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  1. L


    Does anyone know how to handle constant thinking and paranoia?
  2. L

    Need Advice

    My boyfriend and I have been dating 7 months he is unmedicated and has constant mood swings He constantly says hurtful things and doesn't understand what he did was wrong or apologize unless I explain to him how what he said hurt my feelings. Otherwise he will act like nothing happened. We...
  3. J

    Starting a new relationship worries

    So ive become involved with a lovely boy, honestly amazing, but i have reservations about starting a new relationship, like when I have an episode, is able to handle it? Im worried it will scare him off. Anyone got any advice?
  4. E

    Abandonment issues

    Hey all.. I am female of 28. I am new to this forum. My abandonment issues are ruining my relationship with my husband. I got married six months ago before that engaged for a year. During all this period i have always this fear that he will leave me and that feeling is getting worse day by day...
  5. C

    lacking ability to let go of stress

    Since I first started experiencing "psychosis" "schizophrenia" events and shift of reality and thoughts and lack of boundaries my ability to process stress is diminished. I handle a great deal of stress on a day to day basis with the strange and disturbing experiences I have, it has taken years...
  6. M

    I dont want to be here anymore...

    I've lost the one woman who matters to me... she was everything to me and I lost her for good... I'm in a dead end job I've got no money No friends The only thing I have to live for is my son and I feel like he would be better without me anyways Im on the end of the rope.. the amount of times...
  7. C

    Hey guys

    So I just joined the forum today. I have depression and anxiety as well as diagnosed bipolar. I came here to find people who were able to relate and understand me and also to get some advice from people who better know how to handle things.
  8. B

    Everything seems weird

    Have you ever got the feeling that nothing’s as usual, nothing’s normal. Even people, voices, shapes.. everything looks so strange. Like it’s quite hard to handle it when it happens and it usually lasts for a week at least. Does it happen to you ? How do you deal with it?
  9. T

    Always awkward...

    Always feels a bit awkward, so let's start here.. Hi, I'm Rena, 34yo, Dutch, and life-long bpd struggler. I usually seem to have a pretty good grip on things, but lately I appear to be somewhat failing.. Mood-swings have increased, overall happiness is wavering, and I seem to be picking fights...
  10. Fairy Lucretia


    get into a relationship with me im like a child im difficult and completely messed up when it comes to emotions needy difficult awkward dependent want my own way am constantly suicidal when in a relationship (only been in one) because i can't handle it oh god nobody out there ever wants to be...
  11. J

    How does everyone cope with work ?!

    Hi guys , new here ! Long story short I've been out of work for a year . My parents have been helping me , but it seems hopeless most days. I have so many restrictions and things I "can't" handle, I don't know how I will ever find anything meaningful. Basically I have an inability to sit for...
  12. L


    I am so anxious I have a biopsy and starting a new course I dont know how to handle the anxiousness.. it is overcamin.. all i wann do is sleep:scared::scared:
  13. Fairy Lucretia

    what if it is worse

    the other side/heaven/afterlife nothingness i can handle but what if i kill myself and it is worse x
  14. Leslie(notmyrealname)

    Very depressed

    I just want to die. I can't handle this anymore
  15. R

    What if negative aura is from within the house

    Hi all, How do we all handle negativity coming from within the family? I just do not know how to handle with my MDD condition. Thanks
  16. C

    My Lover Helios

    Yesterday I was stressed out because I had decided to take the bus to see my girlfriend. Last night, I had a dream that I began to experience some of my old delusions. This particular dream featured the delusion that I was married to the sun god Helios. After I woke up, I spent the day...
  17. Cazcat

    Any one up? Need to talk

    PTSD been triggered really badly tonight, really struggling, fighting urges to self harm, can't handle this anxiety, this awful feeling and the thoughts are always there.
  18. J

    "Whatever Happens I'll Handle It"

    This is something I learned from Susan Jeffers ("Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway") Basically if you're here breathing and being well, you have handled everything that has happened to you. A couple of years ago when I was being admitted into Hospital I said to my Dad: "No matter what happens...
  19. D

    When the Dark Times Get Really Dark...

    I am looking for ways to catch myself before slipping into a really dark period, because I never know what will set it off, or how long it will last. Curious to know how you handle your dark periods. So, my question is, when the dark times get really dark, what do you do? (assuming what you do...
  20. Janedoe174

    my mom told me that she wish i would have never been born

    my mom said "i wish you would have never been born" to me because i'm a grown ass women so i can handle my own problem i do appreciete her help, i know she love me so much, but the way she handle it, she's not helping and cause me a lot of trouble instead. i just want to dealing with my OWN...