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  1. K


    Happy to be here
  2. C

    I think my mum is toxic

    Hello all. It's 4.45am and while my kids are asleep I want to try and put into words how I feel. I hope I can find some answers on here. I don't find it easy to explain my mum. I'm 29 and it was four years ago when I was expecting my first child all these feelings came out. My mum made me feel...
  3. D

    The reality is over the years I've learned how to suppress

    I'm a 27 year old male, when I was younger 15ish I fell into a strong depression, I self harmed for years. As I got older I learned how to cope better, little by little I started to heal, or so I thought. The reality is over the years I've learned how to suppress. If I smile, people see me...
  4. S

    Caffeine makes everything better.. (for a while)?

    I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section, I just joined the forum. I'm 21, male. Usually I feel like crap, worthless, clueless to what I should do with my life or if I'm going in the right direction, like everything is hopeless and I'm never going to be happy because of my impulsive...
  5. G

    Constantly under attack

    Hi everyone and thanks for all your support in getting me through my hard times. I wasn't sure what to name and title this. Long story short, I'm literally constantly under attack. Whenever I'm happy, life's woes send extra weapons out to destroy my soul, ego and happiness. When I'm unhappy it...
  6. R

    Why am I never happy with what I have

    Why am I never happy with what I have ? I have nice cars a nice house but still feel lost and what better things like if I was staying in a 3 bedroom apartment for a holiday I would want the penthouse and only then I would be happy maybe not even idk so lost :/
  7. T


    Bit of a weird subject! I’m ready to die but I really don’t want to kill myself! I feel I have an okay life but it’s not the best, I’m sick of my job and my daily routines. I just want everything to go away and me be happy in a different life/alternative situation. I fantasise about someone or...
  8. B


    I have suffered with depression for sometime now even though I have a good job,family partner, nice car things people feel happy and blessed why is it I don’t feel anything I seem to be going through day to day struggling to get up have energy and be happy inside of course outside I have to be...
  9. E

    First post

    Hi all, my family has a history of depression and i have suffered from this for the best part of 25 years. I have always felt that i was worthless and had nothing to offer anyone which i guess was when i first thought i suffered from depression. It probably started from when i was 9 and i was...
  10. T


    Just been remembering what a counselor asked me last year. She said "when was the last time that you were actually really happy about something.". To this day, I cannot think of anything. It's quite strange. Past experiences were OK, but I wouldn't say I was really happy. It's a tough one.
  11. T

    Hi all...

    Hi all.. Just a quick message to say that I hope you all have a good day. Keep smiling, it's all we can do at the present moment, but we're all here to help each other. We won't give up.....are you with me? Tim x
  12. jasmink


    New to this. I was diagnosed with bpd and serve depression, iv also Been on and off in a relationship most of time isn’t pleasant. Which doesn’t grant me a happy future but it’s hard to figure it out. I’m up and down, black and white, I get feelings of hurting myself, I was hospitalized for a...
  13. S

    hints for BPD affecting relationship?

    Hi guys / girls, So..I certainly have traits of BPD, still working on a diagnosis (chronic depression, anxiety and ptsd confirmed) and am going to try get the docs to correct the meds to address that. HOWEVER, Thanks to recent realizations, and things my wife have mentioned, I'm sure i do, and...
  14. D

    I feel like I need to die

    I literally have no other way of putting it, I feel like I need to die. I think the worst thing for me is I don’t know why I hate myself so much and can’t allow myself to be happy. I know I will never be able to change these things and so I feel like I just have to die
  15. K

    I honestly don't know whats going on in my head Trigger warning

    Hi, I'm Kieran and I've constantly battled my own brain. I don't really know where to start with this. So I'm only 21 and doing reasonably well for myself with my own flat and a good paying job but my constant daily battle has been going on a lot longer since moving out which I had push myself...
  16. H

    you ever feel worried about things you know are false?

    You ever hear something from somebody and you know it's not true but you can't seem to convince yourself? I went to a concert and it was great but I was upset because I didn't gete noticed as much as I had wanted. I told my friends. About a month later, (today) they told me i make everything...
  17. S

    BPD Recent Diagnosis

    I have recently been diagnosed with depression and BPD. I was initially diagnosed with depression but the more I spoke to mental health workers they diagnosed me with BPD too. The hardest part for me about it is the change in emotions. They can be so intense but can also change so quickly and...
  18. F


    :welcome: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE! :peace:
  19. F

    Maybe One Day or maybe not??????

    I just have a simply question? Can A female with mental illness, That's also taking medication for that mental illness reproduce. Back Story I'm in my late 20's and my sister who's younger then me just had a baby boy. I've always wanted children, but once I was diagnosed in 2012 I thought my...
  20. Guy12182

    Who is that man in the mirror?

    "When I look at myself I don't see, the man I used to be, somewhere along the line I fell of track, moving one step up and two steps back" "When I look at myself I don't see, the man I used to be" Classic line from Bruce Springsteens Titled song one step up. I am a musician, and I play...