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  1. S

    New to this kind of stuff

    Hi, first time writing here or anywhere really... For a few years, 3-4 I've been having these terrible ideas... Mostly negative ones. It all started when I first lost a job. Went into a 2 year depression, "came out of it". Always felt kinda different after the depression compared to before...
  2. M

    Is it really anxiety symptoms?

    I had a pounding heart due to anxiety in 2016 and it went away a few months later after I managed to realise that it was anxiety. In 2017, I had a very stressful period in my life and got some strange sensations. For example, I started getting a pulsating sensation in my head and I used to feel...
  3. M


    Is it normal to live your whole life thru a shadow of imagination? I mean all the time in my life I am imagining things like I get lost in my own little world a lot. When I am speaking with someone there is always a second conversation going on in my head or after I stop speaking with someone...
  4. FadeToBlack

    Sleep Problems

    I can only sleep at the moment in 1 hour shifts.:sleepy2: I just woke up from my first of the night where I was interacting with the same people who are hiding their identities from me who're part of the group that have been tormenting me in my sleep. :eek2: It ended with them all disappearing...
  5. T

    Update on myself...

    So, about an week ago i was believing in unreal stuff: i was cursed, i was being controlled, having existencial crisis and more... All these thoughts won't stop popping on my head but i try to regain my consciousness of reality and they seem to disappear for somd time. Now i'm trying to ignore...
  6. C

    Head pains

    Hi, I have panic disorder and I’m agoraphobic. Used to most symptoms but as I’m sure you know we always get new “problems “. Does anyone ever just get a random head pain that goes straight away? I know I’ve probably gotten them before but tonight it just panicked me very badly.
  7. E

    Voices in head

    Can anybody relate or explain what an earth is happening I’ll try and word it the best I can but it’s very hard to explain It’s like lots of people talking in my head but I can’t work out what there saying, but like it feels like my eyes are looking around inside my head trying to follow them...
  8. Mark_01

    Inside or Outside

    Do your voices come from inside your head, or outside of your head? Mine come from the outside.
  9. L

    Brain fog? Pressure headaches

    When Im super overwhelmed and stressed this strange feeling in my head i cant connect properly its almost like my minds like nope you might want to keep fighting through but Im not playing im zoning out. It isnt painful but the pressure is aweful and its really difficult to focus concentrate...
  10. G

    Obsessive thoughts and embarrassment

    I analyze every interaction that I have with people and almost always find something embarrassing that I did. Or something I might have accidentally done to upset the person. Then the thoughts repeat in my head over and over and they come with a really embarrassed feeling. It’s hard for me to...
  11. L

    Need help with anxiety

    I’ve been having anxiety attacks for about a month in a half. I get chest pain, weird feelings in my head, funny feeling in throat. Every time I get a weird feeling I always think the worse. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do to help get the negative thoughts out of my head.
  12. V

    Venlafaxine: side effects while on and then tapering

    Hi all This is my first post. Ive been managing depression for over 10 years now and was in varying levels of lexapro at different points over the decade. Last year however, I visited my doctor during a down patch and the locum I saw changed me from lexapro to venlafaxine 75. Now I will admit I...
  13. unspoken-words

    Developing psychosis alongside PTSD & depression

    Hello. I am concerned about my continued loss of reality and voices in my head which have been troubling me since October, I have been suffering PTSD and depression since February 2018 which I have been prescribed anti-depressants for but now I have random sounds (hearing things like a phone...
  14. N

    I am wanting to be single

    I have been with my partner for just over a year. I was a single mom of three for ten years before that not that my previous two partners were around fulltime. I am feeling suffocated we did move faster than expected he gave up his life in another area and home to come to me. I just cannot tell...
  15. J

    Do I have OCD

    Hey folks Am not sure if I have OCD but hope anyone reading this forum may help I have over the years also a thing of touching anything in a room house outside And my body but (not private part lol ) if i touch anything I have to keep repeating it and can be hard to stop. Anything I think of I...
  16. N

    overprescribed quetiapine

    Hi guys So my regular psych has now left my clinic so I saw a locum who asked me to confirm my meds. So I told her 225mg venlafaxine 2000mg Depakote and 900mg of quetiapine. Anyway it turned out I should have been on 300mg quetiapine- 100mg x3 a day. My GP had somehow misread my prescription...
  17. E

    Daydreaming and story telling

    Hi guys I'm new to this sort of thing, but hopefully people with similar experience will be able to give me clarity on mine. From as long as I can remember I've been a daydreamer, especially as a kid when trying to sleep I would make up story's about an experience or something I would have...
  18. E

    I can't stop thinking about my ex

    It's been five years since I 'broke up' with my ex who is bipolar as well. I have not moved on and I can't stand to see her happy or with someone else. I think she was with someone I despise and I have this feeling she wanted to hurt me. She told me she hates me but I know she loved me. I...
  19. whitelection

    I have a fear of fainting in public--Help. Me.

    I have never had social anxiety, but I'm more of an ambivert. Because of something traumatic that happened in July, my anxiety and depression relapsed, and my panic attacks became more frequent. Slowly, it started building up that I'm going to faint in public and it'll cause a scene. Ever since...
  20. J

    struggling to balance my work life, family life, love life

    For the last year I have been struggling to connect with people and build meaningful relationships with people. I feel like I am having to bend myself to suit others i.e. like certain things or do certain things to connect with them but by doing this I am disconnecting with someone else so have...