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  1. B

    What should i cook for anxiety?

    Im pretty sure when someone is in anxiety there will always be a solution for them to be happy again. :) Food maybe one of it :D any suggestions?
  2. A

    Happy to find this

    Hi all, I'm really happy I found this forum where I can share what I really want people to know and feel about me. Basically I'm struggling with anxiety disorder, dpdr (based on my own diagnosis) and chronic stress. I like to play sports and hang outdoors. I love nature and playing around with...
  3. K

    I gave up on dating all together....

    I’m done trying to find someone who wants me. I’m done with even trying to make friends. It always ends the same for me so I vow never to open up to anyone ever again or even let them get to know me. They’ll just end up hating who I actually am as always. I am done getting my hopes up high and...
  4. H

    Do I tell work?

    Hi, I’m 20 and suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. I started my new job at the beginning of February and I really enjoy it, the people are nice and I’m managing, some might even say happy. I got a letter in the post saying I can start therapy soon. Something that I signed up for over...
  5. H

    Husband feeling helpless

    Hi all, Where does one start?? This is most difficult thing for me to do as I am not a person who reaches out to people in general, never mind strangers. But it has come to a point where I really don't know what else to do. :cry::low: My wife has recently lost her youngest brother due to an...
  6. O

    I feel like only darkness exists and nothing can be done about it

    Hi all. I'm new here. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for a long time. I'm an addict and I've been clean for almost a year and a half. I can't get past this feeling that my life will never have anything positive. All I can see is darkness in the future. Like I'll never be happy...
  7. A

    I'm doing well, I'm where I want to be but I'm still so miserable

    I've suffered depression chronically, I started to feel more inspired and a little happier. I got into college after working for 4 years in places that I hated so it was the extremely exciting that I had gotten a place because It's the one thing I'm most passionate about. It made me happy, gave...
  8. tjola


    Anyone have this? That would be happy to talk to me about it? X
  9. R

    How do I break the cycle?

    I've noticed that I have this cycle. It consists of feeling down, low self esteem, paranoia that no one cares or people that do I question it, crying, no energy (I just want to lay here) and even get to the point where I just dont want to exist anymore. Then the next stage is picking myself...
  10. P

    Tired of getting up everyday

    Why do I feel like giving up? I have depression and I believe I am bipolar too. I take Lexapro and Lamictal daily. Yet I still feel like life isn’t worth it. I’m not suicidal just done. The best way to describe me is like a chameleon, I just want to blend in. I can change my personality...
  11. G

    trying to flush out antipsychotic meds

    Can anyone help. I was given invega sustenna monthly dosage and a booster shot. I haven't felt myself since then. I have no ambition anymore, I'm not happy. It sucks. Is there a specific pill I could take to counteract it or a specific food or herb.
  12. H

    Suicide failure

    I very recently tried to commit suicide and I was so relieved and happy. But then help came. And I keep going through in my head what I should have done to avoid that. And I can’t stop thinking about how much I wished it had worked. I was so close. I didn’t get that feeling of regret some people...
  13. G

    How can I treat what I am feeling?

    I am wondering is there ways to treat depression without going to a doctor or therapist? Like some sort of medicine I can just walk into wall-greens and get? Rather nobody know. I'm not even sure if I have depression though, but I do know that I find little joy in really anything, even when I...
  14. M

    Hi, I'm new :)

    Hi everybody, I'm happy to be here. 😄
  15. M

    help needed please

    Hi everyone have write in here previously about splitting up with my partner of 4 years as it crumbled when I tried to take my own life, I think he was gaslighting me as he is a drug user but I still keep feeling like i miss him and it’s not like he made my life a happy one has not even paid for...

    I wish I could just walk and be happy.

    Peaceful life: Simple job a few hours a week. Spending my free time hiking the countryside. I would be happy. But instead I want more. I want more and its killing me.
  17. T

    Looking for friends

    Hey. I'm new and quite desperate to make some friends. I need to find someone to talk to about my depression and anxiety, but no one I know irl really gets it. Everyone I know is more like the type that tells you not to be stupid and "just be happy." So I thought this might be a good place to...
  18. C

    Want to feel happy and not pretend

    Hi I’m new to discussing my feelings to anyone. I’m always pretending to be a strong and happy person. I feel hollow. I want to feel alive and normal.
  19. E

    New member

    Hi, my name is Emma and I have just joined the forum. I am hoping to gain advice and hopefully be introduced to people who are suffering with similar symptoms. I have recently being diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I was originally prescribed Sertraline; however my GP has now changed me to...
  20. B

    Happy Easter

    Very happy easter everyone.