each month, something good for myself. This is my good habit of the month and the boys have jumped in on this one with me. Every morning before I have any coffee or tea.:grin: 11 Reasons to Drink More Lemon Water