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  1. S

    Missing all major life milestones

    I’m 33, female, single, and never been married. No kids. No house. No 4 year college degree. Most of the time I accept that my path is different. But some days it’s really hard to accept. You see your peers experiencing all of the major milestones in life one is “supposed” to have in this...
  2. D

    Just reaching out for support, feel trapped, extreme emotions

    Yes so I have been struggling to survive, I only do so really because there's people I don't want to upset, I don't actually care about myself on any level (can't even bring myself to shower, feel disgusted every time I walk past a mirror, I can barely think or concentrate today and as for my...
  3. H

    Tired of working so hard to be barely okay

    I have to try so hard to function like a normal person and not everyday i can achieve that. It's so much work everyday to just be "okay", if that. I'm so tired. I can't imagine myself being effortlessly and genuinely happy, not even if I had everything in the world. My mind feels like a...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    fairy lu is a stupid bitch

    ive been in the bathroom hurting myself with my aunt downstairs im trying so hard for but just can't give it up :low:
  5. C

    New to all this

    Hi there, i’m New to this site but was advised to give it a go to try and help me cope. I take 40mg of Citalopram, 120 mg of Propanalol and i’ve been given an antihistamine to help me sleep at night. I’m still managing to work but I am finding stress hard to deal with. I find it hard to...
  6. K

    Hi newby

    I am Kay I am 30 years of age. I have 4 children all 10 and under. My 5 year is autistic and ADHD, he's very hard work and his behaviour lately is really out of control. I suffer from depression and anxiety, I have frequent panic attacks and am constantly at A&E as I always fear am going to have...
  7. Maya J

    Having a bit of a moment

    Hi everyone, I have BPD traits (emotional dysregulation, fear of abandonment, paranoia at times etc) and the worst thing is I can be fine one day but not ok at all the next, and moods change in one day. I have rang the GP, hopefully I will get an appointment tomorrow. I'm not happy with my...
  8. D

    Hi everyone

    Hello I'm new to this forum, I've been suffering from depression for a long time (25 years), for the most part I have coped with it but this last few months have been the worst I've felt. Thought I was dealing with it ok but it seems to have hit me hard again and it has been a struggle...
  9. T

    intrusive thoughts

    so i have intrusive thoughts and its hard to get past them so right now im struggling with it the problem is i try to think of naked guys or guys i like but the intrusive thoughts get in the way so im finding it hard to picture guys naked or if i do they change into the thoughts what should i do
  10. I

    Hi everyone!

    Hi people! I have AvPD, which makes it hard to make friends in real life, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a chat with other people who can relate to my problems! It would also be nice to make some friends, so message me if youd like!
  11. C

    Depression and Anxiety - new poster

    Hello all I found this place on Google. I'm not sure really where to start. I'm female 33 with some form of depression and/or anxiety. I've been on and off anti depressants since having my son 3 years ago and I didn't start seeing a psychologist via my GP bit I couldn't keep the appointments...
  12. M

    Body Dysmorphia

    I've been spending a lot of time overthinking. Awhile back I had an acid trip, this wasn't the only thing to contribute to my body dysmorphia but looking in the mirror during and trying to see my face seemed near impossible. I think I'm going crazy over not knowing what I look like. Light...
  13. A

    scared and alone

    I was abused by my brother and syestepdad. My exhusband was ababusive too. I have CPTSD. I've been I panic attacks. Awful flashbacks. It's really hard to share about these things. Sorry.
  14. T

    Hey all!

    I should introduce myself, I’m Tina. I’ve been struggling with depression since I was very young, as long as I can remember really. The last few years have been especially hard due to the breakup of a vicious relationship (thank goodness - I have found someone who doesn’t abuse or belittle me)...
  15. Azelka

    Is this bipolar according to you?

    I have bpd, but I suspect to have bipolar II as well because I have had episodes I have never experienced to these past weeks that include euphoria and depression. I mean I can be euphoric where I'll talk, I'll have ideas, I will not be able to sit without moving all around the apartment, and...
  16. J

    Social anxiety

    Hi everyone. I came to this forum to meet people who understand what I am going through. I've had social anxiety for years and recently I have started to feel lonely, I find it hard to meet new people so I don't really have any friends.
  17. A

    I feel so alone and I don't know what to do

    I feel so alone. Everyone around me is getting married or buying a house with their S.O and I'm still in my bedroom crying. It's always in my head but sometimes the feeling is overwhelming. It fills every thought. It makes the muscles in my chest tense and makes each breath a little more...
  18. FadeToBlack

    Do I cut contact with the NHS?

    I told them this morning I want a new care coordinator after telling them for months. I said you tell me either way by the end of the day, or that's it I am not dealing with them anymore. I got no call... Shall I keep to what I said? I would find it hard not to if I am honest and this has...
  19. V


    Are there more bpd girls that find it extremely hard to talk about sex? Hard to say what you do and don't want? Is that typical for bpd? What makes it so hard? And how to deal with it?
  20. D

    Friends and mental health.

    Hi my name is Davinia I'm 41yrs old. I suffer with bpd, voices, depression, hallucinations panick attacks. I moved to Middlesex 2yrs ago and have no friends apart from my partner and his family here in Middlesex. I feel very lonely and lost also can not go out on my own as I find it hard. Been...