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  1. G

    I'm losing patience with people

    I feel like I'm becoming angrier and angrier and I try so hard not to. I realize and know that I'm not better then anyone. There are a few people in my life who I just can't get along with anymore and I feel really bad because they like me. One of them is my older brother's wife. I feel really...
  2. C


    Hello good people of the mental health forum! Happy to be here, this is also my first time being on a forum site so bear with me if I seem like I don't know what I'm doing :p But I'd like to start out on a serious note here, I've been battling with some inner demons over the last 3 years, and...
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    absolutely no choice left whatsoever but to die

    im trying to hang on for maddie ,but i want to go now i act on impulse and i have to make sure i do it when i know i can if maddie had passed i would do it now ,what if i hang on nd don't have the courage to do it when she has passed? am in a very bad way i just simply want to die
  4. M

    Reaching out!

    Having a very bad day, just need some contact. have posted today but no replies. just need a hello from someone, struggling to hang on to life
  5. M

    Need some help/advice for my anxiety

    I was a pretty popular guy in high school, I played baseball and had many friends. I always had bad anxiety but I was able to hide it very well and nobody knew except for one of my good friends. I have since gone on to college but I transferred and this is my first semester at my new school. I...
  6. letmein


    to keep it together and hang in there... really need an out option.:BLAH:
  7. Tired Daisy

    I would do anything for a friend

    I'd pee on my thigh and pocket contents if it meant I got a friend to hang out with
  8. W

    Update on William Tell

    I joined this forum the other day feeling deep despair about my thoughts on people talking about me.Well today i'm feeling good about myself and the way I perceive things.I know these felling will come my way again but for the time being I think I've got through these bad thoughts.Just hang in...
  9. L


    So I'm most of the way through a bottle of red and thinking how nice it would be to have a Bristol BPD buddy to hang out with. Everyone's so flatline compared to me, and I think it would just be so great to hang out with someone who truly understands BPD and de facto me. I just can't help...
  10. L


    So I'm most of the way through a bottle of red and thinking how nice it would be to have a Bristol BPD buddy to hang out with. Everyone's so flatline compared to me, and I think it would just be so great to hang out with someone who truly understands BPD and de facto me. I just can't help...
  11. say_ruh


    My name is Sarah. I'm 22. Mother of two girls. I'm a stay-at-home Mom. I've been battling with depression for nearly 10 years and just recently seems like its a losing battle but I'm trying to hang in there. :)
  12. Living dead

    I'm all alone

    I have no boyfriend and no real friends and even if I had it wouldn't really matter.Only thing I ever had was my family and now it's falling apart although it already was pretty messed up.I hate my dad's wife for standing between him and me, she really irritates me to the point I feel like...
  13. Zanily

    Bad social life

    My social life is like a cupboard that's sparsely populated with mouldy condiments. I know what I have is bad, but if I throw it out, there's nothing left. Does anyone else hang on to bad friends? *Sigh* Sorry everyone. I'm down again :(
  14. nativesky


    So now that ive told my only friend to get lost..since she wasnt being a good friend, and basicly just using me...I feel so alone. Why is it so hard to find a good friend? I know im not the most exciting person to hang out with..but I have a good heart, and will bend over backwards for anyone...
  15. E

    I'm back and feeling like [email protected]

    Last night my 'couple of drinks' ended up being 8 gin and tonics, countless pints and several shots. I woke up in bed with two ladies of the evening and had spent around 250 quid on booze and them.... Today has been like a depressive episode, that's how bad my hangovers get. And I knew I could...
  16. S

    Got impatient

    Few days ago, I was feeling pretty down.unmotivated, so I attempted to text some friends to hang out, to get out of the house and just socialize. Everyone seemed to busy or not reply, I started to get a little agitated. I was then talking to one friend and he wasn't busy but then he said "Not...
  17. rainbow-warrior

    On edge, can never relax around my friends

    Something weird has been happening over the past few weeks. I'm a generally anxious person with a history of social anxiety, however I'm fine when I'm around people that I've known for a while, but now when I go and hang out with them, I feel really, really anxious and paranoid. I can't look...
  18. S

    Hi All! Am new to forum(s) and not sure how to post...

    Happy to have found your forum and look forward to mingling, once I get the hang of this. Peace to each and every one of you.
  19. Kritti

    Feeling Distressed

    I'm feeling a lot of distress. For the most part, I've worn out my dangerous impulses towards self-oblivion just by surviving them and having those types of actions just compound the crisis. Lately, due to a long series of failures and health hassles, I just never feel good anymore. And, at...
  20. T

    Just me

    Hi, just joined, stumbled across this place yesterday and hoping I can maybe get a few answers or ideas on sorting out a few problems of my own by reading about other peoples. Not much of a conversationalist so will prob just hang around reading posts, hope thats ok.