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  1. N

    I really would need some advice

    Hello to everyone.. My name is nina and im new here... Im in a very complicated relationship and stade of mind at the moment.. I would appreciate it if someone has some advice for me.. It might be a longer story but i want to explain to understand... Im in a very happy relationship since 2...
  2. C

    How to manage life with my girlfriend

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice as to how to manage my life with my girlfriend of 18 months. We moved in together after 16 months of seeing each other and I am struggling a lot. Though I had an abusive and violent childhood, and have suffered bouts of depression in the past, at 32 I've largely...
  3. L

    First Day of Second Semester

    It's so weird to be back at school. I've seen so many familiar faces, but new ones as well. My classes are really great as well as my professors. I had anxiety in the morning, so I took my medication. Man, I wish I didn't have anxiety and depression problems. Life would be a lot more easy-going...
  4. L

    Good Day

    Today has been a wonderful, nice day! I had a hard time yesterday, but I feel so refreshed. Life isn't always perfect, but we all have our ups and downs. It just depends on how you handle everything. Cheers to future good days like this one!
  5. F

    Not sure anymore

    ... Don’t know where to start .. I have had depression for years, have been in recovery for 12 years (alcoholism). I’m so lost , I feel like I have really dipped over December, I’m no longer on meds, had been on them most of my life, came off them 8 months ago. I don’t think I have ever been...
  6. boudreauj4

    New Year

    Happy New Year everyone.
  7. yellows

    Happy new year

    Just want to wish you all happy new year. Ps I hope 2019 is better than 18 cos it was a really shit one for me.
  8. valleygirl

    Just Want to Hide Away

    My family will be doing Christmas dinner and gifts tomorrow on Boxing Day, if my sister and brother-in-law can make it through the mountains. All I want to do is stay snug in my bed with the covers pulled up to my chin. I don't feel like seeing anyone or trying to pretend to be happy for...
  9. P

    Hi, My name is pixie... I need advice

    I have had anxiety and panic attacks for quiet a few years now and I take setraline for it aswell as diazepam. But the past year my brain hasn't shut up, I sleep but still feel tired, I have no energy but work 3 jobs and raise a family as well as problems with my teen daughter, I forget...
  10. T

    the story of my life

    It is quiet. Around here, around me. In me. Birds stopped singing, trees stopped moving, waters stopped flowing. Everything came to a halt. It is silent. Who am I? What is my purpose here? Will I ever have a purpose? Will I be fighting alone in my life? Alone. Lonely. Will I be able to cope with...
  11. B

    Stopping automatic negative thoughts?

    Sometimes I feel like my mind just doesn’t know how to cooperate with my mood and let me think in a happy way. What I mean is I can be in a good mood and ruin it with stuff like “god I wish I was dead” or facts/memories that bring me shame and emharrasment. I do this all the time. When I’m...
  12. A

    Try again?

    I guess this is most appropriate forum. I have been suicidal since 16, perhaps earlier, but that is the age I most remember being suicidal. I'm 26 now. I attempted when I was 22, and again about 1 year and 4 months ago, when I was 24. My first attempt was fairly halfassed as I only a higher...
  13. qwerty1234

    Feel like life is meaningless.

    I have no one to talk to and nothing makes me happy anymore.
  14. C

    I Don't Know What To Do Anymore.

    I'll start by saying that I don't believe I am depressed? I mean there are people who have been through way worse than what I have so I'm not quite sure and I feel bad thinking I am. Regardless, This is about a heartbreak, I know how original. I had been with this person for a while, shit...
  15. T

    Scared of Pregnant Women

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and I just wanted to see if anyone has advice for the situation I'm in... I have had an irrational fear of pregnant women since I was a teenager. I can't look at them, I cross the street if they are walking towards me, and seeing a pregnant belly makes me...
  16. S

    Not you

    not you To every schizophrenic patient * If you are happy to say about you others you are crazy. * If you act in front of people as crazy. * If your behavior makes others criticize you. * If you love the unit. * When you stop competing. I will give you a great base. A schizophrenic...
  17. S

    Does pretending to be happy work?

    So I was wondering whether pretending to be happy or watching lots of comedy movies and just generally tryin to be happy work? Playing games or watching funny YouTube vids? Like pretending to be happy till you forget you're pretending ? Bojack ref I know, but has it or can it work?
  18. W


    Why is life so shut? No matter how hard u try to be happy I just don't want to be here. Sometimes it just gets too much, too hard! The o my reason I think I'm still here is due to not wanting my daughter to have to go through losing her mother, but days like this I feel she'd be better off...
  19. I

    I don’t care if I die

    I want to die. if the opportunity came for me to die I wouldn’t fight it. I’d be happy that I would be dead.
  20. Poopy Doll

    About my Sister, again

    I guess I really am bipolar because I can't sleep since my sister was totally condescending to me because I refused to take sides in an ongoing argument she has with my son. She seeks to punish me for what my son said to her. I am continuing to defend myself in my mind. My birthday is Saturday...