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  1. N

    You can help me with your opinion. Trying to understand myself/Should I seek professional help?

    Hi, First, thanks for being here. I'd like to start by telling you a bit about my problems. I suspect many people will find relatability. What I'd like, is for you to evaluate the severity of my situation, or give me some kind of feedback. It's objectively nowhere near as bad as other things...
  2. K

    I don't feel happiness anymore.

    Hello, I'm new here to the forums, sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot, but I figured this was the best spot for this. I have been questioning how I have been feeling ever since my grandfather passed away almost 2 years ago. I was 16 when he passed away. When he did pass away, I didn't cry...
  3. K

    Inner happiness vs striving/pleasure

    Hello, I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if this post is not really right for this section of the forum! To give you a bit of a background, I'm 37 and have suffered on and off with anxiety and depression for my entire adult life. The last year or two I've had something of a dip after...
  4. AliceinWonderland

    17 Mental Health Symptoms That Stem From Complex Trauma

    17 Mental Health Symptoms That Stem From Complex Trauma | The Mighty I thought this was a very helpful article, I could relate to a lot of the 'symptoms' people describe. Especially no. 2 shame, no. 13 difficulty allowing myself happiness and putting others' interests before mine to an...
  5. S

    Need someone to share my thoughts with

    Hi, I'm a 31 year old mother of a lovely 20month old boy. I think I suffer from anxiety and also depression but I get a bit confused sometimes. I am certain that I do have anxiety issues (my sister once casually said to me one day "you seem to always find something to worry about" ). And...
  6. Groot

    Happiness is...?

    Ugh don't say a warm gun. She's not a girl who misses much Do do do do do do, oh yeah She's well acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand like a lizard on a window pane. The man in the crowd with the multi-colored mirrors on his hobnail boots... Nah John. For me, happiness is not a warm...
  7. L

    Feeling like you don't deserve what you have

    So I've had this unrelenting thought in my head for a while now and I think it's a major cause of my depression (or vice versa). There's a nagging feeling like nothing good that I have or may have in the future is something I deserve. Anytime I get up from my depression couch and take a breath...
  8. Kerome

    The happiness U-bend

    I saw an interesting graph today called the happiness U-bend. It’s a graph of self-reported happiness showing how it varies with age, and it seems that people as children are really happy, only to become much less happy at age 18-21, when they become adults. From there people become steadily...
  9. W

    Heartbreak depression

    So, I’m new to this. I struggle talking about my feelings to anyone close to me so maybe putting it into a forum may help, somehow. 4 months ago my fiancé left me. Ever since I have struggled with life. I don’t go out, I don’t see friends, I don’t see family. I go to work come home, cry most...
  10. OCDguy

    Happy new year :)

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone on the forum and the site's visitors a "Happy New 2018", may it bring peace, love, happiness and good health for you and yours, and may we spare a thought and time for those less fortunate than ourselves. Best wishes, to one and all :)
  11. Kerome

    Zen priest at Harvard studying Happiness

    Reports on the longest running study of happiness in the academic world. Apparently the strength of your relationships is a better predictor of how old you’ll become than your cholesterol levels. A Zen Priest at Harvard Finds the Key to Happiness - Lion's Roar
  12. blacksmoke

    4 Chemicals That Activate Happiness

    4 Chemicals that Activate Happiness, and How to Use Them actually it doesnt seem to mention how to use them...
  13. S

    does happiness not exist for me ??

    really , is happiness something im allowed it feel s like its allowed for others .... where is mine :-) i can't say i haev ever truly been a happy person .. does it exist ?? anywhere . will i ever be happy or is that just for others
  14. S

    Hi all, I need your advice regarding happiness!

    Thank you for reaching this thread :D I suffered with depression and got medication - Sertraline 50mg at first and then increased to 100mg. Continued to for 1 year and started decreasing the dosage. Then when it became 50mg I couldn't stop because when stopped migraine like headache comes. So...
  15. S

    whats the point to suffering .. il die anyway

    really depressed, see no meaning in my life . it all ends anyway so no point in all this pain i have been through and am still going through , this isn't why i was born , to suffer , sat on my bed crying , really down , depressed lonely tired i thought i deserved happiness but it seems i deserve...
  16. P

    Advice needed

    Hi sorry if I posted this is in the wrong thread. My sister has had ongoing emotional turmoils. She seems to go through periods of being 'fine' and then a period of falling apart, often years apart. Our family has a history of anxiety and depression, including myself. But she seems to be going...
  17. S

    I feel indifferent about everything

    I've recently discovered that I have began to feel numb towards many things. I don't have the same drive for my career as I used to. I don't have the same urge to help others as I used to. In fact, I'd rather not help others now. & that's very unlike myself. It's easy for me to say bye to a...
  18. Kerome

    Thich Nhat Hanh article on love and liberation

    I really enjoyed this article, it reminded me of some things that it is useful to contemplate once in a while. Thich Nhat Hanh has a lot of wisdom. Love and Liberation: An interview with Thich Nhat Hanh – Lion's Roar Melvin McLeod: Why is mindfulness the key to happiness? Thich Nhat Hanh...
  19. C

    Positive Vibes (The Motivational Thread)

    Hey fellow forum friends, I've had a brainwave for a new thread and want to share it with you all, I want a place where everyone can share and have their input and help motivate one another, this idea comes from a mood board that I created on Pinterest a few months ago and I find it helps me so...
  20. M

    My only reason for living

    I am finally out of this traumatic experience, I finally have my happiness and motivation back to me again, and I do not need any medication. But this packet is still important for you to be aware of in case there ever comes a time again where I have depression and lose my motivation...