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  1. M

    Relationship with parents

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to tell my story and see what everyone thinks about the situation and maybe try and figure out what’s going wrong and how I should deal with it. So - I am just about to turn 31 years old, I got married 8 months ago and purchased a house a year ago. I own my own business...
  2. G

    Medications that work for you

    It’s funny I see people mention seroquel. I was given it for insomnia. I took it for seven years until I started having side effects (tardive dyskinesia Tardive dyskinesia - Wikipedia). So I stopped and the symptoms associated with tardive dyskinesia stopped. It was not given to me for bpd, but...
  3. N

    Tricked Since Birth

    Since the moment I was born i have been lied too. I was made to belive that eating was normal, made to belive that sight sound and smell were normal senses that everyone has. 40 years later I now realise the truth that everything is alive including vegetables and wood and fabric EVERYTHING...
  4. H


    I have this. I have lived alone for over ten years now. The last time I had friend stay over the night was eight or nine years ago. I do have friends - not had girlfriend for longer than this - I have women friends but I feel like its my destiny to not have anyone over night after night...
  5. L

    Depression that is affecting your relationship...and showing itself as

    anger. Has/does anyone else deal(t) with this? I'm angry, irritated, and mean 90% of the time. I hate it. It's self-sabotage. :sorry:
  6. Soul_Deeps

    Tips for getting out of bed

    Hey, I am now at a point (yet again) where my daily routine contains of very irregular sleep, laying in bed awake, eating and having my whole body hurt because of the complete absence of any movement. It is honestly very exhausting and stressful laying in bed all day, but getting up is just...
  7. S

    Just looking for advice

    Hey, I have had depression already for 6 years. And had Anorexia , now I try to be healthy. To get better I did sports. Since I was a kid I have always ridden a horse. When I started to feel gloomy, I stoped riding. My doctor and teachers at that time encouraged me to get back at horse riding...
  8. F

    Any one else having Issues with these holidays

    I'm suffering from depression, PTSD (child abuse), lack of self confidence and self esteem issues. I hate these fucking holidays and anyone relate ??
  9. B


    I fuckin hate christmas
  10. B

    My dilemma

    So I haven't been here in a really long time. I've honestly been spending a majority of my time trying to reinvent myself and my life. Third divorce a year and a half ago. Changed my career. Single and celibate for the entire time. I have been seeing my psych nurse less and less. It has not been...
  11. WinslowBobafet

    I’m a DID loser!!

    I’m so fucked in the head, I have DID and schizoaffective and I’m going mad I’m so miserable I need someone to talk to I need people I hate myself ughhhhhh
  12. albie

    Do You Agree With Your Voices Opinion Of You?

    If they say a bad thing is it not something you have thought about yourself before or maybe are likely to? Do you hate yourself? Do the voices therefore hate you? Are the voices wrong about you?
  13. M

    DMT trip in my sleep.

    This experience us not translate able in this form. Let me say, I hate all you telepaths. If I could know if the aliens weren't real people and just borrowing them in other ways they can create scenes I would love their guts right out of them. I just had the single most amazing experience of my...
  14. G

    WHat I hate about the holidays

    First some positives. I love my family and luckily there isn't much drama. However, I hate winter, snow, and early sunsets. I hate how holiday music starts three months early. I didn't know Christmas was in October now. Media has bunched all the holidays together. Black friday and...
  15. P

    I want to die

    I am 22 years old. I have no girlfriend. I don't even know how to ride a bicycle. I am very skinny. I hate everything about me. I am always the one who gets mocked in a group. People make fun of me. Even my parents hate the way I look. I feel extremely sad right now. I don't have anyone to talk to.
  16. R

    Nothing is helping, I despise myself

    My depression has been under control until earlier this year. I made some changes including moving back home near my family and close friends. When I am in a good mood I like where I am and what I’m doing (studying and working a job I am passionate about alongside) but my depression is stopping...
  17. I

    such a terrible day

    I accidentally must have turned. Fridge off at work yesterday we had to.thriw everything away o feel so stupid hate mysel really beating myself up over it
  18. A

    Universal Credit

    I have had my statutory sick pay stopped and now have to claim Universal credit for the first time ever. What a nightmare. The one thing in the world I hate ,more than anything else by far is PASSWORDS. I hate, hate hate them. I can never remember them and it is doing my head in big time. has...
  19. D

    Hate Crime And Cheshire Cops

    Your a c##t, so called mental health problem, scrounger, go kill yourself, Broadmoor awaits. It is not the sort of message you expect or want on your seventh wedding anniversary but that was awaiting me among my Facebook messages. At the time I was living in Uganda with my wife and stepchildren...
  20. S

    Losing it

    :low: I'm just not coping. I hate this BPD and I hate my life. I'm in good physical health, I'm comfortable where money is concerned, I have a home and a good job but right now, I just want to die. My long-term partner is making life difficult, I'm terrified of failing at work (although I've...