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health anxiety

  1. U

    Introducing myself

    Hello I am new to the forum, as I hope someone will be able to resonate with me. For the past two years I have been experiencing several issues with my mental health. It started when I had a panic attack on a plane over two years ago, the point where I think changed me. After this I have become...
  2. H

    Unintentional weight loss

    Hello So. I keep losing weight. I am 179cm tall and on may 6 I was at 91,5kg. Fast forward to today 14 of may and I am st 87kg. 8 years ago I was fighting, severe health anxiety and panic attacks, I did win after w years. Last August I suffer from great deal of grief, I lost my father and...
  3. H

    Health anxiety?

    Hello So where to start. In 2011 i was diagnosed with health anxiety and panic atttacks. I kicked its butt by end 2012. But now sadly it's back and I am "enjoying" new onset of symptoms and freaking out as much as 8 years ago. Last year in August my dad died and the whole experience was more...
  4. M

    terrified of cancer..

    Hello, i’m going to try to keep this short! I am a 21 year old male, i am also a newley father to a 7 month old girl, and i have a stay at home job on the computer. Im 155 pounds and 6 feet tall, and have a shitty diet that has a lot of processed meats, but the last few months i have cut down on...
  5. L

    My anxiety isn't the worst part, It's all the symptoms that come with it. Please Help!!

    Hello, I'm new on this forum!! I'm 21 years old and i've dealt with anxiety since i was about 5 years old and depression since i was 15. It stemmed from my child abuse/neglect. As a child my anxiety was generalized and as i got older it progressed into primary health anxiety. Since i've dealt...
  6. K

    Health anxiety/panic as a uni student

    Hello there, I've only just made an account on here after friends/family suggested I maybe try and talk to people experiencing similar anxiety to me. I suffer from health anxiety and panic quite a lot, I'm seeing a therapist who is lovely but it's not noticeably helping and I feel as if things...
  7. Matryoschka

    Anxiety started again

    Hello everyone, I have been diagnosed with GAD and panic disorder in November 2017. I've had therapy for about a year. At the end of November 2018 my therapy sessions ended because I was getting my life back on track. I resumed my studies and I started travelling again. My agoraphobia almost...
  8. C

    Hi helath anxiaty?

    Just wanted to introduce myself I'm johnny and I believe I may have health anxiaty issues or possibly more, I have posted a thread in the anxiaty section and anyone that takes time to read it I would be gratefully.
  9. C

    Health Anxiety- Long Post

    Does anyone else here have health/illness anxiety? I've had generalized anxiety, and at times, panic disorder for the past 12 years (I'm in my early 30's). Most of my anxiety was more related to social situations, academics, and big crowds. After having my first child about 2 years ago, it seems...
  10. M

    Health anxiety and upset

    Hi friends, i realised that i have this health anxiety and i guess i'm afraid of diabetes and cancer. I guess this happened when i gain weight and went for a health check up and knowing that my blood pressure got high temporarily (Because i got anxious when im checking BP due to wanting to know...
  11. A

    Health Anxiety is ruining my life. (ALS?)

    Hey all. I'm a highschool senior who has been struggling with a fear of ALS. I acknowledge that I have health anxiety, and have had fears like this in the past. This one feels different. It started with muscle facilitations. They came out of the blue. I wasn't fearing ALS before that. That's...
  12. J

    Health anxiety struggles.

    Hello, my name's James. I have been struggling with health anxiety for 2 years now and today has been my worst day. I have had dizziness all day which I believe is caused by the anxiety but worrying about the dizziness actually makes it worse so I have been dizzy basically all day. Has anyone...
  13. J

    Brain poisoned at age 18, now 24 and adapted

    In my teens at around 18 years of age I managed to poison myself by eating gardening seeds that were coated by a pesticide, don't ask why I did it, I am the definition of an idiot. The day after the incident I have noticed that I did not 'feel' the same way and that my brain didn't feel like it...
  14. J

    Sever health anxiety

    Hi, first time ever posting on one of these. This may be long. 4 years ago on a normal day I suffered from an SVT attack. (Supra ventricular tachycardia) my heart rate was 220, my boyfriend at the time called 911 and I had to have IV medication twice to bring it down, I had every test under the...
  15. F

    Panic Attacks After Childhood Trauma

    Hi, New on here. I joined because i have severe panic attacks associated with heart attack. These have been triggered recently by a diagnosis of high blood pressure. This came as a real shock as i am very fit and health conscious & don't smoke, or drink. The root cause of it all is witnessing...
  16. R

    Severe health anxiety and severe depersonalization.

    Hi all, this is my first post as I just joined. Basically, about 5 months ago I started to worry a lot about my health. I was feeling a SEVERE amount of guilt to the harm I was doing to my body by partying and not working out like I used to. I also must mention that I had just got out of a...
  17. L

    Severe Health Anxiety

    Hi everyone, I suffer with severe health anxiety, particularly around food and the fear of getting infections/allergic reactions. It means I am very fussy with what I eat. I often avoid eating parts of a meal that I consider to be dubious, I have cut out almost all meat, waste a lot of food and...
  18. S

    Health anxiety - I am lost (worst months of my life)

    Hello everybody, this post will be quite long, but I just need to get this off my chest. My name is Paul (20 yrs old) and I am from Germany. For the last 6 months I have been suffering from severe health anxiety which also lead to depression. Health anxiety is not new to me (typical...
  19. K

    Hypochondriac? Health anxiety?

    I was diagnosed with GAD and depression back in February. I was prescribed Zoloft which cause panic attacks(probably my fault for obsessively researching the medication and side effects) since feb I have been prescribed 5 different antidepressants to try, like 3 different sleep meds and 2...
  20. P

    Appendicitis phobia or uti?

    Hi Guy as, Sunday I started getting back and abdominal pain, the back pain goes from my right kidney all the way down my lower back round to my lowers abdomen. Wednesday I went for an ultrasound, they checked the whole of my abdomen still wasn't satisfied so yesterday took myself to A&E they...