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  1. Deadheading

    Another good video, with a bit of a book review

    YouTube The key point is getting those in a BPD sufferer's life to understand what they're going through. That is hard when family likes to keep their damned heads in the ground like ostriches.
  2. Kerome

    Being steady

    I just wanted to write a little about being steady. This is the opposite of being superstitious or anxious, which are things that destabilise you. We all have times when disconcerting thoughts enter our heads, and almost always they afterwards turn out to have been wrong. So I have come to...
  3. Kerome

    Healing Voices documentary

    I’m going to be watching this tonight, just thought you would like a heads up because I hadn’t heard of this documentary before...
  4. E

    I am happy you can hear my thoughts and I can hear yours

    Next complaint about being in your adolescence? I wear your thoughts on my shoulders likes chips in a texas holdem game. You fear luci will take the foot ball away in the peanuts gallery, I encouraged chuck shultz to die, and make football a world wide sport, so charlie could spread his...
  5. C


    Mendip and Sedgemoor Heads up Somerset Heads Up Upper Breach South Horrington Somerset BA5 3QG 01749 670667 [email protected] Heads Up is a local Charity working with individuals across the Mendip and Sedgemoor areas of Somerset who are affected by mental health issues and other...
  6. mami5

    Change of meds

    Since last October I've had my ad's changed every month. Now they've been stopped altogether since 2 weeks ago, and last week I was put back on anti-psychotics. No wonder my head's all over the place and I'm desperate to die.
  7. Black_Roses

    Hi all

    I'm not new, well, apart from the username that is but I wanted to let ya'll know that I'm here :D I won't be around much over the next few days, I didn't want people scratching their heads wondering what's going on :scratch: So yup, this is me now and another :hi: to ya'll...
  8. H

    Ever wish u was anybody but u....???

    Maybe some heads are too messed up to re trained??? Just want to be anyone but me.....
  9. T

    Ways to calm down - hypomania

    Hi all. Quick question, does anyone have any tips they use to try & stop themselves from burning out. I've not been diagnosed with any kind of bipolar symptoms, but am currently experiencing the same as happened back in Jan. Loads of energy, creativity, productivity, etc - feels great but my...
  10. painandlove

    My heads racing to fast

    My I keep singing loudly in shops aand my head was racing to fast that i was sluring words & missing apart of a word so i could finish the sentance before it zooms off again =/ i keeep getting sharp pains in my head like a pulse in my head the words just seem to be carried away by the pulsing...
  11. mrlaurel

    where's Lou?

    not been on much for last couple od days (heads up n down) not seen Lou post, is she ok? have I missed something? stan
  12. mrlaurel

    I already hate today.............

    only been awake two hours and already I'm looking at zopiclone and thinking hmmmmmmmmm more sleep... how can you have had enough of a day in less than 2 hours, daughters gone out, back is killing me... not going out today, flat is cleanish so not really got a lot to do unless I make work...
  13. K

    what do you think

    I wouldn't say I feel great but I'm sure I'm in hypo manic state,I sleep 5 hours witch feels like 16 heads at a speed with thoughts loads of energy,but I'm also feeling snappy! ??
  14. J

    Feeling blue

    Aghhhh! I feel like I'm stuck in a big rut. Did not have the best weekends, was plagued with migraine and interrupted sleep because of the pain. Struggled on through work today but not feeling at all happy. Doctors seem to fob me off all the time and there seems to be no end to suffering...
  15. Giovanni.D


    Hello! I don’t quite remember if I posted here before but if I did, quite a bit has changed since then. I’ve been put on Lithium 2 months back and everything is much better..up until now. I still live at home, 19 now so still not quite on my own 2 feet. I work …but I just got down with a...
  16. RedRoseBeauty

    Music that affects your mood.

    I was listening to music before that made me really happy. I've been listening to a few songs now that I love but they remind me of people I didn't think they would. Now my head's full of thoughts. Does music affect anyone else?
  17. S

    feeling really tearful

    Don't know whats wrong today I just feel really down really depressed and really tearful. I want to go back to work but feel to ill :cry: its been 9 weeks now since I was signed off sick. I hate this illness. I need to pick my daughter up soon, I need to pull myself together. Heads still racing...
  18. J

    Am i just happy or going hyper?

    hello everyone.. im very happy :D not sure if im going hyper or not though..??... i dont want to watch t.v i think thats boring im listening to music very loud.. i want to dance around ive been on a bit of a cleaning mission.. had two baths.. feel like taking drugs not sure why ??.. im not going...
  19. bubbling under

    I don't feel right, breath holding and panicy

    I don't know what's wrong with me, I've felt a bit on edge on/off today. But right now I have noticed I'm holding my breath again, but I don't realise until I breath out. My shoulders feel tight, and my heads splitting. Desperately trying not to cry, but if anyone can talk me through a...
  20. D

    Welcome to the the coffee shop. Have a seat

    Here is a thread to chat about anything that pops into our heads. Say anything you feel the need to say, and you don't have to explain it. -- It'll be okay, I promise. It'll be okay. -- Solace