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  1. R

    pretty sure i have DID

    hi. i've been fairly certain i have did since 2013 or so. on and off, i will occasionally "forget" about this; i'll ignore all my symptoms and go on trying to live a singular life. i guess i suppress it or something, or maybe something just takes the memories away for a time. but then i remember...
  2. U

    I don’t know what to do.

    A few months ago I went out for drinks with my friends and something bad happened to me and I don’t know how to cope with it. It started with the fact that a man spiked my drink. I don’t know what with but it made me very confused and then I don’t remember a good 70% of the night,( the 30% was...
  3. M

    Voices in head trying to control me?

    I've had auditory hallucinations for years, I've seen a doctor and everything. Today I had (and might still be having) an episode of voices, dissociation, and depressed mood. It's happened because I'm struggling with eating disorder issues, which has put stress on me physically and mentally...
  4. G

    Obsessive thoughts and embarrassment

    I analyze every interaction that I have with people and almost always find something embarrassing that I did. Or something I might have accidentally done to upset the person. Then the thoughts repeat in my head over and over and they come with a really embarrassed feeling. It’s hard for me to...
  5. C

    Sexual Trauma from the Internet - Is this sexual abuse? *TW*

    I'd like to start this off by giving a trigger warning, as I am going to be going into detail about sexual trauma that happened to me as a child and I do not want to intentionally upset anyone. I'm going to try not to make it too explicit, but a certain degree of detail is necessary to fully...
  6. T

    I’ve destroyed the person I was supposed to be

    I used to have a lot of friends, I used to openly talk to people, I used to like going places, I used to feel like I fit in with people and their conversations. Then something happened, something had to have happened and I think I know when it happened but there was no trigger to it. I suddenly...
  7. L

    Q about counsellors

    Hi I have a question about counsellors who report sexual assaults. I visited my counsellor today I revealed I was sexually assaulted 14 years ago I proceeded to give names, details about the incident and the place it happened and she went on to say she was going to have to report this. This has...
  8. soulsearcher

    finding it hard getting over stuff thats happened in the past

    hey peeps im ive been struggling for many years to get over stuff that has happened years ago but im failing and the more i think about it all the more i want to kill myself, its just like a vicious cycle so how do i overcome it and get over it?
  9. P

    Is my boyfriend mentally ill? Please, need your opinions

    I know it's difficult to answer my question and I'm not a entitled to say so, but I think and feel that my boyfriend has some kind of mental illness. I wouldn't describe the beginning and whole history of our 2 years lasting long distance relationship, but I can write a few things about him and...
  10. T

    New to Forum! Recovering From PTSD

    Hi guys... so to give you some insight into my story, when I was 14 years old I started dating a guy who I would continue to date for the next 5 years. As the classic story line would go, he started out very sweet, but within time he became incredibly abusive and manipulative. He was mentally...
  11. C

    Newbie Here

    Hey All Just thought I'd say hi. I joined these forums as I am going through a very low period of my life and I am really trying my best to hang onto the threads that have come undone. I am finding things difficult but I am trying to take each day as it comes. I have anxiety but I also feel...
  12. H


    My mental health problems are vast and I was always told by an abusive family that I exaggerated things, clearly this made their denial of what happened so much easier if they’d built this image of me exaggerating what happened. The things that happened are what they are, it’s not really...
  13. S

    Existential crisis - I can't get out of bed due to these thoughts

    For the past 4-5 years I've suffered with existential crisis on and off. My doctor gave me anti-depressants which seemed to help and from yesterday I am back on the medication. The first time it happened, I was watching a video regarding the universe and the commentator bought up about the...
  14. B

    I'm scared to say

    that I have PTSD. My counsellor diagnosed me last week and reading up on the symptoms it makes sense and in a way and it feels nice to know that what I'm feeling is normal given what happened to me. However I can't tell anyone as I fear of being labelled and letting people down as everyone...
  15. D

    Falling in love

    Hello everyone I would like to share my short story with you and get some opinions, advices and help about something that happened the last few days of my life. To get straight to the point ( I'm a guy 25 years old ) I met a tourist girl in my place that came for a vacation and I couldn't...
  16. A

    Struggling to find a reason to live.

    I have always loved dancing. It’s as if I feel free when I dance. I started dancing when I was a kid and continued until I was in high school and up to my early college years. I joined competitions locally and I was happy whether I win or lose. As much as I love dancing, I had to stop. I got...
  17. B

    Re-living past rape Trigger warning

    Previously i was married. I was 14 the first time i vividly remembered being raped. Before then i have flashes,pain, broken memories. I know, i know it happened before. I have had these stupid mood swings for too long. Since pre-pubescence. I know, i can't prove. But i remember.
  18. Fairy Lucretia

    scar turned funny colour

    i have loads and loads of scars and this has never happened to any of them before it is a bit circle scar and suddenly it has turned purple and black i have had it a few months so i am wondering why this has happened now? x
  19. S

    Whats happened to me!

    Can anyone help me understand whats happening to me. Ive never really suffered with depression but i have with low mood and anxiety for years. Over the last four weeks my mood suddenly got lower and lower and im now trapped in this world of a massive depression...im not eating ( and im such a...
  20. N

    Big Bang Accident - Near Me - 11am, today

    Hi All, i happened to set out shopping at 11, ish, and when I was on the other main road side, near me, there is almighty bang, I thouight what was that, turned, and then I witnessed what had happened. Now I have my sound and sight, it's just problems on the communication front, nothing to do...