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  1. O

    The most freekest song in my life happend today

    I was enjoying church. The song came on called "were you there?" It goes like this. Were you there, were you there. You was cold. You was naked. Were you there? A voice in my head said run for the hills don't get arrested. OMG what a very scary song... I want to swear badly.
  2. S

    what the hell is going on????

    im not sure if this is the correct category for this subject so forgive me if this post is misplaced. let me start by saying i never once thought i had a mental illness, i have always been confident in my ability to think logically and discern reality from fiction.now, this has all changed.i...
  3. R


    Everyone is saying I'm having delusions, but I'm so sure what is going is going to Happend if know what I mean. What will happen if my delusions are real.
  4. E

    Lost all my friends - I'm not sure how to move on.

    Hi everyone, so recently i have lost my close friends- one of them being my best friend. it is my fault as i had been the one who spoke to a mutual friend and made fun of her. I now realised what i had done was very much bang out of order. She found out as one of the girls just exposed me and i...
  5. G

    help ? paranoid or not ?

    Hi, Around january my ex of 3 and half years cheated on me and I think its turn me over paranoid! I've always suffered from paranoia but this time round its bad. I recently got with this girl I knew for years and im really happy but at the start of the relationship it seems like now I think...
  6. Z

    miss zoe

    On a really bad mania trip can sleep feel like my heads going to burst hearing voices sex drive through the roof hallucinating think ill be hospilised this happend before and I was anyone else having this now or before id appreciate your feedback
  7. M

    whats happend to me.

    I was an electrician/ technician installing MRI scanners CT,Pet suites, ups, ips,nurse call,bedhead trunking,fire alarms, Brandon pannels,all types of operating equipment ,Pyro, containment,strutcherd cableing,All LV (under 1000volt) The list goes on and on.Then A girl broke my heart and my...
  8. Ayashemarieh


    I was doing and feeling so awesome this morning...and then it felt like someone shut the light switch off..and I'm lost in my head again. This stinks!!!! What the heck happend?????? Ugh!!! I'm trying to focus on something..anything..but I can't. I just want to hide from everything!!!!! And...
  9. M

    hello update

    how ever i am going to gain my norm weight back i do not know, iv lost my monthly period due to this ed i am now on my 6th month without one! will they ever come back? some would be pleased to know that iv gained 2lb in 3 days :redface: how this happened i do not know, but now i feel im in...
  10. A

    Oh no!

    So I went to my appointment, and it was good but bad. The doc said my anxiety might be from something that happend to me from like eight years ago. Now that my daughter is dating..its bringing up flashbacks to what happend...and it sucks cuz I dont want to talk about it anymore! I just want...
  11. K

    Anyone else find bi-polar defining?

    It feels like am being wasted, trashed. Like have joined this silent, strange, weird world of unwanted, shunned people struggling against the odds, mostly alone. Its hurtful when the world does not want you, or, wants so little of you, that its a fraction of who you once were, what you were...
  12. D

    PLEASE READ!!!!!!! very near to giving up completely

    Well stuff happend last night my mum was drunk she got aggresive with me so i called the police. Long story short And then she decided i cant live there no more So im now in tempory accom and im feeling so low I was suicidal before this happend very bad and i had planned it So this is the icing...
  13. jacq78

    Nice little episode then i was frightend

    Hi all,how are you doing today? I had one of my hypomanic episodes yesterday and I loved it! (Is that correct when it only lasts hours and I don't carry my mad acts out? Lol ) In fact when I have them I feel as if the whole of my little family have had a boost is so cool not to be on a downer...
  14. J

    Please help please.

    Ok guys im 18 years old, a few days ago there was a wedding which me and my mum attended. she went off the handle started arguing with everyone, then she went home. Now on that night something happend, she thought she was having a stroke, but it was a anxiety attack we found out from the...