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  1. W

    No longer interested in my family

    For years I have not been interested in seeing my family, I want nothing to do with them (only 1 of them is evil but she doesn't visit our family either) I think it started after I was with that P.O.S. abusive ex and abusive ex friends after that. Then I had to deal with a neighbor that was...
  2. T

    My mum overdosed today

    Hi all, just feeling really low today, got back from work to find out my mum was in hospital from attempted suicide, by overdosing. This isnt the first time this has happened but she had been doing so well this year. Its hit me harder today than ever before I dont know why. Just feel sick, and...
  3. W


    Why is life so shut? No matter how hard u try to be happy I just don't want to be here. Sometimes it just gets too much, too hard! The o my reason I think I'm still here is due to not wanting my daughter to have to go through losing her mother, but days like this I feel she'd be better off...
  4. E

    I hoped employment would help. It hasn't.

    I got hired for a fulltime position, at age 57. I hate the job. How ironic is that? I thought a regular income would improve my outlook, slightly. Pro's: Regular income. Nearly all the people are pleasant. Con's: Big learning curve. Physically strenuous work with concomitant aches and...
  5. D

    back to black

    Hi, I wish I wans't back on here, it's been a little while.. I was doing so great, I found a way to study what I wanted, but it's on the internet which means no scholarship, so I work a lot to pay the studies and it was going pretty well but my dad kicked me out I stay at people's houses and...
  6. H

    Hi all

    Hi ive been reading some of your stories and its made me feel.like a weak fraud of a person.....i think im just too lazy to be bothered with life ....like maybe its just 2 much like hard work staying alive...being alive is hard work......felt like that since i was 9 or 10...if there was a button...
  7. D

    What do anti-psychotic drugs do to you?

    I am on clopixol 300mg injection a month and I used to be on 600mg a month. It makes me feel lethargic and causes me to leave my mouth open and not look directly at the PC monitor when I am typing. It affects my sleep as well where I find it hard to get to sleep and when I do sleep I do not want...
  8. N

    Light headed/Off balance Feeling?

    I was just wondering if any well else has dealt with this symptom. If I'm going through something stressful I get a bout of lightheadedness/Off balance feeling for about a week or so. It also tends to numb my emotions. Having this makes it very hard to work or do anything for that matter. Just...
  9. J

    Hello..recently joined

    Hi, i'm Jonny and recently joined this forum. Firstly i'd like to say how lovely it is to speak to other people and learn from their experiences. Talking to doctors and medical professionals although imperative can also be frustrating as they still find it hard to empathise with what is hitting...
  10. P

    Are you fed up of anxiety holding you back ?

    Hi, I'm new . I suffer from anxiety as well as ptsd and low mood. I have suffered with anxiety for 13 year's. I am pregnant; single parent and have three children. I'm really getting distressed with anxiety holding me back in life and it can be hard on us. Is anyone else feeling like they...
  11. M

    Annoyed by this morning!

    First I want to say my husband is awesome! He does so much and is super supportive. Works very hard. And helps lots. That doesn't mean things are always perfect! Most mornings I get up with the kids and let him sleep in. The kids have been a real challenge lately. Today I was getting super...
  12. inker_blinker

    I want to get better but it feels like its going to take forever

    I feel meaningless. Like I’m here to do nothing. Like our species is deeply flawed and nothing will ever be right. Like we are cursed to feel. To feel things that can only be described with empty words. Like no matter how much we try, nothing will ever go everyone’s way, because thats the...
  13. H


    Psychosis so bad i can't cope much longer. Voices, visual experiences etc. seeing my CPN again on Monday don't no what else to say. finding it hard to post.
  14. T

    It's hard

    So hard, all of this laying around, sleeping, eating, cannot be bothered getting up to go to the toilet, but i do. No healthy meal. No exercise and not much cleaning. I don't know what to do tonight with my medication. One doctor says one thing, my previous psychiatrist said not to do that. I...
  15. D

    Hi, I'm new and not really sure what I'm doing

    Hi, I'm not entirely sure what I hope to get out of this but I think speaking to others with similar issues as me could help. At least make me feel less alone, which would be great and I suppose helpful in itself. I have never been officially diagnosed as I just keep putting it off (I know...
  16. H

    Going down hill fast

    I joined this site a few days ago because i wanted to share with others how i felt good and bad. Whilst i have tried to remain positive by replying to other threads i remain so depressed and things are getting worse on a daily basis. I just want to tell others how i feel. I find it hard to...
  17. M

    People don't believe I have delusions

    Hi everyone! So, I have delusions where I think people are following me, and watching me, and keeping tabs on me. I go to uni and the thing is I do want the uni to know I am sick but I am so afraid of judgement. I tell my university that I have a mental illness, but I don't specify...
  18. K

    hard time accepting

    hi - i am new to this forum, but i figure it's worth a shot. i'm 30 years old diagnosed bipolar 1 and clean from drugs/alcohol for 6 years. i've been on meds (lamictal, seroquel, abilify) for years and they definitely have worked. i have had really severe manic episodes but recently everything...
  19. S

    Sad results

    Hi, I'm a 36, I work in construction and suffer from bipolar disorder. I've taken today off work because im struggling but felt I had to make some lame excuse because bipolar (a huge killer) isn't good enough. The reason I'm writing this post is because I stumbled upon a girl who had taken her...
  20. tiltawhirl

    mid term exam today..please wish me well! I don't believe in luck with math exams!

    mid term exam today..please wish me well! I don't believe in luck with math exams! I need to be calm but with an alert and clear mind. this is a very hard maths class.I have worked my pencil to the bones! lol Seriously, I have worked incredibly hard on this and have a bad instructor.