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  1. T

    My uncommon, irrational fear

    I have three fears that I group together into a “fear of things moving that shouldn’t move” which sounds weird, but that’s just what I’ve always called this. Let me explain: Ever since I was really young, I’ve been so scared of things that sway (wind chimes, swing sets, hanging stuff, those...
  2. W

    Hanging out with wrong-uns.

    due to being mentally unstable for quite some time and anxiety issues/ schitzo effective bipolar ( im fine now) ive lost all my friends im now resorting to hanging out with the dregs of society. The person i hang out with does drugs (cannabis) but its still drugs! i dont touch them. anyway ive...
  3. L

    I really hate nerds but I don't want to!

    I've taken a benzo to get me relaxed/pass out so my spelling me be a little funny cause its kicking hin. anyway when i was young my mother told me to stay away from nerds and that nerds aren't normal so stop hanging with stupid nerds. as I got older I grew to hate nerds since I discovered that...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    been very unwell

    which is why have been away for a short while don't know how much i will be around because am all over the place mentally and just about hanging on hope everyone is okay love Lu xxxx
  5. Leslie(notmyrealname)

    Hello everyone, new to the forum

    Hi I have OCD and I registered thinking that posting about my problems would make me feel better. But when I started typing, I found it difficult to write about my problems. So I'm just going to post this original song I wrote about OCD: Lost In OCD thoughts Looking around Any distractions to...
  6. P

    So much merchandise.

    Look at all of those coffee cups would you?! Like 20,000 different kinds of coffee cups to choose from eh? Perhaps we could handle some of this differently. No matter what it is they are making to much of it. So i don't see a coffee cup, i see a guy killing himself to escape the factories...
  7. P

    Conversations with voices in my head.

    "Let's talk i guess, nothing else to do i guess." I say. "What would you like to talk about? How we are going to kill you?" They say. "Yeah, why don't you? Still haven't." I say. "Already told ya, we want you to do it, we want a suicide." They say. "It's not suicide though if you just...
  8. Tired Daisy

    Looking for a friend

    Please can somebody hang out with me one weekend I live in London I'm looking to go for a beer in a pub maybe go to a Goth Punk place afterward or just hanging out in general I'm getting desperate for some company, just one Friday or Saturday night, thats all I'm asking. Please :(
  9. G

    Barely hanging on

    I wish I knew where to go and what to do. I have made do so many mistakes and hurt so many people that they have either given up on me or think I'm hopeless. I'm not so sure they are wrong. I want to do good and be better but what if I can't what if I was just made bad.
  10. I

    New start new decisions

    Right,so I saw the doctor today and everything made sence the reason I have been suicidal is because of these people no longer wanting to hang out with me so I have deleted there numbers if any of them text me again not that I expect they will I'm gonna tell them the truth,they all messaged my...
  11. P

    Bunch of schizo witches in harry potter.

    They was all hearin voices in that scene weren't theys. They all went schizo in that scene i guess. Nah, it's probably just candida, im sure of it, gotta be the cat feces. My schizo symptoms can be seen in: harry potter, 1408, the golden child, the craft, the fourth kind, and for some reason...
  12. R

    I was a killer in a past life, and I feel terrible because of it.

    Since I was a young boy, I had strange memories that couldn't have been memories from my current life. One such memory was the recollection of being hanged by several cheering people, from a large tree branch. Additionally, I was very attached to a specific time period with no explanation...
  13. N


    Just feeling really guilty about a couple of things. I'm friends with my ex. I left him about two years ago - just over - and recently we've hung out a lot and it's been pleasant (I enjoy his company and felt enough time had passed etc.) Last night we were hanging out and we got talking about...
  14. BorderlineDownunder

    Starting to Flip

    I can feel it I woke up early again (4am) I was told yesterday I have to get rid of my cat Im so stressed about this its Unbelievable (see: my thread Neighbor From Hell) I can feel my self control starting to go If this woman knocked on my door right now I don't know what I do - but one...
  15. J

    How do I deal with friend that is asking too many favors?

    I have a best friend named Tom that I have been friend's with since we were babies. Our father's worked together and we have known each others' families our entire lives. My friend is almost like family and he would say the same about me. We were always friends but we became best friends in...
  16. R

    how to practice friendship?

    Hey all, I'm almost 30 and have no friends. I have colleagues, friendly acquaintances, and people on Facebook. I don't hang out with anyone. I'm at that awkward age where everyone is either still partying too hard (which I have no interest in) or they are busy with their families. I was never...
  17. G

    Dead inside

    Sometimes I wonder if it's possible for part of me to be truly dead inside. Like my 'happy' side died and now my miserable side is on the edge, barely hanging on.
  18. C

    missed probation..again!

    Hi all. So. Today i missed my probation appointment again. I phoned to explain. My probation officer's gonna get it touch with my crisis team. Fingers crossed i won't have to go to court. One bloody drunk mistake & got this shit hanging over me. Just can't cope with it!
  19. C

    does anxiety make you ill?

    Yes. Certainly does in my case. Crippling fear that literally roots me to the spot. I'm powerless to stop it! I get the shakes, feel sick & legs turn to jelly. Dunno where to turn. I find myself hanging onto walls, lamposts. Anything i can find really. Is it too much to ask for one week of...
  20. L

    Work and behaviour I would not do

    So I keep getting locked in work and home which is bizarre. Now if I get locked in at work I have to stay locked in apparently. Then I had to ring a company to give them some work and they didn't take all the information they needed off me but they took my name and contact details. So not five...