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  1. Z

    My BPD ruins everything.

    Because I can not control my emotions I’ve lost jobs, relationships, even family members and friends are pulling away from me. I feel like I have no one and nothing. I just don’t know how to cope other than harming myself. It’s the only thing that helps but I want to stop. Any suggestions from...
  2. soulsearcher

    started self harming again

    hey peeps well ive started self harming again and i feel so low and suicidal :(
  3. S

    30, just started harming after like 15 years and male....WTF!!!

    Mental health been a mess for a few years but keeping it together enough but. Despite everything I self harmed last month and again today. Bare in mind I haven't hurt myself since I was a child. Recently came off meds and started dbt but wtaf is this about
  4. P

    Self harm

    So a while back when I was on floxetine I started to self harm on the odd occasion. Not much just the odd bit here and there just to feel something. I mentioned this to my GP and she said it can be a side effect when changing doses etc. Fast forward 2 months and I'm still Self harming but I'm...
  5. A

    Self harm as an adult

    Hi, It is especially difficult for me to speak about this but I think that I have to do it and try to share my experience with self harm. I started to sh at 17 while I was in the middle of my first depression, I've done it for a couple of months before I went to a therapy center in order to fix...
  6. Fairy Lucretia

    going to be on my own tonight

    and i don't feel safe at all :cry: i could ask my aunty to stay but she needs her own life self harming is so bad and i feel so nervous anxious and panicky i can't go back to bed because i have to think of maddie x
  7. J

    Could I Have Pure O OCD

    Hi, my name is Jada and I'm 19 years old and currently attending college. Let me start from the beginning. So my intrusive thoughts started when I was 10 years old. One day at about 4 am in the morning the unwanted thought of harming myself popped into my head out of nowhere, that was the start...
  8. soulsearcher

    really feel like self harming

    i really feel lake self harming but the mrs has hidden all the implements hate feeling like this bu i feel like i need some sort of release if that makes sense
  9. L

    How do you determine self harm?

    I have anxiety and panic attacks and depression. I’m on medication and also seeing a counsellor. I have started self harming even though it hurts. In a way it calms me! Is this a form of self harming and should I tell my counsellor? X
  10. G

    I Think My Friend Is Self Harming, but I'm Not Sure What To Do

    Hi. One of my closer friends was talking to me tonight. She mentioned that she was depressed and I didn't think much of it at first as she is usually pretty humorous and open about her depression/bad days. However, I realized that this was different when she pulled up her sweatshirt sleeve to...
  11. A

    I need help

    Hi there everyone, I just moved out of my abusive house and I'm on my own. I was seeing a guy I'm in love with but he left me recently and ever since then my disordered eating has gotten out of control. i can't eat anything unless im binging and when I binge I hate myself and get super...
  12. K

    On the edge

    i this is my first time posting anything on here so here goes.... Basically I have Depression, OCD, and anxiety and I don't know what to do anymore. I just feel like a burden to everyone around me as I'm constantly breaking down and crying/ self harming. I'm on medication and I have a...
  13. C

    New To This

    I've never been a part of a forum. I'm not even sure how this is really supposed to work. I've struggled with PTSD, depression, and terrible anxiety for years. As long as I can remember really. I have an extremely hard time expressing myself to people. It literally makes my anxiety overwhelming...
  14. K

    dissociating in therapy

    I've been doing trauma psychology for a few months now and a few times I have been so confused and dazed by what's gone on and blanks on my memory. Last week I felt awkward. I dissociated again and it ended up with me coming back to the real world with my psychologist holding me rocking me in...
  15. A

    Need to understand

    New here, looking for some advice. I know very little about self harm and this is why I am here. Someone very close to me has just explained they're self harming. I don't understand why? I've not questioned them on it as I am aware there's a lot for me to learn and understand. I love this...
  16. D

    I want to harm myself and others

    Is this normal behaviour for someone with depression? I won't go into specifics of course, but I keep on having thoughts of harming myself and my family (not kill, though). I'm quite concerned about this though in case I actually go through with something at one of my worst moments.
  17. P

    I've hit rock bottom

    I'm struggling. I can't take it anymore I just feel like I'm not me. I try to get on with things but it isn't working. I went to a cafe with my Mam and sister and we sat down and I just started crying. It was awful. We didn't order so luckily we could leave but my mam asks if I'm okay and I'm...
  18. L

    Self harm

    I was that desperate earlyier that I self harmed. I dont want to live a life by self harming. I would rather be dead.
  19. P

    Self harming as we speak

    Well I'm self harming. I sent out a few messages to friends just saying hello etc and said to myself I would stop when one got back but unsurprisingly no one has. It's not a shock I feel I have no friends and the ones I do have are doing their own things that the last thing they need is for me...
  20. K

    newly discoverd self harming

    So I have only recently started self harming and I know I need to stop asap but I find it a good way of coping and get such a sense of relief from it. It is beginning to seem normal and easy to turn to when the smallest things happen and I know I need to get out of the cycle, but it already...