1. P

    domino effect as my life falls apart

    This will be long. Iv suffered depression for 32 years im 45. I live on my own but my 2 kids spend weekends with me. I have no other family. I am dyslexic and developed adhd as a child. Abused by the school . Violent Alcholic parent. Trouble with police etc etc etc 8 years ago i had a breakdown...
  2. J

    Always Feel Dirty and Can't Get Clean- Any Help?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here and anywhere about my problem. I feel quite confused about this odd pit of despair I fell into the past couple years in my 40s and maybe someone can help me in some way. I wash my hands over and over again and feel almost every move I make gets me dirty...
  3. Y

    Looking for advice

    Probably going to sound weird for this, but writing here for some advice or to see what others think. I have an issue that has been hard for me to put in to words, but some googling turned up someone with a similar to me: “I have a fear of tissues, or more specifically tissues that are wet and...
  4. NoWhereman72


    i was reading some rules and some threads and though this could be a good spot to learn to be social seeing how im socially disable in the scene that i never go outside my basement except for church where i work as a care taker. so i gt just about as many friends as you would have fingers on...
  5. M

    How to hide scars on hands?

    So i have a fair amount of scars on both my hands from last night, i have no way of covering them up as i have never wore gloves before nor do i have any. + I am male so i have no way of getting makeup and i need to hide them from family and friends. Any tips? :unsure:
  6. Zardos

    Writer's Block

    I just don't know where to begin... I need to kill myself... But haven't got the guts... I have the terrible feeling the meds I'm on are working... I don't remember the last time I was manic... I really miss the burn... My lifes fucked up now... And I should know.. I'm the one who fucked it...
  7. P

    Money exchanging hands doesn't make it legal.

    That is what they thinks though. They have another thing coming to. Just because money passes hands doesn't make it okay. If money is our law, if money is our god, then we're all already dead.
  8. S

    anybody fancy a chat?

    I've got lots of free time on my hands. If anyone wants to chat feel free.
  9. S

    Is my therapist being inappropraite

    I dropped my phone it slide under the chair I bent over to get it and he asked if I knew what I was doing to him and I was confused by this and he said that if I wanted him to notice me then he noticed and I was very attractive and cute but he was going to keep his hands in his lap because he...
  10. V

    I hate my scumbag brain!

    As I am typing this my brain is acting the fool again. The anxiety and urges are strong. I was just chatting with a colleague and the need to just poke her or hit her came over me. I was playing with a wad of tape in my hands so I know I didn't do anything but it feels like I did! This has...
  11. M


    Help I haven't been diagnosed with OCD but people are telling me I have it I wash my hands twice for 15 mins every toilet break I take I can use up to a bottle of hand gel in a day if my hands don't feel clean I will use bleach I can't bring my self to touching anything unless I gave a fresh...
  12. M


    I haven't been diagnosed with OCD but people are telling me I have it I wash my hands twice for 15 mins every toilet break I take I can use up to a bottle of hand gel in a day if my hands don't feel clean I will use bleach I can't bring my self to touching anything unless I gave a fresh bit of...
  13. anouska

    Hand's up, I can't

  14. anouska

    Depakote, MS, anxiety or combination?

    I shake a lot. As some here know, I've been diagnosed with MS & since then, the shakes have got worse. I'm suffering with anxiety I know that, but I have also blamed the MS for the tremors. It could also be the Depakote, couldn't it? I'm shaking so much, my legs shake, hands & arms...
  15. M

    Quetiapine Agony

    This is bitter sweet really. I was diagnosed with pseudo psychosis and have recently started Quetiapine. The thoughts are dampening and emotionally I think it's going to be really beneficial. The trouble is right now I'm having really bad physical side affects. My whole body just aches...
  16. Detoured

    is risperdal safe

    Hi I'm labeled schizoaffective and take risperdal lamictal lithium every day. Is that too much meds and is it safe? I tremor on hands. Don't want to get more problems because of these. What do you think?
  17. RainbowHeartz

    CANT get ill, please HELP

    Okay so I'm having bad anxiety over getting ill... reasons 1) in probation period at work 2) had 7 months off work 3) this is my chance to improve 4) any more sickness and I'm out of the job So I'm washing hands frantically, bought hand sanitizer and using it as much as possible what else can...
  18. Pickle81

    Selective germophobia?

    Just wondering if I'm the only germophobe that when under duress "shuts off" my germophobia? 2 examples of what I mean by that is: 1) at work when pressed for time and pressured to keep up with a rigorous schedule, I will handle dirty denntal instruments with bare hands to avoid getting...
  19. killerbeeofbees

    Hiya people of MH!

    Hello all, I'm not sure where to start so forgive me if I ramble on. My name is Mars. Fresh out of high school. I am currently undiagnosed with anything, but I feel it doesn't take much to recognize when something is wrong. ............This is going to be hard For about a year I have...
  20. Stripeysocks

    bad tremors - whole body

    Hi! I wonder if anyone can make any sense of this for me? I have been on Lithium for 4 years and have always had a slight tremor on and off mainly in my hands, never been a problem. However, in the past month I have had tremors throughout my body, even my head and neck and they are worse. I can...