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  1. S

    Can you ever truely recover from depression?

    Do you think you can ever go back to how you used to be before being depressed? Depression really creeped up on me slowly and for no apparent reason but now after struggling with it for nearly 2 years my life has changed a lot and I've gone from having a number of close friends , good...
  2. Tired Daisy

    Whats happening to London and the Gay & Trans community

    I'm really hating London I feel very alone and always on the outside and good things being constantly out my reach. What an earth is going with all the trans bars and clubs? there not what they used to be. Its all about sex and money and middle aged guys praying on the younger ones and people...
  3. letmein

    ESA review / PIP

    hey can anyone help me out, I'm waiting on an ESA review and its been 5 months since the paper work was sent back, not had any letters or anything from DWP regarding this, or a medical.. Money is still the same as it was. seems a long time to wait, anyone else waiting right now? also how hard...
  4. cpuusage

    Is it all the same? A Cured 'Schizophrenic'

    A Best Kept Secret - Mad In America "Over the course of several years, I tapered down my medications until I was on only a small dose of Abilify. I did not see any effects from Abilify, but I continued to take it in fear of what would happen if I stopped. When I did stop, I noticed no...
  5. L

    does anyone else feel like they have no purpose in life

    It's been 3 days since everything has come on top!! My life seems like such a chore, getting up getting dressed eating surviving!! I'm not suicidal but sometimes I just feel like what's the point! Life shouldn't be this hard!! I know everyone has there problems and seem to cope! But I just...
  6. M

    Anxiety is making life hard

    I have numerous mental health problems anxiety is one and is getting hard i hate leaving my flat and talking to people and cant even go in a shop and pay the till person i always ask someone else to how do i over come it
  7. M

    crisis team

    i need to ring them the pschiatris encouragd me to call but i find so hard to do
  8. G

    I'm feeling pretty stuck.

    I'm new to the forum but need to get some word vomit off my mind. I was diagnosed with BPD (along with chronic depression and anxiety) in 2014. It was always a suspected diagnosis but I was unable to access CAMHS despite 3 referrals. Since being diagnosed all professionals who I see avoid it! I...
  9. A

    Suffocating to be be happy :(

    Well, to begin with, I'm new here. Hi. OK.. that's that. I have a lot of things in my life that I consider them challenges that I fail. There are so much, even I felt heavy to type this out because, who would bother to read this, as for how the people around me don't bother, or find me weird to...
  10. J

    can we get mentaly ill if ..

    i have decided to put up this topic. i feel like i got more and more ill by being surrounded with people that werent together with me in my childhood. I didnt felt so close with them and .. i just didnt know what to do and continued living the same life seeing them every day. I dont even know...
  11. S

    Really low

    Feel really really low can't stop crying I had to have my pet put to sleep earlier today as she wasn't very well now I have no one to talk too she used to listen to me talking when I was having a hard time or use her as a distraction if I wanted to sh or od now I have no one I feel all alone I...
  12. I

    lost my bf and this time it's for good feel so heartbroken

    So after a hell time at work and getting ill I normally speak time my bf daily and see him at least once a month and tonight he was so hurtful to me saying how he has irresistible customers making offers at him and he's not doing anything wrong cos we are partime and how I have to work hard to...
  13. J

    Still feeling so very low??

    Been on mirtazapine now for a month! Got my next months prescription too, but I still feel really low, defiantly better than before I started medication, but some times I just think what Is the actual point of this!!!! How do you feel better? What can I do?? I don't want to feel like this...
  14. S

    Im so tired

    Ive been relatively okayish recently. I dont feel totally empty but I dont exactly feel anything at the same time.. im just so tired. I have my first meeting with a councillor later this evening. I chose to go private as it takes a while getting an appointment with my GP for a referral. I...
  15. B

    Nothing seems to go right when I try and make something of myself.

    Hi everyone I joined this forum yesterday. I have suffered depression my whole life but wasn't officially diagnosed until I was 16. Have been in so many medications it's hard to keep track, I also suffer from PTSD and it makes things a lot more complicated than they need be although I really...
  16. T

    Give me a little insight (warning: text wall)

    Hello everyone, my name is James and I'm 19 years old. I'll start this out by saying I have never received professional help for any mental disorder, despite having spent years trying to diagnose myself. This post is about my life, things that I feel, think, or do that may not be considered...
  17. BorderlineDownunder

    What I Hate Most About BPD

    ...is the lack of control. I've equated it to being in a washing machine. Up down sideways over and over. Quitting Zoloft has stabilized me hugely but I've still got BPD and always will have. Accepting this has been hard. Accepting my own reactions and emotions are Untrustworthy too, even...
  18. D


    Hi everyone. I'm new here. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with bipolar and newly diagnosed about a month ago with bipolar 1 and borderline personality disorder. I found this site after having a few difficult months and a divorce. I guess I always knew I had BPD after it was mentioned one time last...