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  1. B

    I'm on borrowed time

    I've been suffering from depression for 15 years, been there and done that with every treatment going with no success. I've never attempted suicide but I've been close but I've never been brave enough to take the final step. One day I will take that final step though, it's...
  2. M

    Has anyone experienced something like this.

    This is the ultimate conundrum. I know ideas stem from other places and often people with schizophrenia or just people if you don't like that word being so general or confining have been quick to adopt concepts from ideas or books or television or music into some story of their own. That's what...
  3. S

    You know your having a bad day when ...

    Your pet fish dies and all you can think is 'lucky bastard!' Why does everything always happen at once - feel constantly shit on right now! Seriously over it!
  4. N

    Anxieties - Brexit!!!!

    Hi Afternoon, Folks, I haven't been a happy one as of late,recently. What with the rechid senario or saga, of Brexit, I have been too anxious, in terms of , medication, and the links between me, GP service, and the Chemist, now what with Brext, I am so anxious, in case of and I wouldn't like...
  5. K

    Anxiety/OCD/??? - Hoping for some help

    Hi all, I'm not exactly sure if/what I have or even if I have anything but it is something that is concerning to me and I think it may be some form of OCD/Anxiety. Generally speaking I am very happy in life. Married, two kids, home owner, good steady job that I enjoy. This is the first time I...
  6. G

    please help

    i was wondering if anyone could help me as to whether i should tell my doctor about these things? im terrified that i have sold my sell to the devil and that i have the power to make horrible things happen to people i care about because of this. which of course i really really dont want too...
  7. M


    really don't know what emotion is overpowering me this morning but i fel very fragile, unsafe and tearful. i am trying to distract myself and by writing here it helps a bit but i am afraid the emotions will win and i don't what will happen. useless is what i am and pointless is how i feel...
  8. L

    Q about counsellors

    Hi I have a question about counsellors who report sexual assaults. I visited my counsellor today I revealed I was sexually assaulted 14 years ago I proceeded to give names, details about the incident and the place it happened and she went on to say she was going to have to report this. This has...
  9. A

    Is it normal to see and hear things with bpd

    So I have BPD and I am having a really bad patch. The CMHT have been really helpful making sure I am seen everyday. Yesterday I saw the psychiatrist who said he has never seen me so ill. I told him I have been seeing things. He said that that can happen with BPD when it's really bad and...
  10. B

    Everything seems weird

    Have you ever got the feeling that nothing’s as usual, nothing’s normal. Even people, voices, shapes.. everything looks so strange. Like it’s quite hard to handle it when it happens and it usually lasts for a week at least. Does it happen to you ? How do you deal with it?
  11. T

    Disfunctional household

    My parents were not meant to be together and stayed together longer than they should have. Incompatibly, tragedy and all. I was born months after a tragedy. It was too soon for me to come here. Way too soon. Then my sibling months later. Too much going on off the back. From then on I grew up in...
  12. S

    vulnerable groups

    how many of you think mentally unwell people are scapegoated as the cause of their problems, whether they be loneliness, sexual health issues or their fears [or paranoia] of what may happen to them if they allow others to control their decision making. basically, do you think you are in a...
  13. N

    Insurance covering mental health issues

    Hi. I'm looking to find some kind of health/life insurance policy. I was wondering if anyone on here has found an insurer that was very good about mental health issues? I don't want the policy to cover a fortune, myself and my gf rent - no mortgage, and my requirements after I'm gone - should...
  14. letmein

    not safe

    in a mess right now not sure which way to turn and lots of pains in my chest and arms.... going through stuff here i can't control and do not want to happen but i can't stop it. very low and suicidal.
  15. M

    New Here

    Hi there to you all I have just joined this morning .. I have been on Fluoxetine for over 10 years , but my old symptoms are coming back and I don't know why .. This is causing me great anxiety and making things worse.. does anyone have any idea why this should happen .. Im at my wits end and...
  16. colouringrainbows


    Hi there, I put my thread in this catorgory but I know this is not the case but I know people will automatically say it is a psychosis problem. But I put it here so I can get advice from other people who are in the same situation as me & has ways to prove I am not psychotic. So since early...
  17. Guy12182

    Got my life back!!

    YES!!! I got my life back! I'm happy to just be me! I'm so happy I could use all CAPS! How? Well, If you've read my posts from day one, I was a mess. Now, after moving on to my new home, found new friends, moved 2 blocks from my fire department, got me some work on the side doing;handyman work...
  18. Lucky Tia

    Is working hard enough?

    Whatever it is in life, almost everyone tries hard. But why is it that only a few make it? Life isn't fair is it. I know everyone has their own time to shine. But why do some people go backwards while some go forward in their life if both are trying hard? The ones who fall maybe didn't work...
  19. O

    Really need some opinions please. Anyone heard of this ? Please read.

    Ok, so I guess the best way to describe basically what is going on is that my conscious mind seems to be overworking really badly. When I consciously think about emotions, I question the whys and hows of it to the very end, for eg: I remember asking a Q on Yahoo Answers that 'What does it mean...
  20. T

    Confused help

    I need some help the problem is that the thoughts are there but when I try think of them i can't i stop myself but then the thoughts happen after so it confuses me did i think it on purpose of is it that I'm trying not to think of them that I'm thinking of them? Also should I fight these...