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  1. T


    Hi, I'm new here as I'm desperately trying to find a place where I can talk. I've had anxiety for as long as I can remember, and I've been struggling on and off with depression for about 13 years now. Right now I'm in a really deep depressive mode, I've just started my PhD and I hate it and...
  2. Tired Daisy

    Urge to self harm

    I hate this feeling... I don't even know where to start but for a few days now I've had this urge to self harm something specific although I can't say what due to forum rules... its making me feel sick and I've managed to stop myself from doing it I can't explain why I keep getting this urge I...
  3. T


    I hate this word. I hate seeing it, I hate hearing it, "have patience" or the usual "be patient". The amount of patience I've had to force myself into to get through the bullshit I've gone through in my life since I was a child. As an adult, I'm worn out by it. I just don't care for it some days...
  4. Tired Daisy

    Are there any upsides to being the most pathic being there is?

    I'm a laughing stock to people, people don't mix with me I've tried to mix with others so many times but people seem to hate me. I'm called a retard and seen as a retard anything I do is seen as irrelevant I have the most awful voice which people either laugh at or they hate it and tell me to...
  5. O

    Am I agoraphobic?

    I'm sure many people come here to ask that. I'm having trouble pinpointing exactly what it is that I'm struggling with. I'm constantly afraid of having another panic attack, and I despise leaving my home. BUT, if I'm home alone without my husband, I want nothing more than to leave. However the...
  6. The Owl

    I've not been around much...

    I'm very sorry, but my health meant I couldn't be. :low: I had to have a angioplasty and I hate it. I won't go into detail because its not for the screamish. But I will say it was painful. I knew it would be, but I was told the advantages meant it was my best option. This was my 3rd one. So I...
  7. S

    i hate myself and everyone else does too

    hi, so i have a lot of problems from a previous abusive relationship, the biggest atm being my depression, the crazy low self esteem that came with it, and how much i hate myself. Like do you ever hate someone so much you can literally physically feel it and when youre around them you just wanna...
  8. D

    I feel like I need to die

    I literally have no other way of putting it, I feel like I need to die. I think the worst thing for me is I don’t know why I hate myself so much and can’t allow myself to be happy. I know I will never be able to change these things and so I feel like I just have to die
  9. Soul_Deeps

    How to survive family vacation?

    Hi, Somehow I got talked into going to vacation with my family again. I believe it was because I feared I could hate myself more if I would have let the chance slipped to see another country / other places. But now that I am here I feel miserable, I never have time for myself and because I...
  10. W

    Why don't ppl tell you why they hate you?

    I have always been the type of person that is willing to change to be more likeable or less upsetting for others. But when people become offended by something I say or do. They don't say why they just start treating me badly and if I straight forwardly ask them they will laugh or make something...
  11. L

    Do i really hate people?

    I’ve been diagnosed with BPD recently, have always suffered with anxiety and have been told depression too but i felt there was something else hence my diagnosis. I was on citalopram but fell pregnant, that didn’t work out but I don’t want to go back on them incase I fall pregnant again. ( OH...
  12. E

    Don't know what to do anymore

    Not sure what I'm expecting to be able to gain from posting but hoping for some direction. I'm 28F, from the outside I have a great life. I have an amazing husband, we have our own house, we have 2 great cats, we both have decent jobs, my work is boring, but the company is the best I've ever...
  13. S

    I hate being me

    I can’t stand myself and everyone agrees with me. I don’tknow anything any more. I just feel broken, in bits. I don’t want to be here
  14. S

    I need help.

    I don’t know what to do. I’m super paranoid all the time, including tonight amongst friends, I just shut down and struggle with words. I don’t want to self obsess any more. I seriously thinking of taking myself off to the local suicide spot. I’m not right and haven’t been for years. People hate...
  15. B

    I hate my family and I feel suicidal

    Hi. i don't know how to start but I feel I really need to talk to someone right now.anyway, I've just come out of a emotionally abusive relationship for over 2 years and ever since I broke up with him I feel lost, I don't know myself anymore I see the world all in back with no purpose or future...
  16. M

    Why do I keep obsessing over sex even though I hate it?

    I hate sex and I want nothing to do with it yet my mind keeps negatively obsessing over it... Why? This is so strange and annoying.
  17. H

    Why am I always so nasty?

    I realized that I often get so irritated by other people. Unfortunately, it's especially my family. I hate myself so, so much for it. Even when they're not doing anything, even when they're being nice, I'm so nasty. I'm mean and my mom tells me if I continue like this I'll have nobody. She's...
  18. C

    I am diagnosed with BPD ...😥😥

    I am fed up of living like this .. I mean I can't even control my mood swings.. I hate myself .. I seriously seriously hate myself for this.. I have been through serious crisis almost everyday... I need motivation daily but there is no support system ( except my therapist & she can't be...
  19. Mayflower7

    Seeing my psychiatrist on Monday.

    I am really scared my psychiatrist won't listen to me. I hate depot injections they leave me in extra pain for days after. I am hoping he will change me to oral meds, has anyone else got off depot injections? I know aripipazole spikes my blood sugars, I have diabetes and the days after an...
  20. M

    My moms death is my fault

    I’m new to this forum, I’ve never been in anything like this before but I have to get something off my chest that I eating me alive... I am sorry if this causes any offence to anyone, please no hate comments, believe me I hate myself enough right now. Here goes, When I was 9/10, I used to...