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  1. flowergirl

    gaint @@@@@@@

    I am sooo tired today voices really grating on me I hav an appiontment very soon and I hav important things to do but I just want to sleep. Eyes r heavy brain is slow a Nd just blahhhh should I sleep for an hour or do the stuff I gott a do I dunno !!!think am stressed bit atm I need a life coach...
  2. L

    I cud not take any more

    I hav given in to sh:-( I cant take anymore.
  3. flowergirl

    I feel dumb

    I read all these posts on arcticlesabout research and tthings that people post and I think wow that takes some brain power to understand that I think I fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. I was pretty ok at school did really well until I was 15 then I just seem to...
  4. M

    My mum and people who work on me says i hav OCD.

    They saying im full of it, but I cant see I have it. Is OCD a mental illness?
  5. I

    Aaaahhhh need to vent

    :mad: At my boyfriends, not really spent much time together over the holidays, i think he's been cheating. ... Anyways i made nice dinner for us, watched the Dvd he wanted to watch as always.... He fell asleep on sofa, i suggested going bed as it's late an both got work/college. He refused. I...
  6. A

    Hi Everyone!

    Neva done ne thing like this b4 so v nervous., i find it hard 2 talk bout my problems 2 ppl face 2 face so thought id give this ago n c how i get on. Ive suffer from borderline personality disorder n in this past few days ive started self harming again :low: i hadnt done it 4 2yrs however...
  7. I


    Leter just arrived. They've put me down to lower rate care from middlerate care and taken away the mobility altogether. Shaking like a leaf. So scared. How an I gonna survive? hav no support at weekends. is this right place to post. cant think straight. forgotten my name x
  8. F

    nhs mental health service

    i hav been seeing my mental health team for nearly 10 years i see the doctor today and he said he as used up all the resources medication wise and that the mental health services cannot help me anymore and they are going to take me of the books and send me back to the gp is this the right way to...
  9. A

    dose the loely ness ever stop?

    i hav no family when i get home my dad says he hates me and my mum dosent notice me - shes to busy talking to herself, i keep wonderng when shell get better but its been ten years now. since i was 7. i ceep wishing she would wake up and see me but she wont im an orphan i hav been since she, and...
  10. Rosepoet

    my day

    today i went shoppin with kids felt bit odd but not panic think i hav felt odd so long normal feels odd. got most school stuff sorted but cant afford new jumpers will hav too get next month. it felt odd in the giant supsertore so many people! i did manage some enjoyment though. feel bit blank now
  11. C

    crisis team

    i am still hypomanic and have been assigned to the crisis team.they want to come out and see me tomorrow but i rly dont want it!am sick of ppl annoyin me.my family say i have to keep the app.does anyone else hav experiance with the crisis team.hate the was drs just watch u sizing u up makes me...
  12. L

    your opinion

    for the last few weeks i hav been hearing voices from a man called jack who keeps on telling me to kill and eat my family and friends, also ive become very paranoid to the point that i think that the new peporami advert is encouraging me to kill and eat. I used to be very cheerful and happy but...