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  1. fazza

    OK OK who has hid my headphones

    its 12.30 am everyone is asleep. i want to listen to music in my drunken state but someone has hidden my headphones. People have died for less. If i dont find my headphones in the next 5 mins there will be hell to pay.. FUME
  2. SBRicketts

    Nymphomania cures

    Listen to the radio on your phone or device, you'll need headphones. Smoke barefoot and wear sandals. Wear a short sleeve shirt.
  3. ThinkingCat

    Insight Timer

    This is a great app for guided meditations. There are many different types on there including for sleep specifically. There are thousands of audios and it's completely free. I often listen to help me sleep using my sleep headphones (£10 from Amazon). Hope it may be of use to some of you.
  4. N

    What the hell is going on ?????

    Why those words ? Why those thoughts ? Why do you make me think that way ? Am I a bad person ? Did I do wrong things ? Is this what I deserve ? Is this my punishment ? Why does nothing make any sense ? Why is everything so fast and loud ? Why can't I stop it slow it down some ? I'm so tired I...
  5. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Wanting to SH

    Just keep staring at the fresh scar tissue on my wrist. Wondering if it will be permanent. I guess it was deeper than I thought. Want to do it again. And I'm listening to my voices again. They want me to do something drastic. So I'm going to try and sleep with music on. I wish I had my own place...
  6. R

    Potential relief from anxiety - My experiences.

    I've been suffering with anxiety for a good few years now and i've searched high and low for ways to end this suffering. These are the best possible "home remedies" I have found and I really hope they can help someone else too. Please don't stop seeing your doctor or quit taking any medication...
  7. F

    So frustrating.

    I fing it very hindering. They are part of my external reality. I have put the headphones on even though doing so makes me paranoid.
  8. J

    Small noises when working - drive me nuts

    Hi, I live in a house with 4 sibilngs (and my sisters BF is almost always here too). No one is especially loud or noisy but I find small noises incredibly frustrating. If I can here small noises through the wall or ceiling it really distracts me and I find it very hard to concentrate on my...

    Hearing Voices Group.

    I was there today. It is good, recommend it. It was quite funny today, some guy had spent £500 on headphones - not sure if it was a joke - must be. I am going to try and keep it a regular thing.
  10. prairiechick

    Afraid I'm Going To Self-Harm Again

    I self-harmed last night, and I'm feeling the urge to do it again. I'm not coping right now. The latest thing that has set me off is not being able to find my headphones, and they were really expensive. Do I seriously meed to go stomping and yelling about my apartment like a maniac just...
  11. prairiechick

    Afraid I'm Going To Self-Harm Again

    I self-harmed last night, and now I'm wanting to do it again tonight. I'm not coping with life. What set me off now is that I can't find my headphones, and they were bloody expensive. How stupid is that? But when I listen to music with my headphones I feel like I am transported to a...
  12. ally41

    When does obsessive talking to yourself become a real problem?!

    I have this thing, I know everyone talks to themselves to some degree but I am getting disturbed by the fact that I sometimes 'have' to do it. It's like what i think isn't real unless I say it out loud so that someone else can hear/approve/agree even though I'm alone....Most days I have someone...